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Top 20 English Learning Apps for Fast Learning

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Learning to speak English language bridges various gaps for foreign-born people as it will help them to communicate with employers, teachers, doctors, or with anyone across the world.


There are a lot of different ways to learn a language through which people can easily learn and improve their skills, from attending classes to self-learning. But, in this age of smartphones, no one prefers to visit classes whether it is for learning a language or music.

Now, most of the people worldwide prefer to learn without leaving the comfort of their home using smartphones. No matter whether you want to learn from scratch or just want to improve your English, here are top 20 English language apps for quick learning without any hassle.

1. Hello English


Hello English is one of the best options for learning and improving English language as the app covers all the aspects of language learning, including vocabulary, translation, grammar, spellings, spoken and reading skills. However, it is must that you should be able to understand the basic English structure and alphabets because it can’t help you learn English from scratch.

You have to choose your native language when you first launch the app. Currently there are more than 22 supported languages. Moreover, the app makes use of interactive games to teach different English lessons, and you will earn coins to unlock more difficult lessons.

Download Link – Android | iPhone

2. Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free


Talking about Duolingo, it is the best English learning app that is highly recommended for English beginners. With the gamified learning system of this application, users can get help in learning English instantly by spending only 20-minutes.

Moreover, this application structures your lessons, which teaches you about seven new and different words based on your topic. The lessons of this app acclimate to the users learning style. The varied exercises of this app are tailored to help out users to learn and review vocabulary efficiently.

Download Link – Android | iPhone

3. Busuu


Busuu has secured the third place in the list as this English language learning app is extremely easy to use compared to other apps. It is also flexible enough in how users are working with the courses.

While using the app, all you just need to do is select a supported language that you would like to learn, login and then decide where in the course, you like to start as a beginner, elementary, Intermediate, or Upper Intermediate. The app has speaking lessons and exercises, pronunciation examples and exercises and grammar tips and exercises for learners.

Download Link – Android | iPhone

4. Memrise: Learn Languages Free


When it comes to Memrise application, this language learning app makes use of some creative and easy to remember words for learning English. The main aim of this app is to help users increase their vocabulary by learning English words in a highly effective manner.

Moreover, it also allows its users to access the application in an offline mode to continue learning without internet connection. Additionally, it have easy-to-learn courses to learn the English Grammar in an innovative way.

Download Link – Android | iPhone

5. Babbel – Makes Learning English Fun


Babbel is another best English language learning application that is currently focus on helping learners to acquire the basic conversational skills. It is a top language app that has a strong focus on vocabulary.

Moreover, it allows users to learn and understand a language by finishing and repeating phrases. Comes with four different approaches, including Recognition, Picture Recognition, Spelling and Fill in the Blanks, this language application has rich courses, focusing on quality rather than the quantity.

Download Link – Android | iPhone

6. Lingbe


When you decide to practice some of the learned words and check spoken skills, Lingbe is a community-based application, where people are helping each other and sharing their native language. The app is connected different people on call and chat that are native in the languages that you want to learn.

Comes with a language exchange system, this application is basically a give and take, where people are playing both role as teacher and the learner. In short, it is a fun-loving app to practice English and learn any new language.

Download Link – Android | iPhone

7. Open Language


As compare to other language learning apps, Open Language has various sections to learn English language. In this application, on every level, you can find different courses for different users. For every single lesson that you are taking, the app has learning exercises to help you strengthen different areas of that lesson vocabulary.

For example, there is a Business English, English used in giving presentations, English in daily life and Interview Skills in English. While using this application, you will experience the easiness of it and enormous features that make this app stands-out from other apps. Even it is a well-organized language app.

Download Link – Android | iPhone

8. Mosalingua


Mosalingua is the best English language learning app that makes use of some effective learning methods and techniques to help learners learn English easily. For example, one of the most common problems that most of the English learners are facing is forgetting a word, but it is normal for all, who are learning a new language.

The application works hard to give solution to this problem by using a method that is known as SRS that stands for Spaced Repetition Software. This software is especially designed to help users to review their works just before they forget them. Downloading this learning app is a good choice for users.

Download Link – Android

9. Mindsnacks


Mindsnacks has taken gamification to a completely new and different level. The application teaches seven different languages and each course of the language comes with eight or nine tiny games that are mainly designed to help learners learn grammar, vocabulary, practice your listening.

In addition to this, the application also has some short simple lessons with outlining concepts for users and it monitors the progress, so you can clearly see how much more learning you need to achieve proficiency in every skill.

Link – Website

10. Learn English Daily


Learn English Daily is highly used English language learning app that follows a simple approach to help people learn English by just listening and speaking. This application contains thousands of words and phrases that are narrated by native speakers.

Without any hassle, you can easily listen to all those phrases and improve your pronunciation and memorize them. Moreover, this app also notifies users to speak English sentences every single day to keep their English fluent.

Download Link – Android

11. English Conversation Courses


English Conversation Courses is the top English language learning app for android that features approximately 20 different lessons for learners. Each lesson in the app comes with video dialog, conversation listening and reading, vocabulary and sentence completion. Moreover, this application is following an ongoing storyline of different group of friends.

By constantly following and listening to the story, students can easily learn English idioms, expressions and vocabulary, so it is a right choice for all those students, who wish to practice more conversational English.

Download Link – Android

12. English Speaking Practice


Do you want to learn and improve your English language and conversation by speaking? English Speaking Practice is a perfect application that comes with interactive conversation practice tools. The lessons of this English conversation will help you to learn English speaking and English listening along with giving some confidence to speak with native English speakers.

The app has some basic English conversation lessons for beginners and beginner level business English conversation. So, these are just perfect lessons for beginners, who want to improve their English conversation skills.

Download Link – Android

13. Voxy


Voxy is suited for both the beginner and advanced learners as this application creates personalized lessons that adapt based on the student’s level, interests, and goals. The app features skill-based lessons that are based on specific goals.

Moreover, students of different classes can also take private lessons with a certified, native English-speaking tutor that will help them in improving their speaking skills. In addition to this, the tutors will give detailed feedback on student’s performance like how he/she is performing and where he/she needs improvement.

Download Link – Android | iPhone

14. Bellinguapp


Beelinguapp is top English language learning application that makes use of audiobooks in order to help learners to learn English language easily. Apart from English, there are many other languages as well that you can learn as you just need to listen to stories and novels in the language you want to learn, and side-by-side read the text in your native language.

People, who love to listen to audiobooks, will surely love this application as they can listen to audiobooks of their choice and learn a new language. However, there are lots of free audio books to hone your English skills, but some are paid.

Download Link – Android | iPhone

15. Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages


Rosetta Stone is an award-winning program that mainly used by millions of people every single day. There are no flashcards, boring memorization and textbooks. All you just have to spend a few minutes a day. The application will easily teach you a new language the way you learned your first.

While learning a new language with interactive lessons that can leverage pictures, sound, text and real-time scenarios to teach you a new language in a way that really sticks. There is also a practical training allowing users to learn to think and speak on their feet with lessons based on everyday scenarios.

Download Link – Android | iPhone

16. English Learning Handbook


English Learning Handbook is a widely used English language app that will help users to improve their English. The app has more than 3000 words that are widely popular in large category, helping you to checkout and use in the best.

Moreover, the application also has big data of English grammar that will be useful for users to review many rules instantly. At last, you will take a test of IELTS Preparation and Practice to test your listening ability. So, download this application and get a wonderful learning experience.

Download Link – Android

17. Learn English With Aco


Learn English With Aco is one such English learning app that helps users in reading, writing, listening, speaking, conversation, translation, grammar & vocabulary and pronunciation. Now, it becomes a lot easier for people to learn English on daily basis without even taking an English course.

They can receive English education without even attending an English class as the app has everything like reading, writing, etc. so you can just learn English on daily basis without taking an English course. Moreover, you can also get English education without attending an English class.

Download Link – Android

18. BBC Learning English – BBC News


BBC Learning English is a widely demanded English language learning app that enhances your English skills naturally. The app comes with different courses for English listening, speaking, vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar with add-on English dictionary.

The users of the app can also listen to BBC global live radio and Africa live radio and can watch the BBC special English TV programs and standard BBC Learning English programs. It is the best for beginners for learning British English. People, who want to learn English without wasting many days, can download this app just now.

Download Link – Android

19. Fun English | Learn English


For a lot of people, learning English is a fun. They love to spend their time while listening, speaking, reading, and spell English. Fun English is the best English learning app for children as it comes with different games to help them learn in an interesting way.

With this language app, parents and children can play together along with learning. More than 16 different and colorful games are there in the app, so children can have fun. They can learn 350+ words and 85+ games from the app. So, download now and start learning English for free of cost.

Download Link – iPhone

20. 6-Minute English – Practice Listening Everyday


Learn English through simple English conversations through 6-Minute English application. The app allows users to learn English easily as it comes with audio, transcript and vocabulary list that will help you to improve your English Grammar, English Speaking and expand your English vocabulary.

In just 3 minutes, the application will help you to stay ahead of the pack by giving you must have phrases that you can use in your everyday conversation. You can amaze your friends, teachers and delight your parents by learning enormous new and fantastic words and phrases.

Download Link – Android

Final Thoughts

So, these are the top 20 English language learning applications that help learners to learn English fast and without any hassle. One can download any of these language learning apps and learn English in just simple steps like listen to audio, conversations, courses, English lessons, etc. Apart from these mentioned apps, if you know any of the English language learning app, you can let us know by commenting below!

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