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Top 20 Best Encrypted Messaging Apps

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The fact that someone can spy on you, track your location, control your finances and bank accounts, get into your messaging apps and read your texts makes more and more people opt for applications that prevent illegal penetration into your device and encrypt your messages.


Moreover, this idea got so popular that developers have recently created a whole lot of new programs that allow you to text friends and be sure that no one will ever read your messages unless you show them.

Therefore, if you want to protect your personal life and ensure that your private conversation remains in private, read on and see which one of these apps you want to download today.

20 messaging apps that encrypt your texts


1. WhatsApp

It is known that WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, and now we know why it is so. Developers behind it do their best upgrading and improving the technologies used for the app. For instance, they spent half a year developing the special code that prevents any breaching and encrypts the messages.

2. Telegram

The popularity of the application grows day by day because the developers focused their efforts on two most critical things for the app which are the speed and security of users. No wonder, more than 100 million people use this app actively on a daily basis!

3. Ceerus


According to the official statement of the company, they strive to deliver “combined encryption and compression for uncompromising security and efficiency in an open architecture software platform.” Their motto talks for itself. These guys know what they are doing!

4. Pryvate

This app allows you to use almost any means of communication all in one place either for free or at a reasonable price every month. They have a special protocol that allows full secure instant messaging.

5. Signal

This might be the first app in this niche that started the revolution in the IM apps sector. Encryption started for the Signal not so long ago, but it effectively prevents breaching.

6. Wickr Me


The Secure Messenger that developed the Wickr has been on the market for five years now and experienced as they are, these guys have also decided to have encrypted communication to be standard for all their clients.

7. ChatSecure

This application is a real treasure for those who are really into the technologies as they offer open source messaging app. AN interesting act about this app is that it is majorly used by journalists to protect their data.

8. Silent Phone

Developed by a leading Silent Circle leader in the industry, this application is a perfect fit for people that use all-in-one mobile applications to manage their communication both for business and for personal reasons.

9. Facebook Messenger

Trying to keep up with the latest trends, Facebook has decided to start encryption for their messages as well. They offer end-to-end coded messaging that won’t be decoded should anyone breach the security.

10. Viber

Another popular application that did not want to stand behind the technological revolution and decided to step up and start encryption too, Viber is now offering encryption along with great user experience for their users. Not only this service is free but also very well-developed.

11. Silence


Silence is a new word in the SMS sector. You can not only freely send messages as if they are regular SMS, but also have all of your texts encrypted if needed. Besides, people that like the code inside each technology can check what the Silence code looks like since the app is open source.

12. Gliph

Great application that supports encryption by using special protocols. The only concern raised around this app is that no one has ever released the code for the public to see and make sure that no scam is hidden in it. But other than that, the user experience is quite good.

13. FrozenChat

This program offers end-to-end encryption with Off the Record messaging. According to the TechRadar this means that “not only are your messages protected and you can verify who you’re speaking to, but you also have deniability – anyone can forge a message after the conversation is over.”

14. Line

First created as an app to communicate after the earthquake in Japan, it is now a popular messaging app that also offers full encryption to your texts.

15. KakaoTalk

South Koreans love this app much more than any other messaging apps. And we know from our experience, that it is safe to trust the expertise of South Koreans.

16. Cyber Dust


Fully secured and absolutely safe app – that is what Cyber Dust really is. Get it now to stop worrying about the safety of your communication.

17. Threema

This app is also a messaging app that offers encrypted messaging based on the cutting-edge technologies to ensure that all the communication is protected and safe with them.

18. Cyphr

There is no need to talk too much about this app given how well the company’s website explains all of its features and benefits. Just visit it – and you will have no more questions.

19. CoverMe


Heimdal Security reports that not only you can send encrypted messages in this app, but also encrypt the video calls for free. No hidden costs or sad surprises. Just an excellent app with everything you ever needed from an app of such kind.

20. iMessage

Remember that situation when recently the Apple managers did not want to decode the iPhone of a killer? Well, given that the FBI could not decode it, you understand how great Apple technologies are and how safe it is to use them.

Your security is important, so it is very wise of you to search for apps that help you control this area of life. Depending on your goals, you can choose the exact app to suit you by clicking on the name you liked and reading the instructions from official sources.

We hope this list helped and let us know which of these apps you are using. Stay safe!

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