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Archives – January, 2014

HTML5: Here to Stay

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If you haven’t started using the new HTML5, you have been missing out. Although it is true that, as a new program, HTML5 has yet to be accepted across all platforms and for all programs, there is little doubt that it will be sooner or later, it will be essential for websites. You should concentrate on becoming familiar with this type of web design coding if you plan on working in the fields of web design, graphic design, online development, and computer science.


In many ways, it is the most powerful yet simple coding language available on the market today. So in general, what separates the HTML5 coding language from its competitors and makes it a surefire tool of future web design? Read more…

Healthy SEO Techniques That Every Web Developers Should Know

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You could have known well about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), in order to perform it in an ethical way, most of the SEO agency needs the help of external web developers who works as an in-house developers or from other web developing companies.


The knowledge of SEO analysts may range from basic to advanced, but it is necessary for every web developers to know at least the basic healthy SEO techniques. Go through this as it would definitely help you to know the basic elements. SEO can be classified into Technical SEO and On site SEO. Read more…

Attention WordPress Professionals: Soup up Highly Imperative Tips and Tricks

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The bloggers might have come across a plethora of WordPress blogs which might not appear with very huge differences. So, in order to tweak it, a user needs to know the uniqueness among them. Tweaking it means digging out the blog theme and PHP code clearly. So, those WordPress professionals who really want to acquire an expertise on WordPress or those aspirants who want to become a master can go through the following mentioned tips and tricks.


Read more…

The Efficient Way of Using a Inbound Marketing Calendar

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As the year starts a new inbound marketing strategy needs to be dusted off and renewed. A new set of resolution will be put in place and worked toward achieving. Creating a editorial calendar for achieving your new content marketing goals should be the first acquisition of the year. In today’s article we will discuss:


  • The Importance of an Editorial Calendar
  • How to Create a Virtual and Physical One
  • Including It in Your Day to Day Work

Read more…

80 Most Popular Email Templates for Smartphones and Tablets

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These days, smartphones and tablets are seen to be more popularly used compared to conventional laptops and desktop computers. Email opens through mobile devices have already hit 50% this year. This indicates the importance for businesses to design an effective email campaign targeting the ever growing mobile market.


To make your job easy, below we’ve compiled more than 80 excellent and responsive email templates to give your customers and subscribers awesome mobile email experience! Read more…

Internet-induced Income from Home-based Jobs

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With the staggering increase in the number of internet users and the array of options to earn from home, more people are looking to the internet where they can invest their potentials for an income.

Online jobs offer myriad choices among which a job seeker is able to choose based on his/her talents and interest- be it writing, marketing, entrepreneurship or tutoring. Such jobs have the unbeatable advantage of temporospatial flexibility with the obvious job principles, like punctuality and commitment. However, like every other new endeavour, the prospect of working from home in the absence of the conventional tangible work environment has been perceived with great dubiosity. Even though there exist a few fraudulent ones out there, the reliable and genuine jobs far exceed the former kind.


The sort of job you choose would vary according to your talent and requirement. Each individual is free to pick what ability they want to sell. Read more…

Common Email Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

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Without a doubt, the widespread developments in technology and the usage of the internet seen over the past decade has revolutionized the way that companies do business. From communication within the organization to managing customer relationships after a sale, connectivity has allowed companies to operate much more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Perhaps the aspect of business which has seen the most prevalent gains has been marketing.


The internet allows businesses to reach out and grab new customers more easily than ever before. One of the most popular and affordable ways for them to do so right now is through e-mail marketing. As powerful of a tool as it is, e-mail marketing can show little results when used improperly. Luckily, developing the strategies for a strong e-mail marketing campaign is not that difficult when you take a look at the most common mistakes and make plans to avoid them. Read more…

The Google SuperDrive (And Some Alternatives to Google Docs)

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All Hail Lord Google

Google Drive is a standard document creating platform for many individuals, startups, small and medium companies – it’s free, pretty easy to use and reliable. I use it every day – even with all the limitations of the various document processing and editing tools that come with it.


It’s time to move document creation and editing to the cloud once and for all. With online and offline options for most cloud solution companies, the only area you will need to worry about is the organization of your files. Read more…