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15 Proven Tips that Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

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LinkedIn is a valuable professional networking tool if you use it properly. However, if you don´t invest yourself in creating an authentic and professional profile, you will potentially lose your dream job. Therefore, don´t waste your time and start building an outstanding profile!


But, before you even start, let´s check, once again, how could you benefit from LinkedIn?

Why Should You Have LinkedIn Anyway?

This is a modern, fast and easy way to connect with companies, interviewers, recruiters or hiring managers. Also, recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to look for candidates – so if you don´t have a profile, you won’t show up in searches.


You should build your business network persistently and there is no better thing for that than LinkedIn. Add your colleagues or people you have met at networking events. That can serve you a lot in the future, as these people can inform you if there is a free place in their company for people of your skills.

How would they even know your abilities if you don´t present them well? Avoid unnecessary information, put an accent on your strongest skills and choose your profile photo carefully. In the end, get the most out of every LinkedIn section!

1. Use Your Tagline Wisely

Well, we can´t run away from the optimization on the Internet, right? Instead, let´s learn how to make it our best friend. The tagline is also known as a headline, and you should use that section for keywords that recruiters and hiring managers are looking for. Use this 120 characters to describe what are you doing, who you are and motivate recruiters to choose you.


Here is how to get most out of it, instead of:

Writer, X&Y company; put this:

Creative Writer, Content Writer, SEO Writer, High Rankings in Search Engines, Engaging Content

That way they will get to know your abilities better, how can you contribute and what they can expect from you.

2. Profile Picture Matters


How does a professional profile picture look like? Make sure that the background is clear and distraction-free. Also, pick the clothes carefully, and make sure it matches your carrier. Lightning should be perfect and your facial expression appropriate, which means if you want to smile make it look natural, but not too casual. If you know you can´t do it alone, hire a professional or someone trustworthy from your surroundings to do that for you. Hiring managers spend 19% of their time watching your photo, instead of reading the relevant information about you!

3. Background Photo is Your Billboard

If you are a content writer, use a background photo to make more visible what you can do for your potential clients, bosses, companies, etc. Choose the photo you have the copyrights for, then include the keywords or create a slogan right on that photo.

4. Re-adjust Your URL

If you don´t change your URL that will mean that you are stuck in a generic search, and you can´t stand out if you are there. LinkedIn allows you to change your URL, so, as soon as possible create a URL link that contains your name. Use this link to learn how to re-adjust current URL.

5. Profile Settings: Should You Stay Public?

When you create your LinkedIn profile, it automatically makes your profile visible to everyone (public). There are advantages to being publicly visible. Every time someone enters your name into the search engine, your profile will show up. That will increase your overall visibility. However, if you are not comfortable with the idea that everybody can see your information, there are other options. Choose the sections you would like to keep visible only to the exclusive public.

6. Focus on Achievements in Your Summary and Experience Sections


Rule number one: DON´T waste 2,000 characters! You should go straight to the point. Answer these questions: what you do, what is your approach, how long have you been doing that, where, and finally, what are your results. The last question should be your top priority. Show them the results of your work, because that is what they crave for. Avoid empty words and phrases, offer them examples of how have you solved major issues and challenges, showcase your achievements.

The best way to create a summary like this is to ask yourself, how did I contribute or how did I improve the outcome?

Remember, the first few lines are there to catch their attention. They will determine whether someone will continue to read or move on.

7. Almighty Keywords: Include Them in the Summary and Experience Sections


The tagline was just a beginning, but if you want to enhance your chances to be found by a recruiter use keywords throughout the summary and experience section. When you present your skills and abilities, use specific, descriptive words and repeat them throughout the sections. That way you will be more likely found in the search section.

8. Build Your Project Section

If you have done some important project and you have a permission to publicly present it then you should do it without thinking. Describe the skills you have used to accomplish it, and set yourself apart from the competition. This is super useful for artists, writers, and conference speakers.

9. Complete Every Single Section

This is important because it will, again, improve your positioning in the search. So, have you volunteered? Write it down. Do you have some unique skills? Let the world know about that. How about the latest certificate? Show them that you are constantly working on yourself because this information will help you stand out from the crowd.

10. Pick the Right Skills


With 50 skills available who wouldn´t like to choose at least half of them? Please, don´t do that. Use the skills that are relevant, those that will serve both you and your potential recruiter.

11. Get the Recommendations

What others have said about you, could be an amazing boost for your future carrier expansion. Having colleagues, managers, clients, mentors, and others provide a recommendation about your work and abilities is the best kind of social boost you can get on LinkedIn. Don´t be shy, ask your connects to provide a work recommendation for you.

12. Arrange Sections the Way You Want to

Instead of following the pattern, rearrange sections, so they can serve you the most. To do this, look for the icon in the upper right-hand corner of each section called “move LinkedIn sections.”

13. Be Active – Like and Comment

You should like and comment on status updates as this kind of engagement will increase the number of your profile views. Plus, commenting online will lead to the offline conversations, which is the main goal of this networking tool.

14. Sharing is Caring – Share Valuable Content with Others

Share articles with the information that is relevant for your industry and profession, so you look like a professional resource to your peers.

15. Make Sure Your LinkedIn Profile Aligns with Your Resume

Last, but not the least, make sure all dates, titles, information, and skills align with the provided resume because it is likely that your hiring manager will check your LinkedIn profile right after reviewing your resume.

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