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Top 28 Video Streaming Websites Everybody Loves

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In today’s digital world, the statement “Seeing is believing” is being followed to a large extent all around the globe. Those days are gone when people used to wait to watch their favorite TV programs, in recent times this phenomenon has completely changed. With the passage of time, the trend of watching television has been transformed into watching videos or channels online. As a result, most of the people prefer to watch videos online while performing other tasks. In this way, they do not waste their time and watch movies or videos instantly.


There are several video streaming websites available on the internet that focus on fulfilling the demands of visitors in an effective manner. In this blog post we would discuss 28 of these video streaming websites. These websites are mentioned below:

1. Ustream
This is an interesting and eye catching website that is helpful and supportive in broadcasting the events and live shows online. This website does have different social media buttons that help in videos sharing effectively.

2. Bambuser
This website supports the live streaming of videos that can be played on the mobile phones, webcams and cameras as well.

3. QIK
By means of QIK, the videos can be made and at the same time it can be shared with others while recording. The video chatting of mobile can also be shared or exchanged with the QIK users quite easily.

4. YouNow
This website works as a live social media platform where you can watch videos and interact with other people. The videos can be watched through mobiles and webcams.

5.Vaughn Live
This is an interesting site as it offers social media broadcasting platform where videos can be played and friendship with other is also possible.

6. Vokle
This is the place where videos and audios can be played and at the same time, these videos can be incorporated with other websites and blogs.The texting and video calling question is also possible in this website.

7. FlixWagon
This website allows people to play videos and they can share these videos on YouTube and Facebook. The videos can be broadcasted live online.

8. Livestream
This is the website that supports broadcast of different videos online. These videos can be played through camcorders, camera, smartphones and others.

9. MyP2P
This website is dedicated to broadcast all live videos that are related to sports.

10. Chanfeed
This is another site that supports live sports videos without any cost.

11. Sport Lemon
This site allows exploring any sports event live online.

This website helps users in watching sports matches online for free.

13. Atdhe
This is another site designed especially for sports lovers so that they can watch different sports matches.

14. Nkora
This is the same website that works just like Nkora.

15. Soundcloud
Through this website, millions of music videos can be uploaded and watched online. The functionality of the site is similar to YouTube.

16. Youtube
This is the most popular and attractive website that has been developed in the past ten years or so. The users and other people can easily watch millions of videos, TV shows and movies as well.

17. Vimeo
This is also an amazing website that supports videos sharing from all around the world. The videos can be uploaded and shared for free anytime.

18. Metacafe
This website also supports the phenomenon of video sharing and at the same time tutorial or sample videos are available so that people can learn different things quite easily.

19. Hulu
This is the website that provides free TV shows in a legal manner. This website was established by NBC and movies can also be watched through this site.

20. Veoh
This is the site that is suitable for videos content, this site has made association with different companies so that users or people can watch free TV shows.

21. Spotify
This is the music videos streaming and sharing website that allows users to find different music content from different channels like BBC, Sony, EMI and others.

22. Pandora
This is the service that helps in playing music videos and auto recommendation service. This website charges 4$ / month and is available in US, Australia and New Zealand.

It is regarded as the first music streaming website that was created before 13 years. This site actually recommends artists and songs as well. All features can be attained by paying monthly of 3$.

24. Raphsody
It is arguably the pioneer of all music streaming websites as it allows user to get or explore various music videos at the cost of 10$ / month.

25. Bandcamp
This website is providing music service through the help of various unknown and underground artists or singers. This site works like sound cloud as it is most beneficial for new comers in the domain of music and arts.

26. Slacker Radio
This website can be accessed only in USA and Canada, and it is arguably the huge competitor of Pandora. All features can be availed by paying 4$ per month. There are some features that you can get for free.

27. Noise Trade
Another website that is helpful in streaming music videos but the artists can interact with their fans via email addresses and free exchange of music. In this way, this website is quite different from other websites.

28. Google Music
This site suggests users to upload their personal playlist music. In this way, the users are only limited to listen their personal songs. The site is suitable for those users who want to store their favorite music content.

Final Thought
The whole world has become a global village and these sites are helping people to find and play videos that relate to their demands and preferences.

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