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Top 18 Best Windows Search Engines

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Windows Search has been associated with numbers of clean tricks & tips that the user could have used. However, never it was on par with features, attributed to the Linux or Operating System X. With the evolution of Windows 10, the differences in this regard reduced by a significant margin, but, still it is yet to reach the desired state of perfection and dynamism.


If the users are constantly looking for folders and files across their systems, it will be a better alternative to adopt some 3rd party tools. Windows Search comes effective to perform the basic as well as the casual usage.

1. Everything

This is rated as one of the most dynamic search tools for windows and using this application is extremely easy and effective. You will simply require installing and open the program, and subsequently, providing some indexing to the entire system. This tool takes lesser than a minute’s time in indexing a new windows installation. This is a lightweight application that takes the minimum storage space and hence, ideally suits the older and slower systems.

2. Wise JetSearch

Wise JetSearch is a free, lightweight search tool for Windows that allows users to quickly locate files and folders on their hard drives and external storage devices. Its intuitive interface and powerful search engine deliver fast and accurate results, displaying them in a user-friendly list. Users can filter searches by file types and set specific search parameters to narrow down results. Wise JetSearch operates without consuming significant system resources, making it ideal for users looking for a quick and efficient search solution. The tool also supports wildcard searches and offers real-time search results as you type, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.

3. Agent Ransack

Agent Ransack is a powerful file searching utility for Windows designed to provide advanced search capabilities for users who need more than the standard Windows search. Developed by Mythicsoft, it offers both simple and complex search options, including support for regular expressions and Boolean expressions, making it ideal for professional use. Users can search within file contents, preview search results with highlighted keywords, and filter results by size, date, and type. Agent Ransack is particularly useful for IT professionals and power users due to its robust feature set and ability to handle large volumes of data efficiently. The software is available for free, with a more advanced version called FileLocator Pro offering additional features.

4. DocFetcher

DocFetcher is an open-source desktop search application designed to help users quickly find documents on their Windows systems. It indexes files and allows for fast, full-text searches across a wide range of document types, including PDFs, Microsoft Office files, OpenOffice documents, HTML, RTF, and plain text files. DocFetcher features a user-friendly interface with options to filter results by document type, location, and metadata. Its powerful indexing capabilities ensure that searches are quick and comprehensive, making it an invaluable tool for users managing large volumes of documents. Additionally, DocFetcher supports advanced search syntax and Boolean operators, catering to users who require precise and refined search results.

5. UltraSearch

UltraSearch by JAM Software is a high-speed file search utility for Windows that provides instant search results without the need for indexing. By directly accessing the Master File Table (MFT) of NTFS drives, UltraSearch can deliver extremely fast search results, making it a valuable tool for users who need immediate access to their files. The program offers a simple, clean interface with powerful filtering options, allowing users to narrow down search results by file size, date, and file type. UltraSearch also supports regular expressions and can search for file content, making it a versatile tool for both casual and power users. The software is available as a free version with an optional commercial license for additional features.


6. Quick Search

Quick Search by Glarysoft is a fast and efficient file search tool for Windows designed to enhance the user’s search experience with a simple and intuitive interface. It provides real-time search results as users type, significantly speeding up the process of finding files and folders. Quick Search offers a minimalistic design with powerful search capabilities, including support for wildcards and filtering options to narrow down results by file type, size, and date. The program is lightweight and does not consume significant system resources, ensuring smooth performance even on older machines. Quick Search is an excellent alternative for users seeking a faster and more user-friendly search experience compared to the standard Windows search functionality.

7. Anytxt Searcher

Anytxt Searcher is a high-performance text search tool for Windows that excels in finding content within a wide range of document types, including PDFs, Microsoft Office files, OpenOffice documents, HTML, and plain text files. It offers lightning-fast search results thanks to its efficient indexing engine, which allows for instant access to file content. The software features an intuitive interface with advanced search options, such as regular expressions and Boolean operators, making it ideal for users who need precise and detailed search capabilities. Anytxt Searcher is particularly beneficial for professionals who handle large volumes of documents and need a reliable tool to quickly locate specific information within their files.

8. Listary

The most unique and exclusive application in its category, LISTARY comes with a minimalist design and will never ever Incept in your way, unless you command. In instances, you need to conduct a search, you will simply require typing-in and based on your command, the application will list all the files in the system, matching the command. Additionally, it can comply with commands for opening or copying the folder paths. You have the options to opt for the Free and Paid versions.

9. grepWin

This is one of the most sought-after tools for conducting windows search, with its features like capacity to retrieve search results from the Directory tree as well as to find files, having suitable contents as per the inserted commands. This tool will impress you with its accuracy and dynamism.

10. AstroGrep

A gallant alternative to the previously discussed tool, performs the same functions like retrieving the matching files as per the content, rather than going by the name of the file. However, you will not be getting the other advanced features as in grepWin. This tool is highly user-friendly.

11. SearchMyFiles

Though, apparently this tool features a primitive design, however, impresses the users with its flexibility. After you have got familiarity with its features and use, you get into a position to conduct intricate search queries, with the application of the Wildcards and filters.

12. Copernic Desktop Search

Initially starting as an online search engine, Copernic has been one of the major names in the Search Industry for the last 2 decades. However, the brand gained more popularity with its unique application for desktop search. In contemporary times, its desktop search application is rated the best application in its category.

13. Exselo Desktop

Another most highly sought-after tools for desktop searches, this tool is compatible to conduct complex search queries. The best part about this tool is its simple interface and can be integrated with Outlook. Most importantly, it share data in a secure manner.


14. Duplicate & Same Files Searcher

A major chunk of the space in the system hard drive gets consumed by duplicate files. The duplicated video, image and audio files will consume even more space. If you are suffering from such troubles, this is the most efficient tool to find the duplicated files instantly and subsequently, deleting the duplicate entries, producing more effective space for the new files and folders.

15. Registry Finder

Though Windows 10 feature better search capabilities, however, the registry still comes in a primitive state. If you want to fix some issues with the registry or you are desirous to add some tweaks, with the objective to make it more usable, the steps to explore the keys is going to take a significantly longer time. This is a gallant tool that takes it easier to explore the registry and the best part is that it comes for free.

16. FilesearchEX

If you are among those users who loved the Windows XP search functions, this program is going to be a gallant choice for you. In addition to feature a similar design for the user interface that is extremely user-friendly, this application will require the minimum resources on the system. However, the challenge is that you get the free version, only for the trial use. You will definitely appreciate its robust functionality and simple user interface.

17. Super Finder XT

This tool comes with an impressive interface and list the search results at a robust speed. The design of its interface features high similarity with the interfaces in the 2007 and 2010 versions of Microsoft Office. This tool not only comes with a simple interface, but, offer a host of effective features like the use of Special Hotkeys, picking multiple files as well as enabling the latest used management.


18. Fileseek

This is a highly dynamic, lightweight, and user-friendly tool for desktop search. This tool can be linked to the right-click menu of Windows Explorer and the tool works, independent of background indexing. This implies, in instances, the application is not in use, the performance of the system will never drop down.

In addition to the ones discussed above, you can approach the professional IT consulting services for designing some customized applications that will be unique and completely compatible with the type of your usage.

Author: Stanislav Ivaschenko

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