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10 Best Free Interior Design Online Tools and Software

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What would you do when you plan to design your dream house and rooms? May be some of you will surf websites that talk about architecture, buy some interior design books or visit IKEA store to get some ideas and inspirations? Well they are all good planning before you start your renovation works or buying furniture. However, if you really serious about designing your home that suits your needs, wouldn’t it be great if you can plan virtually though home design tools?


Today we would like to introduce you some helpful free tools to plan and design your home, rooms, kitchen, bathroom as well as office space, without requiring any prior knowledge. All these online apps and software allow you to drag and drop furniture, floorings, decors and finishes into your virtual room, in the style and color you like. Sounds interesting? Just give them a try and you’ll love them!

Any other tools you’ve been using isn’t listed here, share with us in the comment.

Autodesk is famous for its 3D design software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Maya, and Inventor for industries from building, engineering, and manufacturing to entertainment. When it comes to home design, Autodesk also has a product called Homestyler allowing you to create home, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom designs and visualize it in 2D or 3D view. The software is pretty easy to use, you can simply drag and drop doors and windows into the room, and then experiment it with real-world furniture. Once your design is completed, you can share it on social media sites.

dmLights 3D Homeplanner
This is a free online tool that helps you to plan your room in 3D. Of course, you can also use it for planning your entire house, kitchen, office, etc. Once you’ve entered the site, you can either start designing from scratch or uploading your floor plan which saves you time and efforts. The online room planner has a wide range of 3D furniture which can be dragged and dropped, this helps you virtually plan where and how your actual furniture should be located and positioned. In addition, you can also decorate the room using paint, carpet, stone, tiles, wallpapers, and wood.

Sweet Home 3D
Sweet Home 3D is another free interior design tool that helps you to draw your house/room plan, drag and drop the furniture in the way you want, and then visualize the results in 3D. The application comes in 2 versions; you can either install the software on your computer or use it online through your browser.

Design A Room
This is a virtual room design tool that enables you to design your own room the way you want. To use the online tool, you will first need to choose a room: living room, bedroom, Kitchen or bathroom, and then select the room style you like, from casual, contemporary, traditional, eclectic to European country. Now you can try different type and color of flooring, wall and cabinets until you satisfied with the results. Once completed, you can either save your room design to My Project or share it with friends.

Floor Plans – SmartDraw
With SmartDraw’s Floor Plans software, you can choose the template you want to create floor/house plans, landscapes, kitchen, bathroom, and office spaces. The software offers thousands of ready-made visuals for furniture, kitchen fixtures, cabinets, plants, landscape elements, as well as textures for flooring, countertops, and furniture. With the help of SmartDraw, you don’t have to be a professional designer to create awesome results.

IKEA Kitchen Planner and Pax Planner
With the IKEA Planner tools, you can design your rooms and kitchen to suit your needs. Simply drag and drop your favorite furniture into the room and try different positions and styles until you happy with the results. The software also lets you calculate the cost and print out the furniture list so that you can pick them up at IKEA store.

Floor Planner – SmallBluePrinter
Floor Planner provides users a simple way to create floor plan. Similar to above applications, the program lets you drag and drop doors, windows, walls, furniture, landscapes, and shapes into your floor map without requiring any prior design knowledge.

Garden Planner – SmallBluePrinter
SmallBluePrinter has another product called Garden Planner. Instead of designing home and rooms, Garden Planner is used for planning garden or landscape from the ground up. Just drag and drop trees, flowers, paving, and ponds into the large grid and lay them out as you like. You can zoom in or out the garden and try different colors.

Arrange a Room
This is a simple online home planning app by Better Homes & Gardens. It lets you easily change the shape of the room, adjust the size of the furniture, experiment with the style and color you like, and many more.

3Dream makes your space planning, decorating easy. With over 7500 models, textures and materials in the product library, you can create an awesome 2D and 3D room designs easily and share with your friends.


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