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15 Cool Gadgets that Make You Feel Safe at Home

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In this era of modernization and advancement, the role and influence of technology in our lives is getting bigger and bigger. As a result, there have been different kinds of gadgets and technological appliances developed in order to provide safety or security to mankind as much as possible. In the current scenario gadgets specifically smart gadgets are becoming efficient ways through which we can make our lives and homes more secured and convenient. Therefore, with the passage of time the significance of these smart gadgets in our daily lives is increasing and there is the likelihood that more benefits of these gadgets will be identified in near future as well.


There has been so much progress or development made in two domains such as comfort and security in recent years. Therefore it can be assumed that smart gadgets have really played their role in the betterment of these two areas to a large extent. This is an important aspect to consider that people can make effective usage of these gadgets as they are allowed to digitize their homes according to their own needs or demands. At the same time, these smart gadgets can be easily accessed with the help of control panel, which could be efficiently managed from home and from smartphones as well.

In addition, people are needed to attain more awareness or information regarding these gadgets in order to make their lives and homes more safe and peaceful. There are different kinds of smart gadgets available these days through which people can perform the task of security management in a great way. Out of which 15 best and most valuable gadgets are discussed as follows:

1. My SpotCam


When it come to providing high quality surveillance to homes and other places then this smart gadget needs to be installed in the right manner. With the help of this tool, you can surely feel quite safe and secured at your home to a considerable level. There are so many benefits that should be considered by the people as this wonderful gadget does not high class or detailed oriented installation. All you need to do is to obtain knowledge regarding cloud based system because it is quite necessary to understand this system and at the same time anyone can comprehend this arrangement or structure.

2. Nest Protect


This is another great security gadget that can be utilized for the sake of making the lives of many individuals more safe and secured. There is no point of denying this attribute that in emergency every second matters a lot and for that reason you are strongly recommended to take full benefits of nest protect. It does help in providing information to people and at the same time it just gives clear indication about the problem and with the help of this indication you can easily identify the problem in an efficient style. At times when you are not at home then this smart gadget sends a message on your phone by which you can get desired information about home security.

3. Kevo Smart Lock


In order to feel safe and secured in your home to a great extent you should always prefer to use this gadget in the desired manner. This is because of the reason that smart door locks can provide you the required feeling of safety and security and with the help of Kevo smart lock you can enhance the level of protection of your home. As a result, you can feel safe at home to certain degree.

4. Revoler Smart Alarm
As far as the importance of this smart gadget or tool is concerned, the main benefit of this gadget is the security provision to its users as much as possible. During different situations when you are alone at home and suddenly something happens dangerously then you just need to press the button in order to inform about the incident to your trusted contacts. At the same time you can provide updates and latest information about your location to your contacts too.

5. Canary Security Camera
This is an important aspect to consider that there have been various forms of gadgets invented in the field of technology. Canarysecurity camera is one of them through which you can feel safe at home even if you are alone. This camera can be easily placed at the corner of the room and at the same time all kinds of happenings can be efficiently monitored and recorded. If anything unwanted happens then an alert is sent to your phone in order to make your life more secured.

6. Kuna
This is a wonderful home security gadget by which the lives of many people can be secured in the best possible manner. This gadget provides amazing features such as Wi-Fi along with built in camera; this tool makes the task of security management quite easy and effective. You are allowed to detect people who come to your home and you can also speak to them with the help of your smartphone. This smart gadget is best suited for both IOS and android devices therefore this gadget is gaining popularity among different users.

7. Kibbi


When you want to undergo different mind blowing benefits of complete home security system then you must use Kibbi in order to obtain the desired experience. Kibbi connects you quite easily with your home from anywhere as it can identify moving objects and at the same time it can also be interlinked with different peripherals and devices.

8. Cocoon
This smart security gadget comes in the form of one small one package so that everyone can easily attain the advantages of this gadget in a reasonable way. It has so many functions such as HD Camera, motion detection and sub sound technology by which you can increase the extent of your home security to the next level. At the same time you can feel safe at home too.

9. Heart Trinket Alarm
At times, when you feel unsafe then you just need to use this smart personal safety gadget in order to inform your position to others. In this concern, you are required to pull the chain and as a result a siren will be emitted by which you can come out of danger. This smart gadget can be easily used as key ring so that it should always remain near to your hands. At times when you are alone at home then the role or effectiveness of this alarm comes into play as you can inform your neighbors about your present situation in a reasonable means.

10. Personal Guardian
As the name suggests the importance of this personal security gadget, this can be easily used because it is an alarm that can be installed on your cloths. After pressing the two buttons on each side simultaneously you can easily connect this gadget with your smartphone and in this way a text message could be delivered to the contacts about any suspicious incident or occurrence.

When you are staying at home during nights and experience some kind of fear then personal guardian could be best utilized for keeping yourself safe and calm.

11. Swann OM-DOORST Doorstop Intruder Alarm
During various situations when you have to stay at home alone because of different reasons, then this simple device can deliver the desired results in the domain of personal and home security. With the help of this smart gadget you can easily close your door and at times when someone or stranger wants to come inside your home then an alarm will be rung. In this way you can improve your personal safety requirements a great deal and ideal peace of mind can be obtained as a result.

12. Nest Cam


This is another way of enhancing personal safety standards in a great manner as this device comes in the form of Wi-Fi enabled camera. This can be best used for the purpose of improving the home surveillance mechanism because it provides complete monitoring and recording of each and every incident. As a result, you can feel secured in your home to certain level.

13. Sentri All in one Home Monitoring Device
This is a square shape touch screen gadget that can be easily placed as a wall clock at your home. With the help of this gadget you can make sure that you have enabled desired extent of home security or surveillance. As a result, any sort of movement and activity can be easily recorded and at the same time videos can also be made in order to make the security arrangements more visible and influential. This device can improve one’s feelings about safety to the next level therefore; people are needed to obtain awareness about this most advanced gadget in an appropriate way.

14. Netatmo Welcome
This is one of the most updated and powerful security gadgetthat has been developed in recent years as this gadget offers productive security camera that is also enabled with face recognition technology. With the support of this unique technology you can easily identify unknown persons and in this way you can keep them away from your home. This device has made a certain revolution in the area of home security as this gadget is getting so much fame these days.

15. Electronic Baring Dog Alarm
This gadget works on the assumption of electronic radio wave sense control and because of this reason it automatically barks just like an angry dog. As a result suspicious or stranger is not allowed to come in the specified vicinity or area. This device is perfectly designed keeping the security arrangements of homes in consideration therefore; people who want to increase the efficiency of their homes security should apply this device in a fitting way.

Wrapping Up
There is only one place exist in this whole universe where you can stay relaxed, comfortable and calm and this place is commonly called as home. Therefore, for the sake of making your home most desirable place in the world, you just have to focus on these security gadgets so that the objective of making your home more secured and safe could be achieved in the best possible way. These smart and valuable gadgets are becoming important and influential ways through which home security arrangements could be enhanced to the desired extent. After applying these gadgets in your life, there is the likelihood that you can feel more secured and safe at home.

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