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45 Best Sites to Download Free MP3 Music, Songs & Soundtracks

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Music is a universal language that transcends boundaries, but finding legal and free sources for downloading your favorite tunes can be a challenge. In a digital landscape brimming with countless options, navigating the realm of free MP3 music downloads requires cautious exploration to ensure you stay within legal bounds while enjoying your favorite melodies.


Today, we crawled deep into the Internet and present you 40 most popular free MP3 music download websites. However we don’t encourage you to download any copyrighted music or audio files. Let’s be a responsible Internet user, searching for non-copyrighted music, songs or tracks only.

1. SoundCloud


SoundCloud is a podcast streaming platform and music sharing website that enables users to upload, promote, and share audio. It is similar to Spotify where you can listen online music without paying. You can search for songs via bands or artists tags. Many of the song and music and songs can be downloaded for free by clicking the “Free Download” button below the soundtrack.

2. Audio Archive – Internet Archive


This online library contains free music, audiobooks, podcasts, radio programs and live music uploaded by its users. There are over 2 million audios and MP3s available for free download. Music lovers can sort the audio tracks based on the year of publish, creator and other filters including most viewed, media type, subjects, etc.

3. MP3Juices


Mp3Juices is one of the most popular and free mp3 search engines. The music platform is very easy to use. Simply type in your search query, choose the sources you want to search and click the search button to get a list of results. Additionally you can copy and paste in a video URL and click the search button to convert a video’s audio into an mp3 sound track.

4. Tubidy MP3

Tubidy is one of the most famous free mp3 download sites allowing you to search any mp3 songs. Just enter artist or song name to search. The music site also lets you do result filtering based on top videos, top searches as well as recently viewed.

5. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is a haven for independent musicians, offering a diverse range of genres and allowing artists to directly connect with fans. It’s a platform for discovery, where users can explore and support emerging talent. Beyond free downloads, it encourages music enthusiasts to buy albums, merchandise, and even attend live shows, fostering a direct relationship between creators and their audience.

6. Jiosaavn

JioSaavn stands as a comprehensive music streaming service, catering to a global audience with a focus on South Asian music. Offering an extensive library of songs, it combines regional and international tracks, providing both free and premium options. Users can explore curated playlists, radio stations, and podcasts, making it a go-to platform for those passionate about diverse cultural sounds.

7. Gaana

Gaana is a powerhouse in the Indian music streaming landscape, boasting an extensive collection of Bollywood, regional, and international tracks. It offers a seamless user experience with a vast library of free MP3 music, podcasts, and radio stations. Its user-friendly interface and personalized recommendations cater to diverse musical tastes, making it a popular choice among Indian music enthusiasts.

8. is a straightforward platform offering a wide array of free MP3 downloads across various genres. It serves as a one-stop destination for users seeking quick access to their favorite tracks without complex navigation. While its collection might not be as extensive as larger platforms, it remains a simple and efficient option for those in search of specific songs or artists.

9. BeatStars

BeatStars is a thriving community for aspiring and established music producers, offering a selection of free beats to download. It serves as a marketplace for beats, enabling artists to explore and collaborate with producers. While primarily known for its paid content, the platform also provides free beats, catering to budding musicians looking to experiment or find quality instrumentals without breaking the bank.

10. PagalWorld

PagalWorld is India’s one of the largest music and videos downloading websites. It lets you access free Hindi music and get the latest hits from a collection of Bollywood, Classics, Hindi, Ghazals, Indipop and Punjabi music.

11. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is an interactive online library that offers high-quality, legal audio downloads directed by WFMU, the renowned freeform radio station in America. The audio library has a vast collection of songs and music available for free download. Its wide range of songs, music, audio books and playlists are curated by various music enthusiasts and labels. Users can also create their own playlists and explore new songs by genres, artists or top charts.

12. MyMp3Songs is another famous Indian music download site. Its search engine enables you to search a song by the song name, album name and singer name. It offers a huge volume of free mp3 downloads from various categories to browse from.

13. AmoyShare – Free MP3 Finder


Free MP3 Finder’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface enables you to download almost all the free music MP3 you want in high quality. It searches your MP3 music from more than 1000 sites. If you are an iPhone user, it lets you transfer or download free music to iPhone without iTunes.

14. Chosic

Chosic boasts a diverse collection of free music across genres. Its user-friendly interface enables easy navigation through a vast array of tracks, from ambient melodies to high-energy beats. With a focus on independent artists, it supports emerging talents while offering users a seamless experience to discover, stream, and download MP3 music for personal projects or enjoyment.

15. StoryBlocks

As part of a comprehensive media platform, StoryBlocks Audio provides an extensive library of royalty-free soundtracks, loops, and effects suitable for various creative endeavors. Its subscription-based model offers unlimited downloads, allowing users to access high-quality MP3 music and audio assets for film, video, and other projects with ease.

16. Pixabay

Pixabay’s music section features a rich assortment of royalty-free soundtracks and compositions. Catering to visual storytelling, its collection complements diverse projects, from cinematic scores to ambient tunes. Users can explore and download MP3 tracks suited for films, videos, presentations, and other creative ventures without worrying about licensing restrictions.

17. Icons8 Music

Icons8 Music presents a curated selection of royalty-free tracks, providing an eclectic mix of musical genres. Its library caters to diverse project needs, offering MP3 downloads for videos, games, and apps. With a focus on simplicity and quality, it enables users to find and utilize suitable music effortlessly.

18. ReverbNation

Known for supporting independent musicians, ReverbNation hosts a platform that connects artists with audiences. It offers a variety of free MP3 downloads spanning genres like rock, pop, hip-hop, and more. Users can discover new talent while accessing tracks suitable for personal enjoyment or projects seeking fresh and distinctive sounds.

19. SongsLover

Songslover is an online music platform where you can download free mp3 English songs, music albums, latest tracks, video songs, and many more. The site also maintains charts to show which of their songs are popular.

20. Audiomack


Audiomack is a free streaming music site that allows you stream and download the new hottest music, mixtapes as well as podcasts. It is a hub for artists, labels, and music lovers for streaming great music. While not all the music and songs are free but many artists upload their remixed songs and tracks for free download. The music streaming service is also available as free iOS and Android app.

21. DJPunjab

On DjPunjab you can easily find and download the latest free Punjabi mp3 single track songs and Punjabi videos.

22. Jamendo Music


Jamendo is a music website and online community of independent artists and music lovers. It is one of the world’s largest digital services for free music. The site allows you to download free music, create your own playlists and stream from thousands of independent artists.

23. is a mp3 music free download site specializing in Punjabi songs and Hindi tracks. The online music library’s traffic comes from India and Pakistan, followed by small volume of traffic from the United States and United Kingdom.

24. Free Music Downloads

Free Music Download, another popular and free mp3 search engine allows you to search for your favorite songs from their MP3 database, YouTube and more that 5000 music sites, then download them in good quality for free. All you have to do is type in your search query or YouTube Music Video URL, and you will get a list of results for downloading. It is that simple.

25. MyFreeMP3

MyFreeMP3 offers a large selection of mp3 music and songs for free download. The free music search engine lets you search millions of free mp3 downloads, find songs, artists, genres and more.

26. LoudTronix

LoudTronix is a YouTube mp3 converter on the internet. It’s free, fast and mobile friendly. All you need to do is search the song name, then you can either play the song, or download it as mp3, theme ringtones, or video if it’s available on YouTube.

27. SoundClick


SoundClick is another music-based online community. All the music and songs can be streamed for free, downloaded in MP3 format, sold through online store, and licensed to others. The music site compiles daily charts for various genres. Other than listening music, SoundClick also offers profile pages with friends networking, photo, video, blogs, and user stations.

28. Musopen

Musopen is another free MP3 music download site. It’s allowed to provide free music sources without copyright restrictions. Additionally the free music download site also provides recordings, sheet music, and textbooks for free. Hence users can benefit a lot from this site either for music learning, teaching or other purposes.

29. SoundStripe


Soundstripe is a popular music site especially for filmmakers and music lovers. It is a online music service that enables users to choose and download high-quality and royalty free music for their own video productions.

30. ccMixter

ccMixter is a music-sharing website that offers more than one thousand hours of free music for films, commercials, and video games. Users can share their own music or use other’s music for their projects. It is an Internet community for aspiring musicians, helping artists connect, collaborate, and share their music with the world.

31. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube is not only about video sharing but also music and songs streaming. While not all the songs on YouTube can be downloaded but you can search for songs by using Creative Commons license filter and the genre you want. Any songs and music tracks that come with CC license are free to download. However, depending on the license terms, you might need to credit the artist before using it in your music or video project.

32. Amazon Music


Amazon Music offers a free music download section that is constantly being updated. It features newer releases from many famous artists including Blondie, Chance the Rapper, Carole King, and many more. You can also find a lot of meditation, workout, and focus-oriented music availble for free download.

33. – Free Music Downloads is one of the largest online music services. It allows you to listen musisc online and find out more about your favourite artists, and get music and album recommendations. is also a repository of free music as it offers a fairly diverse library of free music for free downloading, ranging from Sufjan Stevens to The Glitch Mob.

34. Freesound

A treasure trove for audio enthusiasts, Freesound is a community-driven platform offering a vast collection of user-contributed sounds, from ambient noise to musical snippets, perfect for filmmakers, musicians, and creatives seeking unique audio elements. Its intuitive interface allows easy navigation through diverse categories, fostering collaboration and sharing among sound aficionados worldwide.

35. stands out as a premium resource for royalty-free music catering to content creators. Boasting a curated library of high-quality tracks across various genres, it offers unlimited downloads for personal and commercial projects, ensuring seamless integration for videos, podcasts, and more. Its user-friendly platform and licensing options make it a go-to destination for creators seeking polished, contemporary music.

36. Bensound

Bensound is a haven for video producers seeking complimentary music. Its extensive array of royalty-free tracks spans genres from cinematic to acoustic, providing an eclectic selection for diverse projects. With straightforward licensing and high-quality compositions, Bensound supports creators in enhancing their content with professional-grade music.

37. presents a straightforward interface for users to explore and download MP3 tracks effortlessly. Hosting a wide range of music genres, it’s a convenient platform for quick access to songs, though its legality regarding copyright remains ambiguous, requiring caution for users seeking free downloads.

38. MP3Skulls

MP3Skulls offers a vast library of MP3 tracks across genres, catering to music enthusiasts seeking free downloads. While it provides easy access to music, users should be aware of potential copyright concerns associated with downloading copyrighted material from such sites. The platform’s legality and ethical considerations prompt a need for discretion among users.

39. Wynk Music

If you’re looking for Indian music, Wynk Music helps you search for free mp3 music downloads. Sub-genres span Bollywood, Bhangra, and Tamil, with lots of music in a variety of regional dialects. Its premium plan includes streaming and a larger music selection.

40. Incompetech

Incompetech stands out for its vast library of royalty-free music spanning multiple genres. With a user-friendly interface, it allows easy exploration and download of high-quality MP3 tracks ideal for various projects. Curated by composer Kevin MacLeod, it offers an extensive selection of free music under Creative Commons licenses, perfect for content creators, filmmakers, and game developers seeking diverse soundtracks.

41. AShamaluevMusic

ASHAMaluevMusic presents a collection of no-copyright music catering to creators searching for melodious tracks for personal and commercial use. The site offers an array of MP3s in genres like cinematic, ambient, and electronic, all free of charge. Its well-organized interface enables swift browsing and hassle-free downloads, ensuring a seamless experience for users seeking high-quality soundtracks.

42. serves as a valuable resource for creators seeking free, royalty-free music for their projects. The platform hosts a rich assortment of MP3 tracks across genres, simplifying the search for the perfect soundtrack. With a user-friendly interface and clear categorization, it provides easy navigation, making it convenient for filmmakers, YouTubers, and other content creators to access quality music for their productions.

43. AudionautiX

AudionautiX offers a diverse range of MP3 music tracks available for free use under Creative Commons licenses. The platform boasts an extensive catalog of music spanning genres like rock, jazz, and classical. Its straightforward interface allows quick exploration and download, making it an excellent choice for creators seeking high-quality, royalty-free music to enhance their projects.

44. Datpiff

DatPiff specializes in hip-hop and rap music, providing a platform for both established and emerging artists to share mixtapes and albums. While primarily focused on urban music, DatPiff offers a plethora of free MP3 downloads, making it a hotspot for enthusiasts of this genre. The site’s interface facilitates easy navigation and access to a wide array of mixtapes, fostering a vibrant community of music lovers and creators within the hip-hop scene.

45. SongsPK

SongsPK lets you download the latest Bollywood music and Indian mp3 songs of Hindi movies. Its wide range of songs and music are categorized under Bollywood Albums, Bollywood Singles, Indian Pop Remix, Punjabi Songs, Pakistani Songs, Ghazals, Compilations, Wedding as well as Instrumental.

Free MP3 Music Download Apps


46. Musify : Music Player

Musify is the ultimate music oasis, offering an immersive experience to music lovers. With its user-friendly interface, this app seamlessly navigates an extensive library of free MP3s, songs, and soundtracks, creating an audio haven. Musify serves as a versatile music player, encompassing a vast array of genres and artists, ensuring something for every listener. Compatible with both iOS and Android, it grants easy access to downloadable tracks, enhancing offline listening pleasures.

47. My Mixtapez: Music & Podcasts

With My Mixtapez app, you can stream your favorite artist, Dj’s, and producers music for free. All the latest singles and mixtapes from all your favorite artist in the palm of your hand and on the go. Users can find their favourite music through music players, trending music albums, music search, etc.

48. Music

This music download Android app lets you search for music and browse songs by genre. Your favourite songs and music can be selected from genres including rock, electronic music, pop hip hop, jazz, metal, classical music, techno music, rap, hard rock and many more. You can download mp3 music to your mobile devices, create your own MP3 music library, and listen to music at any time anywhere.

Copyright Infringement Warning: does not condone the illegal downloading of files and materials. Please read what local copyright laws apply to you and your area of the world before uploading or downloading any copyrighted files and materials.


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