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Top 18 Feng Shui Apps for Your Best Bedroom Layouts (2024)

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Feng Shui teaches that different parts of our homes are related to different areas of our lives. The way in which you organize and decorate your space might either help or damage the corresponding area of your life. By following the suggestions in Feng Shui, you’ll be able to fix the areas that might be causing havoc.


In Feng Shui, the bedroom is considered as the most important room in the house. That’s where we spend most of our time, resting our minds and bodies. It’s like a personal sanctuary. According to Feng Shui, bedrooms should be comfortable, cozy, and restful. Subtle lighting and peaceful colors give it a sense of serenity. Comfortable furniture only helps to create a nurturing environment.

But how to design and decorate your bedroom if you don’t know the first thing about Feng Shui? Fortunately, technology comes to rescue.

Using the smart overlay technique – the augmented reality – mobile apps can help you take your bedroom to the next level. It’s enough to look around the room with the app, and it will show you which part of the room corresponds to which area of your life and tell you how to improve it.

Here are 18 apps to help you learn more about Feng Shui principles and create an amazing bedroom that helps you to rest and rejuvenate.

1. FengShui Compass (First Bird Technology) (Google Play)


Crafted for optimal Feng Shui arrangements, this app utilizes precise compass readings and expert guidance to curate harmonious bedroom layouts. Offering intuitive features, it recommends furniture placement and décor adjustments aligned with Feng Shui principles. Users benefit from detailed explanations and visual aids, enabling them to enhance energy flow and create a tranquil space conducive to relaxation.

2. Feng Shui Compass ( (Google Play)

This app focuses on refining bedroom Feng Shui via accurate compass readings and personalized advice. Providing comprehensive insights into furniture positioning and spatial harmony, it assists in optimizing energy flow within the bedroom. Users appreciate its thorough analysis and tailored recommendations, fostering an environment that encourages restfulness and positive energy.

3. Feng Shui Life Compass (App Store)


Tailored for Apple users, this app delivers insightful Feng Shui guidance for bedroom layouts. Through a user-friendly interface, it offers detailed suggestions for furniture placement and room arrangement, aligning with Feng Shui principles. It aids users in harnessing positive energies, promoting better sleep and a serene atmosphere within the bedroom.

4. Feng Shui DIY (Google Play)

Empowering users with a DIY approach to Feng Shui, this app guides through optimizing bedroom layout. Detailed instructions and illustrations assist in furniture positioning and decor choices, fostering a balanced and positive energy flow. Users appreciate its step-by-step guidance, making Feng Shui principles accessible for creating a tranquil bedroom space.

5. English Feng Shui Compass (Google Play)

Designed for English speakers, this app offers a clear understanding of Feng Shui principles for bedroom layouts. Through accurate compass readings and practical advice, it harmonizes the bedroom environment by suggesting optimal furniture placement and decor arrangements. Its user-friendly interface and precise recommendations assist in creating a serene and balanced space, promoting a peaceful atmosphere for rejuvenating sleep.

6. Lucky Directions Feng Shui (Google Play)

Lucky Directions Feng Shui app uses a compass to determine auspicious directions for your home or bedroom layout. It assists in identifying favorable orientations based on Feng Shui principles, optimizing spatial energy flow for better harmony and balance. With an intuitive interface, it provides guidance on arranging furniture, positioning beds, and aligning spaces to enhance positivity and well-being.

7. Chinese Compass Feng shui (Google Play)

Chinese Compass Feng Shui app offers traditional Feng Shui guidance using a compass and Ba Gua map. It helps users understand the principles of Feng Shui, providing insights into directional energies and their impact on bedroom layouts. This app assists in analyzing and optimizing room arrangements, offering recommendations for furniture placement, colors, and design elements to foster positive chi flow and create harmonious environments.

8. DIY Fengshui (App Store)


DIY Fengshui offers a user-friendly interface to harness the principles of Feng Shui for optimal bedroom layouts. This app guides users through the intricate art of arranging spaces for harmony and balance. With intuitive features, it assists in identifying auspicious placements of furniture, colors, and decor, empowering users to create a serene bedroom environment aligned with Feng Shui principles. It provides personalized recommendations based on user input, allowing individuals to tailor their space to invite positive energy and tranquility.

9. Fengshui DIY (Google Play)

Fengshui DIY on Android is a comprehensive tool for enthusiasts seeking to enhance their bedroom’s Feng Shui. It offers practical tips and step-by-step instructions for arranging bedrooms in accordance with Feng Shui philosophy. The app’s diverse features help users analyze room layouts, providing suggestions for furniture placement, color schemes, and decor adjustments to foster a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere conducive to restful sleep and well-being.

10. Feng Shui (Google Play)

The Feng Shui app is a versatile tool designed to assist users in optimizing their bedroom layouts using Feng Shui principles. This app educates users on the core concepts of Feng Shui and how they apply specifically to bedroom spaces. It includes functionalities to assess room configurations, offering tailored recommendations for furniture arrangements, lighting, and other elements to create a balanced and positive environment promoting relaxation and positive energy flow.

11. Feng Shui Bedroom (Google Play)


Feng Shui Bedroom focuses exclusively on bedroom layouts, providing specialized insights and guidelines based on Feng Shui principles. This app features easy-to-follow instructions for arranging bedrooms to maximize harmony and tranquility. It offers personalized suggestions for furniture placement, color selections, and decor adjustments to align the bedroom’s energy with the principles of Feng Shui, ultimately supporting better sleep and well-being for users.

12. Feng Shui Compass To Your Age (App Store)

This app tailors Feng Shui principles to individual ages, offering personalized guidance for optimal bedroom layouts. By aligning spatial arrangement with age-specific energies, it helps create harmonious environments conducive to rest and rejuvenation. Users input their age, and the app generates recommendations for bed positioning, decor, and elements to enhance vitality and well-being. With intuitive features and comprehensive advice, it serves as a practical tool for anyone seeking to optimize their bedroom space according to Feng Shui.

13. Feng Shui Kua Compass (App Store)

Designed for precision, this app utilizes the Kua number system to determine favorable directions and orientations for bedrooms. By inputting birthdates or gender, it generates personalized Kua numbers and corresponding auspicious directions for arranging furniture and beds. Its user-friendly interface and detailed explanations make it a valuable resource for harnessing positive energy flow within sleeping spaces, promoting balance, and facilitating better sleep patterns.

14. Feng Shui Compass Free (App Store)

Offering essential Feng Shui guidance at no cost, this app simplifies bedroom layout recommendations based on compass directions and Bagua principles. Users input room dimensions or use device sensors for accurate compass readings, receiving suggestions for furniture placement and decor arrangement to optimize energy flow. Despite its free version limitations, it provides fundamental insights into leveraging Feng Shui for improved sleep quality and overall well-being, making it an accessible starting point for beginners or those on a budget seeking basic Feng Shui guidance.

15. Feng Shui GPS (App Store)


Fung Shui GPS is your go-to iOS app for crafting ideal bedroom layouts based on Feng Shui principles. With intuitive tools, it tailors suggestions to your room dimensions, furniture placement, and personal energy. Analyzing flow and balancing elements, it recommends arrangements fostering harmony and better sleep. Detailed diagrams and explanations simplify Feng Shui concepts, empowering you to create tranquil spaces. Fung Shui GPS is your virtual consultant, providing insightful guidance for a balanced, rejuvenating bedroom experience.

16. Feng Shui Calculator (App Store)

Feng Shui Calculator on the App Store is a comprehensive tool for determining auspicious Feng Shui arrangements. It utilizes traditional calculations to assess the energy balance in spaces, especially bedrooms. This app aids in understanding Feng Shui principles and suggests personalized adjustments for bed positioning, room layout, and decor to cultivate a serene and balanced atmosphere conducive to restful sleep and overall well-being.

17. Feng shui Compass in English (App Store)

Feng Shui Compass in English is a user-friendly app assisting users in aligning their living spaces according to Feng Shui principles. It offers a compass-based interface to identify auspicious directions for bedroom layouts and provides guidance on optimizing furniture placement and room arrangements. With clear instructions and easy-to-use features, it helps individuals create environments that promote positive energy flow, supporting better sleep quality and overall harmony.

18. Feng Shui Tool (App Store)

Feng Shui Tool in the App Store is a versatile application for implementing Feng Shui principles in bedroom layouts. It offers a range of tools and functionalities, including compass readings and Ba Gua map analysis. This app assists in customizing bedroom arrangements, suggesting adjustments in furniture placement and room design to optimize energy flow, fostering a tranquil and balanced atmosphere for improved relaxation and well-being. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible for both beginners and enthusiasts of Feng Shui practices.


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