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Top 20 Best Free Internet Download Manager, Accelerator (IDM)

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Everyone has a need for downloading different kinds of stuff from the internet, for different purposes. But sometimes, downloading files in a huge amount is a bit difficult task. So we decided to give you information about some fastest and safest free Internet download managers.


Hopefully, this information will provide you with an easy way to download your desired files more quickly. Here is a brief detail of top 20 best free Internet download managers and accelerators. So find your best downloader with just one click:

1. Internet Download Manager


Internet Download Manager is one of the most popular, commonly used downloader amongst all. You can schedule your downloads as well as resume them from wherever they’ve disrupted. Like due to loss of internet connection, unexpected power break-down or computer shut down etc.

It has support for a large number of proxy servers. You can add it to any of your running browsers. As it has the ability to work effectively with the most popular browsers. It also helps you to manage and organize your download. In addition, the downloading speed it provides is extraordinary.

2. Free Download Manager


Free Download Manager is a powerful modern download accelerator. It provides you with 10 times faster, safe and efficient downloading. This downloader offers you an increased speed and supports tons of downloads, at a time. Its main features include:

  • Organizer for Windows and MAC
  • Proxy and BitTorrent supporter
  • Video downloading from popular websites
  • Remote control feature to view active downloads from any computer

Moreover, it is an open source software, which helps organize downloads and can resume interrupted downloads.

3. Wget

Wget is a command line download manager for linux lovers. It’s highly customizable software that can perform various difficult downloading tasks without any interruptions. It automatically downloads music or movies from a set of favorite weblogs. Also it transfers huge files painlessly even on a slow internet connection.

4. JDownloader

JDownloader is primarily known for the downloading speed it provides. It has made a quick success by having too many downloads, plus it won some awards as ‘newcomer’ in the industry. Here, you can select certain files to download together. Its installation process and working is also quite easy.

It is one of the best alternatives to IDM, compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating system. So if you want a similar free version of IDM, then you should go for JDownloader.

5. EagleGet


EagleGet is a complete download manager that one is looking for. It is fastest in the tests and has a lot of amazing features including:

  • Refresh download address
  • Integration with browsers
  • 3-way Streaming media download
  • Multiple queue schedules
  • Website login manager
  • Continuous updates

With this downloader, you can download things at great speed without any interruptions. In case of any crashing in the system, the EagleGet resumes the downloading from the point where it was disrupted.

6. Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus offers painless, fast downloads. It’s a new and efficient downloader compared to other softwares. It has a variety of amazing features some of which include conversion of videos into MP3 so that they can be compatible with other devices.

Also, you can watch videos while downloading, instead of waiting for your download to be completed. It has the ability to split the file into fragments and download them at the same time.

7. Internet Download Accelerator


Internet Download Accelerator has the best customization capabilities. It’s also known as Download Master. It provides speed control for the highest downloading speed and adjustment. After installation, you can add it to any of your running browsers.
Its main features include advanced download scheduler, extensive feature set, FTP explorer, customizable interface, multiple mirror download, and many more.

8. FlashGet

FlashGet is one of the speedy download managers. It is considered to be the fastest of all, even known as ‘JetCar’ for its amazing download speed. It has one paid version as well as a free version. It downloads files from various sources with file division method, supports a lot of protocols and has the capability to fix the bugs immediately. Moreover, it checks for malware and viruses when file-downloading is complete.

9. MiPony


Mipony is also free and stable internet download manager. It is mainly for windows operating system and provides access to downloading files from:

  • RapidShare
  • Megaupload
  • Hotfile
  • FileServer

This downloader is also available for android, therefore mobile users can also install it. It is a convenient browser, where you can totally leave your downloading files. It has also the ability to find links all by itself.

10. Microsoft Download Manager

Microsoft Download Manager is available in different languages. It is one of the best, free, most simple downloader for Windows.
Some of its main features include:

  • HTTP/ HTTPS supporter
  • Download large files easily like multimedia downloading
  • Reliable and safe
  • Requires less storage

Moreover, it downloads files quickly and in an easy and simple way.

11. iDownload Manager


iDownload Manager is the fastest downloader. It provides you with the speed you desire for. It includes a lot of amazing features which you will love to have. Some of them are:

  • Download Scheduler
  • Pause/ resume feature
  • Limit network usage
  • Background downloading at high speed
  • Bug fix/ Error recovery for incorrect files

Its Smart file segmentation technology download files in segments, which speed-up your download.

12. DownThemAll


DownThemAll is the first and only download manager which has built inside Firefox. Now download all the required files at an increased speed, with its advanced accelerator feature. This downloader featured with new advanced download capabilities that everyone wishes. You can have full control over your downloads with this open source and freeware. It is reliable and easy to use, allow you to download any link or images on a webpage.

13. Download Accelerator Manager

Download Accelerator Manager (DAM) is one of the free internet download managers that provide compact, efficient downloading. It promises to manage and speed up your download. With its smart download logic accelerator, you can download your stuff with best possible speed. It is good to download any internet file and has the ability to download from social media as well.

14. FlareGet

FlareGet is multi-threaded download manager that is compatible with all the major operating systems. Now you’ll have more secure downloads at amazingly fast speed. It split your file into parts to increase downloading speed. Group your download automatically in suitable folders with its Intelligent File Management System. Also, it supports all the popular browsers. Resume unfinished downloads from wherever they’ve crashed.

15. uGet


uGet is also an open source download manager, compatible with Linux, Android, Windows, and BSD. It supports more than 16 connections simultaneously per download. Its pause and resume feature helps you to pause and continue your download from the point you left. Instead of restarting them from the very beginning. This downloader has support for YouTube. Also, it allows you to download from a number of protocols including BitTorrent, HTTP, HTTPS and many more.

16. Xtreme Download Manager

Xtreme Download Manager is one of the best open source downloaders that work across a large number of platforms.Some of the attractive features of it are:

  • Media capture ability
  • Timely updates with good support
  • Perfect browser integration
  • Multiple download queues supporter

It has extremely good download speed and also has Refresh link feature.This feature resumes download, even from expired links.

17. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is an all-round free and solid download application now. It was basically paid software when the time it was released. But later on, it was turned into free download software.

It offers you an increased speed and supports tons of downloads, at a time. Its main features include Download scheduler, Pre-set Speed limiter,and remote control feature to view active downloads from any computer. Moreover, it is an open source software, available under the General Public License.

18. Gigaget


If you download large files on a daily basis then you should go for Gigaget Download manager. As it is basically designed for this purpose. It is an all-time task manager that helps you supervise, organize and manage your downloads on the computer.

Once the downloading is complete, it has the option to automatically turn off the computer for saving power consumption. Moreover, it has so many more features from conducting multiple downloads at a time to Recycle Bin. This keeps your deleted files for recovery at any-time you want.

19. Star Downloader

Star downloader downloads with style, comfort and speed. It is a powerful free windows software, which requires less space.
It is free and fast downloader, which have been tested virus-free. You can further increase download speeds, by choosing the fastest mirror sites.

20. Ninja Download Manager


Ninja Download Manager is a free software for data lovers. Its main features include multiple queues management, sites manager, colorful log viewer, attractive float window, etc. This download manager charms you with its attractive look and also a great alternative for Internet Download Manager (IDM). Moreover, its media downloader is independent of any browser.


These are the top free downloaders in the market nowadays. I personally recommend you JDownloader, FlashGet or EagleGet which have best features amongst all. But, it depends on you whether you’re more excited about speed, convenience, safety, stability or organization. As all of these downloaders have a lot of amazing features.

Hope that this detailed view of Top 20 Best Free Internet Download Managers provided you with sufficient information. And you can go now for one that fits best to your needs.

Author: Faisal Wahab Khan
Faisal is the Managing Editor for Cartvela. When he is not writing, he listens to music, watch movies and sometimes exercise. He likes to explore new ideas and love writing about tech and gadget reviews.

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