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20 Most Useless Technology Inventions that Make You Laugh

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The world does not stand still! People are constantly inventing something to make their lives easier. Some of such inventions are able to turn the whole world upside down and change people’s way of life for the best, but unfortunately, not all innovators can reach such a huge success. As a rule, millions of unsuccessful attempts stand behind every successful invention and sometimes these “attempts” lead to pointless inventions.


Sometimes, people come up with strange ideas. Some of them, do not only fail to help people in their everyday lives but often do the opposite, and in this article, we are going to look at the top 20 most useless inventions that were ever made by a human being.

What are the Most Useless Inventions?

1. Smart Cup


The main feature of this cup is that it can determine which drink you pour into it and then after synchronization with a smartphone you can learn more details about the particular product. The cup can share some interesting details about what you are drinking like the amount of sugar and calories, and, if continuously used, a cup can identify the level of your organism’s dehydration.

2. Controlling the TV with the Help of a Glance


A Chinese developer of household appliances had invented a TV that supports the technology called the Eye-control, which allows you to switch channels and regulate the volume with your eyes. The idea seems to be kind of interesting. However, a columnist from Engadget, who tested a novelty, said that it takes time to get used to such management and moving your eyes around the screen to select different functions is not as convenient as doing it with a control panel.

3. Smart Fork


A gadget records how much you are in a hurry and how much time it takes for you to eat based on how often you bring a fork to your mouth during the meals. As you know, fast eating is a bad habit. Thus, this fork gives you a signal when you are eating too fast. The device also synchronizes with the smartphone via Bluetooth and sends results to the company’s server, where you can also get acquainted with your successes and get personal recommendations.

4. Musical Vest-Massager


This gadget synchronizes with a particular app on your phone and adjusts the massage to the rhythm of the chosen song.

5. Navigator Jacket


This jacket was developed by the Australian company Wearable Experiments, it uses LEDs and tactile feedback to guide its owner and select the most convenient route for him.

6. Smart Jewelry

The English company CSR has developed a line of “smart” jewelry; obviously, the developers were more concerned about the appearance of these products than about its functionality. All that this device is capable of is to synchronize with the mobile phone and, with the help of a single LED, inform the owner about the notification or message that has come to the phone.

7. Spy Doll


One of the most useless inventions presented at the CES 2014 exhibition was a frightening doll, which coordinates the work of a set of different sensors through a Wi-Fi network. The developers claim that this device can be used for various purposes, starting from monitoring fitness activities at home or monitoring the quality of sleep, and is also able to act as a security system.

8. Smart Toothbrush


The company Oral-B together with Braun has created a new toothbrush TriZone 7000, which connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and sends tips on brushing your teeth to the smartphone screen in real time.

9. Tablet Stand

Tablet stand that improves the view in Skype and Facetime. How often do you wonder how well you look on the screen when you communicate via Skype or Facetime? Some go to extreme measures to ensure that an angle from which the camera shoots was the most successful, and this device was designed specifically for such users.

10. Scissors with a Laser


According to the ThinkGeek store, this device is indispensable for cutting paper, fabric or gift wrap perfectly without preliminary marking.

11. Air-Conditioned Jacket


As a rule, we wear jackets when it is cold outside, but with this invention, a person is supposed to wear a jacket when it is hot and turn on the air conditioner for cooling.

12. Portable Bidet


Perhaps some will find this small invention the size of a deodorant quite useful, but it is not very wise to give $80 for such uncomfortable and useless device.

13. Musical Suitcase

As a rule, a suitcase is needed in order to carry things in it. The creators of this device thought that the most important aspect is that those around you could “enjoy” your favorite music, and things, let them stay at home because this suitcase will not fit more stuff than a purse, keys and other small things.

14. Metal-Detecting Sandals


The idea is simple – you wear sandals and you can search for treasure, anywhere, even on the go and there is only one disadvantage – as for $60, these sandals have a very short range, and you will just look like a person who had recently escaped from a house arrest.

15. Fork for Spaghetti


When you try to eat spaghetti with a standard fork, it’s hard and tiring, but everything has changed thanks to this invention, which reels up the spaghetti for you once you press a special button.

16. Air Umbrella


Protection from the rain in such a device will be achieved through formation of air streams, which will drain the rain drops to the side; the only problem with an invention is that water splashes in all directions.

17. Pocket Shower


Imagine, you run around the park, and you suddenly realize that you have a business meeting in a half an hour, and what can you do? It’s simple! You heat 10 liters of water, take out a pocket shower, attach it to a tree – and, voila, you can take a shower right in the park and head to your meeting right away. However, there are a couple of technical problems: where to heat water and how to hide from the greedy eyes of other runners (especially for girls).

18. USB Pet Rock


The USB cable is only needed to indicate the place that the stone occupies, and it does not consume your computer’s power at all. Maybe the pet rock has many advantages, but think for yourself, how desperate you should be to get such a pet?

19. Toaster with the Function of Printing on Bread

This toaster allows you to leave a handwritten note on a toasted piece of bread.


20. Useless Box

It is just a box with a switcher. This device works quite simply – you need to set a switch to the ON position, and then the lever comes out of the case and turns a switch to the OFF position.

Final Words

Although these useless devices can’t be called successful, they still have the right to exist simply because they can make us laugh and maybe one of them will eventually lead to some significant discoveries that will shake up our world once more!

Author: Sandra Hayward

Sandra Hayward is an academic writer at with many years of experience and Master’s degree in the field of pedagogy. Due to the specifics of her job, Sandra often has to deal with articles about technologies.

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