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20 Free LinkedIn Apps for Better Social Network and Business

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With the advent of technology and the Internet as its major offshoot, many individuals have decided to move ahead and take this opportunity to enhance their mental capacities and thinking perceptions. In its beginning, many tech-savvy people and technology driven individuals have developed a sound thinking and an approach towards this field. They want to excel in it so that they can be the pioneers of modern thinking, eventually leading to a much more robotic and mechanical life. They want to be the starters of this up-to-the-minute aspect and invest their time as well as energy so that they can easily attain their goals. Working on the Internet requires hard and fast rules with the absorption of various new trends and developments; it asks for and necessitates an attitude, which is serious and to the point. That is why many young developers are finding their way through and eventually being efficient on the Internet.


Young students are given this opportunity as they have been acquainted with these new inclinations at a very young age so that they gradually familiarize themselves on a larger scale and continue to transform the dynamics of the technological world. From computer experts to the professionals of the online world, individuals have turned the tables around and made their way into this field. This aspect is also a new form of science, it involves constant discerning, being rational, logical as well as being up to date so that we are exposed to the best results and upshots.

Similarly, in order to cater to our professional needs and to fulfill our career requirements, one of the most powerful tools known as LinkedIn has been widely prevalent and commonly used. The main purpose of this network is eminent and also obvious as it tends to create and initiate a community based on mutualunderstandings of expertise and abilities as well as the professional experience. Through this platform, many users have joined their heads and developed an online based community in which professional experiences are shared and discussed.

This is a great medium for the beginners, as well as for those experts who have been working and employed for more than many years. They share their thoughts, opinions and point of views regarding the professional approach and consult the minor details. This forum has also generated countless applications to facilitate the users and fans on a daily basis. New updates have been seen on the site of LinkedIn, which makes your profile more attractive and impressive in the community. Experts suggest that every LinkedIn user should be acquainted and familiarized with these applications, so that they can better work and take advantage of the networking site, for business as well as socializing purposes. Covering all the dimensions, this forum has made sure that users are facilitated to the maximum extent and for this purpose, various business related as well as new techniques have been observed.



Are you a businessman and anxious about relocation for business purpose? Then do not panic anymore as LinkedIn has offered Tripit to the young, aspiring businessmen looking for a proper and an organized trip planner. This application allows the businessmen to keep a constant check on their flights, hotel reservations and other essentials which are needed during travelling. It allows you to give the tools and even the guidelines which are needed when you are about to set foot on the voyage. One of the most peculiar and interesting features of this application is that you can, with the help of this app, make sure which contacts and friends of yours are visiting the same place as you are. All you need to do is to link and connect the app with LinkedIn and voila, you can get to know and find out immediately which contacts are at the same place as you are. This is helpful if you are a businessman and are looking forward to initiate meetings and wanting individuals in the city.

Reading list by Amazon


This application helps you to keep a record of your reading lists. Whatever you have read and are planning to read can be grasped by this app and you can easily share it with your contacts. If you find someone with the similar interests, in terms of reading, you can also follow them and keep a check on their book choices. This is a great application for book lovers and for those seeking individuals who share the same interests.



If you need to socialize and develop a network with your contacts, you can put in your thoughts and opinions in this app and share it with everyone you know. Obviously, you can alter the privacy settings and can expose your content to whomever you like. This application is not about sharing your regular updates, but rather it is an ultimate way to coordinate yourblog and opinions so that they can get exposure and appreciation at a larger level.



This tool allows the businessmen to look for a company when they are alone, especially during their business trips. As they hardly get time to spare for themselves, by using this application, they can find their colleagues or LinkedIn contacts and set a meeting with them. You can also start meetings here, face to face and initiate the process of networking with the help of individuals.

Company Buzz

This application is quite helpful as it allows you to keep a track of your current employer or the company. It allows you to see and observe what people are saying about new companies and what comments are they giving. Relevant discussions can take place, which are not only healthy, but also productive. This also shows how many times your company has been mentioned and highlighted and what new topics, regarding the employer/employee relations are beingseen, you can also add or edit topics and start discussions on it.

Slide Sharepresentations

This app allows you to post and expose your work and efforts through the slideshows and presentations or in the form of documents. You can also view various other such documents and files and allow your contacts to keep a check on your regular shares, through the slideshows.

Resume Builder


This well-designed app transforms the entire look of your LinkedInprofile. Thisconverts your profile to an attractive looking professional resume form within seconds! You can choose from the variety of templates and can easily create your resume. From clean, executive, classic, orange, gray, law, business, blue and white, you can also select and add special formatting using Markdown.

Instant search!

Searching with the assistance of LinkedIn profile has never been this easy. You can log in and then search for any name and contact and countless results will appear in front of you. This application will expose all the users you know and even if they are not associated with LinkedIn.

Job search

You can sign up for everyday job alerts and new updates in the field of employment using this app. This was introduced in 2014 and this application has made job searching easier. This is a complete guide for job attainment and everything you need to know regarding the job companies and employment process, it is available right here.



If you are a fan of socializing, then this app is designed for you. If you want and have a desire to create an impression which is unforgettable, then you can take help from this app. It helps you to create and edit templates for messages and mails so that you can depict a good presentation of your profile.


If you want to be connected with the rest of your friends, then this app is perfect for you. It helps you to develop acquaintances and connections by allowing you to remember the birthdays, their anniversaries and other such essential life details. You can drop a quick message to them and show how important they are to you!


If you want to have a quick discussion and want to leave an instant message, then this app is appropriate for the purpose. It helps youto send quick messages to your contacts, even if the other person is offline.


This is another free application and it allows you to understand the level of quality connection you have. With this app, graphs and numbers are generated based on your data and information from your network.



If you are a fan of content and wants to share knowledge with everyone, then use this app. It is similar to the Slide Sharepresentations, but the former uses visual aids, whereas this one is more related to written content.

Advanced Search

If you want to expand and enhance your search, then this application is designed for this purpose. Instant search might not be enough, but if you are looking for advanced and further search results in terms of names, companies, location,etc.,then here is the answer.

LinkedIn Recruiter

This application makes recruiting easier and more convenient. You can respond instantly and stay up to date in terms of employment aspects. Stay engaged and occupied with your contacts and share your expertise as well with your fellows.

LinkedIn Badges

This app offers a shortcut way in terms of keeping up-to-date with your professional resume. You need to thoroughly update your resume, but with this badge, people can easily click on your profile.


This app allows the users to sync their contacts and update theircontact list in one go. This app makes sure that you have the most updatedinformation regarding your friends and contact, so that you can easily viewthem and find out about them.

Outlook social connected

This app allowsyouto keep a track on the latest activity happening on the LinkedIn inbox. You can email your contacts directly, without any hassle and view your outlook email to send regular invitations.

Member profile plug-in

This allows you to create an attractive businesscard sized picture with your details so that communication and contacting are convenient and easily possible.

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