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Internet-induced Income from Home-based Jobs

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With the staggering increase in the number of internet users and the array of options to earn from home, more people are looking to the internet where they can invest their potentials for an income.

Online jobs offer myriad choices among which a job seeker is able to choose based on his/her talents and interest- be it writing, marketing, entrepreneurship or tutoring. Such jobs have the unbeatable advantage of temporospatial flexibility with the obvious job principles, like punctuality and commitment. However, like every other new endeavour, the prospect of working from home in the absence of the conventional tangible work environment has been perceived with great dubiosity. Even though there exist a few fraudulent ones out there, the reliable and genuine jobs far exceed the former kind.


The sort of job you choose would vary according to your talent and requirement. Each individual is free to pick what ability they want to sell.

Writing and Marketing


Online Content Writing

For those with a creative flair for writing there is the option of freelance writing.
OdeskFreelanceSwitchArticle Teller and eLance are among the many choices available online, for writers to apply their potential with the ease of working from home.

You could go the extra mile by creating your own blog and selling space to advertisers after it has attained a good public viewership. Online content writing is another way of generating a steady income from home using your writing skills. However this does require a considerable amount of work combined with your passion to write and research about products online. It also calls for patience to see your work being appreciated with the course of time.

If business is your strength, there are stores like that enable you to earn by marketing their products to clients online. This helps them cut down on costs with the added benefit of reaching out to a larger clientele and helps you to earn some income when the clients have placed their orders.

Product Launch Online

Another online store, eBay, provides an opportunity to utilize your market analysis techniques to cater to the demands of buyers online. This requires searching for the product online, negotiating a higher price and immediately bringing it to the clients’ notice for purchase at eBay. It would be necessary to ensure a proper payment mode- you could use credit cards and e-wallets; or PayPal, which has a comparatively higher commission rate.

An alternative source of income via eBay would be to collect all the furniture, clothes and other stuff lying around unused at home and put them on sale for a decent price. However, selling on eBay requires you to provide sufficient information on the product and its pictures for the best outcome.

Photography and Web designing


If you have a passion for photography and want to sell your exquisite collection of photos online, you might want to turn to this lucrative home based job. Since there is a growing demand for professionally clicked pictures, images, artworks and craft projects among various sites, it would be a good choice to apply your creative photographic and artistic skills and sell them online. There is also the option of searching for photos online and selling your collection for an income.

Those with a skill for web designing can earn by creating personal or corporate websites. This requires you to advertise yourself effectively to a client base and prepare samples of your work. It could include the option of enabling clients to opt for a trial period to check the performance of a website created by you.

Instead of working independently, you could also work for a website designing company that will provide an already well established clientele by registering with them. They provide all the required information and all you have to do is use your skills to design the sites from ground level.

Another option is to purchase domain name, among several that are available and later resell it to other interested companies.

Training, Teaching and Assisting


Online Personal Trainer

If you are a fitness freak, you could choose to be an Online Personal Trainer. It offers an opportunity to share your health related advice with clients near and far by utilizing e-commerce to promote yourself without facing the qualms involved with traveling to places. It is a much sought after option for clients as they will be able to contact you directly via Skype, e-mail and social media and you are able to track their fitness regime on a regular basis. Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and your own websites can be used to advertise your new endeavour. Your coaching will automatically gain popularity with the passage of time based on client satisfaction.

It enables you to provide guidance from anywhere at any time and thus expands your client base in addition to your convenience of working at a comfortable pace.

Online Tutoring

For those with an aptitude for specific subjects and an innate ability to teach, Online Tutoring is a preferred web based source of income. This necessitates the creation of a website with the right packages and platforms to tutor students worldwide; and a technical setting of cameras and a proper communication medium- for e.g. Skype and social networks. It caters to the recent trend of parents who seek supplemental tutoring for their children in addition to the classroom based teaching they receive at schools.

Online Virtual Assistantship

If you wish to put your administrative skills and office experience to practice, Online Virtual Assistantship is your niche. It offers an opportunity to earn up to £25 an hour working from home. All you will require is upgraded office software and a broadband connection to provide assistance to businesses that only need a part-time secretary, as a cost-cutting measure. It comes with the convenience of choosing your working hours to provide information to clients via phone and email.

The monetary returns for virtual assistants depend on the number of working hours with some companies offering a range of $10-$30 per hour. Such jobs have gained preference over conventional jobs as well.


Regardless of what your interest is, the choices are plenty and ever-growing. The limitless options and flexibility of online home-based jobs are alluring. All you need to do is find a job that you enjoy doing and can apply your potential to, sans a journey to work and the exposure to work pressures.

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