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10 Websites to Help You Feel Relaxed, Refreshed and Calm

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Nowadays people are facing more stresses in the daily lives, be it at work, at school or even at home. The stress could be coming from the difficulty of dealing with problem customers, or you’re running out of time to finish a project or may be you’re having financial hardship. Well whatever difficulty you have there’s always a plenty of solutions to it. What you need to do is stay calm and keep your mind relaxed so that you can figure out the best solution.


In today’s post, we would like to recommend you a number of websites that are truly useful in helping you to calm down your nerves and achieve your inner piece. These relaxation and meditation web services are especially handy when you’re busy with your computer and only have couple of minutes to spare. So you may give the websites below a try and tell us whether they work well for you.

Calm, one of the best websites that help you to relax, meditate and even sleep. You will be surprised how the website improves your mood and helps you achieve what its name suggests. There are 2 options to choose from, namely ‘guided calm’ and ‘timer’. The length of each session is ranged from 2 to 20 minutes.

By choosing the ‘guided calm’ option, you will be guided on how to relax and meditate through this easy-to-follow program. As for the ‘timer’ option, it lets you do a quick session without narration. Before starting each session, you can choose your preferred nature scene with blissful background music. Calm can also be downloaded as a free app for iOS devices.

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes
As the name implies the website wants you to do nothing and just listen to the relaxing sound of waves for 2 minutes. During the short break if you touch the mouse or keyword, the website will pop up a failed message and the clock will be reset again. Perhaps a short 2 minutes break is what you need to get yourself refreshed. 2 Minutes app is available for Android powered phones.

Instead of showing still nature images, LoungeV provides full HD videos of nature from some of the most peaceful and beautiful places such as beaches, waterfalls, forests, mountains, lakes and other mother nature. With the refreshing nature videos and soothing background music LongeV gives you a natural ambiance for home and office. The videos are also available for paid download or you can buy the DVDs from the site.

Noisli is a relaxing audio website that allows you to play a variety of background noises such as rain, thunder, wind, forest, water stream, seaside, as well as coffee shop. According to your mood and preferences, you can play a number of sounds simultaneously and adjust the volume of each sound. One interesting thing about this minimalist-designed website is that it provides a color changing background which believed can bring you the healthy benefits of the chromotherapy. Noisli also comes with text editor for distraction-free writing.

If you want to use Noisli when you’re on the go, download the app for your iPhone and iPad.

A Soft Murmur
This simple web tool lets you create ambient sounds of your favourite to get rid of distraction. There are 10 different sound tracks including rain, thunder, fireplace, birds, wind, etc. where you can pick the ones you like and play them simultaneously to create your own ambient sound.

Nature Sound for Me
This is another audio website that allows you to mix up the nature sound tracks (up to fours) to create your own ambient ‘music’. The best part of this site is that not only does it allows you to adjust the volume of each sound but also adjust the audio pan either to left or to right channel of your stereo system. Nature Sound for Me app is also available on iOS AppStore.

With the intuitive user-interface and high quality background sounds such as fountain, birds, playgrounds, train, etc. Soundrown helps you to stay focused at your work and relax yourself from anxiety. The website background changes when you choose the sound you want to play. Just like Noisli, Soundrown also lets you play more than one sound at the same time and the volume of each sound can be adjusted according to your mood.

Raining FM
As the name suggests Raining FM is a website that offers you different variation of rain sounds helping you to get yourself relaxed and refreshed. The soothing sound of rain can also let you stay focused at work or act as a mild sedative to help you sleep. Some of the features you may try out include rain drop effect, break timer as well as raining-themed image slideshow. is also available as mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

The Thoughts Room
If writing is your way to relieve stresses, then ‘The Thoughts Room’ is the website that worth your try. Unlike posting your status updates on social network where everybody can see it, ‘The Thoughts Room’, on the other hand, is a quiet place where you can write down your inner thoughts and then see the words disappear in front of you. At the same time the website plays soothing music to help you get your mind and body relaxed. If you love this website you can download its Android app to your mobile device too.

Get Relaxed
By using the relaxing sounds and appealing photos of nature helps you get rid of your stress and feel relaxed instantly. There are 15 sound tracks to choose from, each of them lasts few minutes. Now, let’s sit back and enjoy the relaxation.


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