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5 Games That Will Improve Your Brain Power

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We all acknowledge that staying physically active can prevent many health problems and keeps our body in good shape. But, have you ever thought about staying mentally active so that your brain doesn’t age? This might sound like a strange notion to many, but we cannot deny its importance. Having a functioning mind is as essential as working on your physique, and if you practice a few exercises, attaining that desired brain shape is not challenging at all.


Empowering your brain in such a way that it attains its maximum potential is only possible when you plan certain healthy challenges. Now,opting for these activities doesn’t mean jumping to some aptitude tests (that’s too bookish, we know). Instead, adopting some healthy memory challenges and showing consistency in them is the key here.

Just like sports, brain games will empower your brain muscles and help you achieve a stronger-than-average memory in the long run. And once your brain is habitual of these games, you’ll notice a positive change in your memory and concentration level.


But, here arises a question, which games exactly? Don’t worry; we have short-listed top 5 games that will improve your brain power and give your memory a well-deserved boost. So, let’s discuss these games first:

1. Bingo

Marking the numbers on your card that someone randomly draws and trying hard to beat the competitors is undoubtedly a fun activity. Since the mid-1900s, Bingo has been America’s favorite board game, and its popularity has never decreased.

Families used to have special Bingo hours in the evening, and friends would place bets over these games, all thanks to its addictive nature. However, apart from being a fun game, Bingo also sharpens the players’ cognitive skills. When all your senses are focused on matching the target number, it positively impacts your brain. Bingo is also named as one of the elders’ most favorite brain game, and those who play it stay mentally active.

If you want to engage your brain in a healthy activity, try a bingo app, or look for some club where this game is offered. Playing Bingo for a considerable time sharpens your memory and makes you a better listener.

2. Sudoku

Sudoku works exactly like crossword puzzles, except the fact that it includes numbers. Matching and comparing these numbers in grids requires lots of attention. People who struggle with short attention span must try Sudoku, and the results will leave them awestruck.

This is a game of reasoning and logic, which shows that you don’t have to guess randomly. Instead, focusing on the available cards and using them to make a figure is the real deal. Sudoku is an addictive number placement game with varying levels of difficulty. You can either play it on the paper or online. Since we all are dependent on screens somehow, getting a Sudoku app will help you.

Once you learn the rules, spending all of your spare time on this game will become inevitable.

3. Chess Solitaire

Chess is always deemed as a brain-trainer, and there’s no lie in this statement. If you have ever tried to arrange those horses and rocks on a chessboard, you must agree that it’s a real challenge.

However, since setting up a board to play chess requires some extra time, solitaire is a good way out. This handy game is available online, and you can play it alone, which is good for busy times.

Since chess asks for undivided attention and reasoning, it impacts your brain power for sure. You remember things better and tend to listen to others without getting distracted. Chess enhances your memory and helps you focus on minute details of things. Regularly playing chess also keeps your thoughts aligned and helps with short-term memory loss to some extent.

4. Lumosity
Lumosity is a fully developed series of brain activities that challenge your memory, reasoning, cognitive ability, and concentration simultaneously. Lumosity includes levels of speed, puzzles, math, attention, flexibility, and memory, which makes it a collective package of brain power.

To play Lumosity, you’ll have to sign-up on its website. Once you are there, you’ll keep receiving advanced games in your feed every day. As this series is designed with the help of many scientists and therapists, it surely works up your brain to make it stronger than before.

5. Crosswords

Solving crossword puzzles in newspapers used to be almost everyone’s favorite pastime activity in childhood. But did you know that practicing crossword daily can strengthen your memory as well?

You can play crossword on a paper, book, or online as per your convenience. Like all other games, these puzzles also come in different difficulty levels, and you can select from various available options.

These puzzles not only increase your vocabulary but also boost your memory. As solving these challenging riddles requires your complete attention, you surely get addicted to them and end up playing for hours. These puzzles help you release stress and develop strong bonds with those that share the board with you. This game leaves a positive impact on your overall mental health and keeps your emotions in place.


Aging leaves its impact on our body and brain alike. But, if you stay physically and mentally active, you are less likely to look and feel old. That’s the reason these brain games are devised to empower your mental health and keep your energy boosted. Playing any of the above-described games will improve your reaction time, memory, reasoning capability, and decision-making process.

You can upgrade the level of difficulty while playing these brainy games and keep stay active. Remember, if you indulge your brain in useless activities such as watching TV or sitting idle, it loses the ability to reason. But, if you invest this energy in the right things, it’ll benefit you in the long run.

So, select a word or number game now and include it in your daily life. Play it in such a way that your routine isn’t disturbed. By the time you learn the rules of these games, you’ll already be addicted to them.

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