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10 Ways to Ensure Your Email Marketing Campaign is Working

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Email marketing campaigns follow a simple and very straightforward funnel shaped design. This funnels wide end starts when you first build a website, promote it and attract general visitors. From there, it narrows down through to percentage of visitors who subscribe to your email list, percentage who read your emails, percentage who click on the link inside them to visit your sales page and finally, the number of people who ultimately buy your products or services.


The email marketing funnel acts as a filter and guide, leading the most interested buyers steadily forward through trust building on your part until they reach your buying page and are convinced enough to make a purchase. Read more…

Top 24 Best Email Newsletters, Email Marketing and Email List Services

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Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people through a various form of electronic mails such as email newsletters, action alerts, and fundraising emails. These broadcast emails can be a very cost effective way to communicate with your supporters, but it can be complex to send and track thousands of emails. Fortunately there are many online services and software available to make it easy for those looking to start their own newsletter or email marketing campaigns. Here are 24 most popular email newsletter and marketing tools we’ve found from the Web after hours of research.


These email services generally allow you to manage your list, create emails and view reports through a Web-based interface. You can integrate them into your website so you can take subscriptions online, and the tools will automatically manage unsubscribe requests and delete email addresses that are no longer valid. We hope you’ll find this post useful. Read more…