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40 Best Social Media Search Engines to Find People & Profiles

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In the interconnected world of social media, the abundance of information can often feel overwhelming. Whether you’re reconnecting with an old friend, researching for professional purposes, or tracking online presence, the right social media search engine can make a world of difference. These tools are instrumental in discovering individuals, their profiles, and their mentions across the expansive landscape of social platforms.


Let’s delve into some of the best social search engines that facilitate discovering people, social profiles, and mentions across various platforms.

Searching Multiple Social Networks Simultaneously

1. Talkwalker – Social Media Search


Talkwalker is a robust social media analytics platform that excels in social media search. It offers comprehensive insights into social media data across various platforms. Its search engine enables users to delve deep into conversations, trending topics, and user-generated content. With Talkwalker, finding people and social information becomes efficient through its advanced filters, real-time monitoring, and sentiment analysis tools. Its ability to track mentions and conversations across multiple channels helps businesses understand their online presence and audience sentiment. Additionally, Talkwalker provides actionable insights to optimize marketing strategies and enhance brand reputation.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a versatile social media management platform that incorporates a search feature allowing users to find people and social information across different social media networks. It offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities, keyword tracking, and hashtag analysis. Hootsuite’s search engine facilitates discovering user-generated content, engaging with audiences, and tracking brand mentions. Its dashboard simplifies the process of monitoring multiple platforms simultaneously, making it an invaluable tool for social media managers and businesses aiming to understand their audience and market better.

3. Pipl

Pipl stands out as a dedicated people search engine, focusing on aggregating data from various sources across the web to find individuals. It goes beyond typical social media searches by accessing public records, online profiles, and other sources to provide comprehensive information about individuals. Pipl’s search engine enables users to locate people using various parameters like name, email, username, or phone number. Its ability to gather information from different corners of the internet makes it a valuable tool for finding social information and connecting with individuals across various platforms.

4. Mention


Mention is a powerful media monitoring tool that offers social media search capabilities. It allows users to track brand mentions, keywords, and topics across different social media channels and the web. Mention’s real-time alerts and comprehensive search functionalities enable businesses to monitor conversations, engage with their audience, and analyze trends. Its intuitive interface and detailed analytics provide valuable insights into social media performance and help in shaping effective marketing strategies.

5. Brand24

Brand24 specializes in real-time social media monitoring and analytics, aiding in tracking brand mentions, industry trends, and competitor analysis. Its social media search engine collects data from various platforms, providing users with a comprehensive view of their online presence. Brand24 offers sentiment analysis, influencer identification, and detailed reports, enabling businesses to understand their audience sentiment and engagement levels. The platform’s ability to track conversations across multiple social channels makes it a valuable asset for companies looking to manage their brand reputation effectively.

6. BrandMentions

BrandMentions is a potent social media search engine offering real-time monitoring across various platforms. It scours the internet for mentions of brands, keywords, or even individuals. With its user-friendly interface, it provides comprehensive analytics, sentiment analysis, and trend tracking. BrandMentions aids in understanding audience engagement and competitor activity, enabling businesses to refine their strategies effectively.

7. Buzzsumo


Buzzsumo is a robust tool for social media analysis, allowing users to uncover trending content and influencers across various platforms. It provides insights into content performance, identifies key industry influencers, and assists in content strategy by analyzing engagement metrics. Buzzsumo’s search engine dives deep into social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, offering valuable data for marketers and businesses seeking to understand audience preferences and trends.

8. Social Searcher


Social Searcher provides a broad scope for social media exploration, offering real-time search capabilities across multiple platforms. It aids in monitoring brand mentions, tracking hashtags, and analyzing sentiment. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible for marketers seeking comprehensive insights into social media activities.

9. Social Searcher – Google Social Search


Social Searcher – Google Social Search merges Google’s powerful search capabilities with social media, enabling users to find social content from various platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. It aggregates real-time social media results, providing a comprehensive view of public posts, discussions, and trending topics across multiple networks.

10. AgoraPulse


AgoraPulse excels in social media management and analytics. It offers robust features for scheduling, publishing, and engaging with content across multiple platforms. Its analytics tools provide in-depth insights into audience behavior, content performance, and campaign effectiveness. AgoraPulse streamlines social media management, making it an asset for businesses aiming for efficient workflow and data-driven decision-making.



Keyhole is a social media analytics tool that specializes in real-time hashtag tracking and social listening. It allows users to monitor and analyze social media conversations across platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Keyhole offers insights into hashtag performance, audience demographics, reach, and sentiment analysis, aiding businesses in understanding and optimizing their social media campaigns and strategies.

12. Locobuzz

Locobuzz is an AI-powered customer experience management platform that integrates social media listening, analytics, and engagement tools. It helps businesses monitor and analyze conversations across various digital channels, including social media, reviews, and forums. Locobuzz offers insights into customer sentiment, trends, and brand reputation, empowering companies to enhance customer experiences, manage their online presence, and drive effective engagement strategies.

13. eclincher

eclincher is a social media management platform designed to streamline and optimize social media marketing efforts. It offers a range of features such as content scheduling, publishing, analytics, social inbox management, and collaboration tools. eclincher allows users to manage multiple social media accounts from one dashboard, engage with their audience, monitor mentions, analyze performance metrics, and curate content, aiming to simplify and enhance the efficiency of social media management for businesses and marketers.

14. Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics is a comprehensive social media monitoring and listening platform that tracks brand mentions across various online channels, including social media, news sites, blogs, forums, and review platforms. It provides real-time alerts, sentiment analysis, and detailed analytics to help businesses manage their online reputation, track competitors, and engage with their audience effectively. Mentionlytics offers insights into brand perception, customer sentiments, and emerging trends, aiding companies in making data-driven decisions to enhance their online presence.

Searching People and Public Information

15. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is an online platform offering access to public records and background information. It allows users to search for details like names, addresses, criminal records, and social media profiles. With data sourced from various databases, it’s used for background checks, contact verification, and personal information validation in a user-friendly interface.

16. Whitepages

Whitepages is an online directory service that allows users to search for people, businesses, and phone numbers in the United States. It provides access to contact information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and background information. Users can conduct searches by entering a person’s name, phone number, or address to find contact details or perform reverse phone number lookups.

17. Intelius

Intelius is an online platform offering access to public records and background information. Users can search for details like names, addresses, phone numbers, and criminal records. Aggregating data from various sources, it assists in contact verification, background checks, and locating individuals, within legal and ethical boundaries.

18. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is an online platform providing access to public records and background information on individuals in the United States. Users can search for details such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and more. It aggregates data from various sources to assist in background checks, contact verification, and locating people.

19. PeekYou


PeekYou is an online people search engine that gathers and organizes publicly available information about individuals from various sources, including social media profiles, websites, and other online platforms. It allows users to search for people by name, username, or other identifying details to find their digital footprint, including social media accounts, online presence, and possible contact information. PeekYou aims to provide a comprehensive view of an individual’s online identity and activities across different platforms.

20. Social Catfish

Social Catfish specializes in social media investigations and people search. It’s a comprehensive tool to verify identities, uncover fake profiles, and conduct thorough background checks using a wide range of online sources. Social Catfish helps individuals and businesses verify identities, spot scams, and find valuable information about individuals by scanning social media profiles, images, and online footprints.

21. PeopleFinder

PeopleFinder is an online service that helps users find information about individuals within the United States. It aggregates public records, including contact details, addresses, phone numbers, and background information, to assist in locating and reconnecting with people. PeopleFinder aims to provide accurate and up-to-date data for personal, professional, or investigative purposes, offering a platform to access public records and gather information about individuals.

22. Wink People Search


Wink People Search is a people search engine and social media aggregator that allows users to find information about individuals by aggregating data from various online sources. It provides access to public records, social network profiles, and other online platforms to compile a comprehensive profile of an individual.

23. ZabaSearch


ZabaSearch is an online people search engine that enables users to find information about individuals in the United States. It aggregates publicly available data from various sources, including public records, phone directories, and social networks, to provide details such as addresses, phone numbers, and background information. ZabaSearch aims to assist users in locating and reconnecting with people by offering access to public records and contact information.

Searching Facebook


24. Facebook Search

Facebook Search refers to the search functionality within the Facebook platform, allowing users to find and explore content, pages, people, groups, and posts within the vast Facebook network. It enables users to look for specific users, pages, or topics of interest by entering keywords in the search bar at the top of the Facebook interface.

Searching Twitter

25. Twitter X Advanced Search

An enhanced version of Twitter’s native search functionality. It offers more refined and detailed search options beyond the basic search bar available on Twitter. With this advanced feature, users can filter tweets based on specific criteria like exact phrases, hashtags, specific accounts, locations, languages, dates, and more. It allows for precise searches within Twitter’s vast database, enabling users to find relevant content or conversations more effectively.

26. Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder is a social media analytics tool specializing in Twitter data analysis. It provides in-depth insights into hashtags, keywords, or accounts by compiling and analyzing Twitter content. The platform offers metrics, visualizations, and reports to understand engagement, reach, and trends within Twitter conversations, aiding businesses and marketers in measuring campaign performance and audience behavior on the platform.

27. Hashtagify

Hashtagify is a tool designed for hashtag research and analysis on Twitter and Instagram. It helps users discover relevant hashtags related to specific topics, industries, or keywords. Hashtagify provides insights into hashtag popularity, trends, reach, and related hashtags, aiding users in optimizing their social media posts to improve visibility and engagement. Users can track the performance of hashtags over time and identify the best ones to use in their social media campaigns.

Searching Instagram

28. Instagram Search

Instagram Search is a feature within the platform that allows users to discover content, accounts, and topics of interest. It enables users to find specific accounts, hashtags, locations, and trending content. The Search function on Instagram helps users explore new accounts, trends, and popular posts, making it easier to navigate and engage with diverse content on the platform.

29. Inflact – Instagram Profile Search

Inflact is an online tool designed for searching and analyzing Instagram profiles. It allows users to find and explore Instagram accounts, view public profiles, and gather insights such as follower counts, engagement metrics, popular posts, and hashtags used. Inflact enables users, especially marketers and influencers, to research and understand trends, audience demographics, and competitor strategies on Instagram for effective social media planning and engagement strategies.

Searching LinkedIn

30. LinkedIn People Search

If you want to search for professional person, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best social network to find the professionals and business profiles from any industries. By signing up for your LinkedIn profile, you can view other users’ profiles including where someone works, who they work with, current or former employers, what’s their job position, and much more. However if you are LinkedIn registered user, when you look at someone’s profile typically will be made known to them.

Search Engines’ Social Search Tools


31. Google Advanced Search

Google Advanced Search is a feature provided by Google that allows users to fine-tune and refine their searches to find more specific or targeted results. It’s an extension of the basic Google search functionality, offering a variety of filters and options to narrow down search results based on particular criteria.

32. Bing Social Search

Bing Social Search is a feature provided by the Bing search engine that aimed to integrate social media content into search results. It allowes users to find real-time information, updates, and content from various social media platforms directly within the Bing search results.

Searching Photos

33. TinEye – Reserve Image Search

TinEye is a reverse image search engine that helps users find where an image appears online. Unlike traditional search engines that use text, TinEye uses uploaded images or URLs to locate exact or similar visuals across the web. This tool is valuable for verifying image authenticity, tracking image usage, or discovering high-resolution versions of pictures. TinEye’s database continually crawls the internet, making it a useful resource for photographers, designers, and content creators concerned with image integrity and usage rights.

34. Flickr Advanced Search


Flickr Advanced Search was a feature on the Flickr platform that allowed users to conduct more refined searches to find specific images within the vast collection available on Flickr. It provided users with a range of filters and options to narrow down their search results based on various criteria.

Searching Videos

35. YouTube Search

YouTube Search is the search functionality provided by the YouTube platform, allowing users to find videos based on specific keywords, topics, channels, or categories of interest. It’s a fundamental feature that enables users to explore the vast library of videos available on YouTube.

Searching Blog Posts and Forums

36. Google Groups

Google Groups allows you to create and participate online discussion groups for people sharing common interests. It also allow you to search Usenet discussions in addition to relatively newly created Google groups.

37. Boardreader


Boardreader is a search engine that specializes in finding and displaying information from online forums and message boards. It aggregates content from discussion boards, forums, and communities, allowing users to search for specific topics, keywords, or conversations across a wide range of online forums.

Other Social Media Search Tools

38. Snapchat Search

Snapchat’s search feature allows users to find friends, discover content, and explore user-generated Stories and public posts. Users can search for specific usernames, explore curated Stories, discover trending topics, and find content from various creators.

39. Reddit Search

Reddit’s search function allows users to find subreddits (topic-based communities), posts, and comments within the platform. Users can search for specific keywords, subreddit names, or user-generated content to explore discussions, find information, or engage with communities of interest.

40. Tumblr Search

Tumblr’s search tool helps users find content and posts within the platform. Users can search for specific tags, keywords, or blogs to discover related content, images, gifs, and posts shared by the Tumblr community.

41. Pinterest Search

Pinterest’s search feature enables users to discover and explore ideas, images, and content categorized into various boards. Users can search for specific keywords, topics, or interests to find pins (images or videos) saved by other users or organizations, helping them gather inspiration, ideas, or information on diverse topics.

42. Sprinklr

Sprinklr is a customer experience management platform that helps businesses manage their interactions with customers across various digital channels. It offers a unified interface to manage social media, marketing, advertising, customer service, and other aspects of the customer journey.

43. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a popular social media management and marketing platform that helps businesses and individuals manage multiple social media accounts from one centralized dashboard. It offers a range of tools and features to streamline social media activities, engage with audiences, and analyze performance across various platforms.

44. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a social media monitoring and analytics platform that helps businesses understand and analyze conversations and trends across various social media platforms. It provides insights into brand mentions, audience sentiments, industry trends, and competitor analysis.


In conclusion, the emergence of these social media search engines has revolutionized the way we discover and analyze information online. From reconnecting with old friends to conducting professional investigations or market research, these tools offer an array of possibilities. However, responsible and ethical use remains paramount to uphold privacy and ethical standards in our digitally interconnected world.


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