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Top 28 Best Facial Recognition Search Engines, Tools & Apps

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In the fast-paced tech world, facial recognition has become mainstream way to find people around the world. Today, many of us choose traditional ways to perform online searches such as text search, but some advanced approaches including facial recognition search can help you discover vital information about a person in a better way.


Now, if you’re wondering about the benefits of using facial recognition search, then you will be amazed as it can locate people located in different parts of the world, or even help you find yourself in a photo. However, various popular search engines don’t offer facial recognition searches, and thus you will require alternative search engines to fulfil the purpose.

In this article, we are going to reveal the best facial recognition search engines that would allow you to perform an online face match hassle-freely.

1. Google Face Recognition


The Google Face Recognition offers best reverse image search through matching similar images. All you need to do is upload an image in the search box. You can click on the camera icon, upload an image with a face that you want to search, and finally, tap on the search button.

Also, you can refine a search result to a face picture through typing in “&imgtype=face” in the search bar. Considering the success of social media marketing, the Google Face Recognition comes into handy for various social media marketers.

2. TinEye Reverse Image Search


The TinEye Reverse Image Search holds a database of more than 12 billion images. To use this facial recognition search engine, you can upload an image or place a link directly on the search bar. Subscribers who’re looking for quick results prefer this facial recognition search engine.

3. Yandex Reverse Image Search


Yandex is one of the largest Russian Image Search Engine. It offers reverse image matching. You can begin using Yandex Reverse Image Search by simply uploading an image. Yandex has proven to be one of the fastest facial recognition search engine.

4. Baidu Reverse Image Search

Baidu is the Chinese image search engine. The search engine offers reverse image matching for uploaded photos. Apart from being popular for the best reverse image search engine, Baidu offers exceptional facial recognition features.

5. EyeEm Vision


EyeEm Vision Image Recognition works best for the people who love photography, and recognizes its potential in the fast image-based world. Moreover, EyeEm has gained a massive reputation due to its application in the social media platforms. Through utilizing automatic captions and tags, the image recognition system allows you to tap into tags, increasing the exposure. The EyeEm goes beyond just the traditional facial recognition through offering aesthetic based rating.

The EyeEm Vision is useful for people who find their success in the photography. The EyeEm can assist you in choosing the best image through the aesthetic rating. This way, you can come up with an image that can lead to increased engagement. In addition, the EyeEm can be trained to identify distinct style, making sure that your posts maintain an appealing aesthetic.

6. Social Catfish – Reverse Image Search

Social Catfish offers a reverse image search tool that helps users discover where else an image appears online. By uploading an image or entering its URL, users can find matching images, social media profiles, and websites where the image is used. This tool is useful for verifying the authenticity of online identities, detecting fake profiles, and finding more information about an image’s origins.

7. Talkwalker Image Recognition

Talkwalker stands as the leading social media data-intelligence firm. The company has recently released the proprietary image recognition system that allows more than 30,000 brands to identify the logos in different images shared on the social media channels. This technology will be included in the Talkwalker platform so that users achieve the most precise and accurate data analytics about visual content.

The latest facial recognition technology by Talkwalker utilizes advanced computer machines learning. It can recognize logos with about a fabulous 99 percent accuracy. It covers images present in more than the leading 10 social networks along with 149+ million websites. In addition, the Talkwalker offers a restriction-free access to the Twitter Firehouse, making sure that the brands achieve coverage of the 174+ million images posted on the leading social network Twitter every day.

8. Azure AI Vision


Microsoft had released its Facial Recognition technology quite a time ago, improving on different features, abilities, and identification of different skin tones. The improvements have satisfied both the genders, especially those with light skin tone as the software performs best when identifying people with light skin tone.

After releasing the updates, Microsoft has stated that it is now able to reduce the error rate for both man and woman with dark skin tone by about 20 times. On another hand, the error rates for women had reduced by up to nine times. Interestingly, the company has confirmed that the improvements have allowed the company to reduce the error rate across the demographics.

The high-level of error rate for identifying women with darker skin tone had been a challenge. In addition, Artificial Intelligence works well when provided with quality data. If facial recognition becomes able to perform well on all the people then the provided dataset will be required to offer information about diverse skin tones along with hairstyle, eyewear, and more facial aspects.

9. Pinterest Reverse Image Search

Pinterest’s reverse image search is a powerful tool that allows users to find visually similar images on the platform. By uploading an image or entering the image URL, users can discover related pins, products, and ideas. This feature is particularly useful for creative inspiration, finding similar products for purchase, or identifying unknown objects in images. Pinterest’s vast collection of user-generated content makes it a valuable resource for visual search.

10. NeoFace Watch


The NeoFace Watch is designed to come up with faces from videos recorded by surveillance systems. This facial search software can match images from full watch list of different people. It can raise an alert whenever it discovers a similar person. This facial recognition search system is useful as it can find faces even in the video of lowest resolution.

11. Bing Visual Search

Bing Visual Search is a tool that enables users to search the web using images instead of text. Users can upload an image or take a photo with their device’s camera to find similar images, products, and web pages. Bing’s visual search also integrates with Microsoft’s intelligent services, providing additional information about recognized objects, landmarks, celebrities, and animals. This tool is helpful for discovering more about an image or finding related content online.

12. Google API Cloud Vision

The Cloud Vision API allows the developers to determine content within an image through utilizing robust machine learning models along with a user friendly API. It can classify images into various categories; identify different objects and faces in an image, and going through the embedded words within an image file. Also, you may create metadata for the image catalogue, monitor and control offensive media, and give way to the new marketing horizons through leveraging image sentiment.

In addition, the Google API Cloud Vision enables the developers with a little knowledge about machine learning to offer training to custom models. Once the images are uploaded and labelled, the API trains a model that can adapt to demands hassle-freely. On top, the Cloud Vision offers superior accuracy and rapid development to build production-ready model.

13. Amazon Rekognition


The Amazon Rekognition offers an easy way to include image and video analysis to some applications. All you need to do is provide a video or image to the Rekognition, and then their service will discover the text, activities, scenario, and people in the photograph. In addition, the Amazon Rekognition is capable to discover any inappropriate content. Above all, the Amazon Rekognition offers top-level accuracy for facial analysis and recognition across any image or video. You can begin analyzing and comparing faces for a broad range of purposes including person verification, people counting, safety of people.

Amazon Rekognition is developed utilizing the proven deep learning technology built by the Amazon’s computer vision scientists. In essence, the vision scientists developed the Amazon Rekognition to analyze countless images and videos on a daily basis, requiring no machine learning expertise from the users. The Amazon Rekognition is yet a simple and hassle-free tool to use that rapidly analyze a video or image residing in the Amazon S3. The image recognition system keeps on learning new things from fresh data. In addition, the company continuously adds fresh labels and features to their service.

14. Real-Time Face Detector

Real-Time Face Detector works by detecting faces present in the frontal angle within the digital images and videos. The detection mechanism follows a tilt perspective. It allows the front objects between ±15° off the horizontal, face detection in the profile perspective, Eyes Localization Demo, Face Tacking Demo, and Skin-Color filtering Demo. Fans love this face detection system due to accuracy and speed.

15. Getty Images

Getty Images is a leading provider of high-quality stock photos, illustrations, videos, and music. Their reverse image search feature allows users to find images similar to one they upload or link to. This tool is beneficial for photographers, designers, and content creators looking for specific types of visuals. Getty Images’ extensive collection includes professional and creative images from around the world.

16. FindFace


The FindFace is the largest Russian social network that promises to discover anyone on the To use FindFace, you need to log into the VK account, grant permission, and upload an image of JPG or PNG format. However, the facial recognition search doesn’t offer photo upload larger than 5MB.

17. FaceCheck.ID

FaceCheck.ID is a facial recognition search engine that helps users identify and verify people’s identities online. Users can upload an image of a person’s face, and FaceCheck.ID will search for matches across various online sources, including social media profiles, news articles, and public records. This tool can be used for background checks, identity verification, and finding information about individuals.

18. Image Raider Reverse Image Search

Image Raider leverages the popular search engines including the Google, Yandex, Bing, and more. Image Raider utilizes the Incandescent API for performing different functions. Image Raider has proven to be helpful for mobile users.

19. PicTriev

The is fun to use and can recognize faces in a photo fast. This tool can reveal information about an image such as what celebrity in a photo looks like any person. However, this tool isn’t suggested for those who are searching for similar images only, as it doesn’t offer that feature.

20. Breifly Stolen Image Search

Berify Stolen Image Search is a relatively a new reverse image search engine. As the name suggests, this image search engine searches for images that are stolen. The image search engine holds power to recognize faces in an image through a sophisticated algorithm.

Berify’s image search is a primary proprietary solution, and the company supplement image matches with information derived from image search engines such as Bing, Yandex, Google, and many more. It provides a user with most comprehensive results on internet.

You can import images through using different platforms such as direct uploading, rss feed, sitemap, links, sites such as Dropbox, Flickr, Squarespace, and some more. The reverse image search engine allows a user to set up an account in a matter of few minutes. When your account has been set up, you can look for images hassle-freely.

21. PimEyes – Face Search Engine & Reverse Image Search


Like Google’s reverse face search, PimEyes utilizes facial recognition algorithm to search to images with similar faces. PimEyes can go beyond 10 million websites to search for images with similar faces. The demo version uses celebrity faces including the Angelina Jolie and Zac Efron.

22. BetaFace

The Beta Face is a paid tool that offers an advanced face recognition feature. Subscribers can upload a photo and get similar photos. Beta Face offers useful search features such as gender, mustache, color, age, and more facial features. In case, you’re looking for the best information about a face, then Beta Face would serve as the best option.

23. Search4faces – Reverse Face Search Engine

Search4faces is a powerful reverse face search engine designed to help users find information about people by uploading an image. With its intuitive interface, users can easily upload a photo and search for similar faces across the web. Whether you’re trying to identify someone in a crowd or looking for more information about a person, Search4faces can provide valuable insights. The platform offers fast and accurate results, making it an essential tool for investigators, researchers, and anyone else in need of facial recognition technology.

24. Megvii

Megvii is a leading facial recognition technology company that offers a range of solutions for various industries. Their facial recognition tools are known for their high accuracy and efficiency, making them ideal for applications such as security, access control, and customer identification. Megvii’s technology can quickly analyze faces in real-time, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their security measures or improve customer service.

25. Clearview.AI

Clearview.AI is a controversial facial recognition tool that has gained attention for its powerful search capabilities. The platform allows users to upload a photo and search for matching faces across a database of billions of images scraped from social media and other sources. While Clearview.AI has faced criticism for its privacy implications, it remains a powerful tool for law enforcement and other organizations looking to identify individuals quickly and accurately.

26. Luxand

Luxand offers a range of facial recognition solutions for businesses and developers. Their technology is known for its high accuracy and speed, making it ideal for applications such as access control, security, and personalization. Luxand’s facial recognition tools can be easily integrated into existing systems, making them a valuable addition to any organization looking to enhance their security measures or improve their customer experience.

27. Kairos

Kairos is a facial recognition company that offers a range of solutions for businesses and developers. Their technology is known for its accuracy and ease of use, making it ideal for applications such as authentication, access control, and customer identification. Kairos’s facial recognition tools can be easily integrated into existing systems, making them a valuable addition to any organization looking to enhance their security measures or improve their customer experience.

28. Scam Digger

Scam Digger is an image search engine. The search engine is a beta version that offers a huge database holding tons of images from different forums. You can search for an image with similar faces through uploading an image on their website.

Final Words

The above-mentioned facial recognition search engines and tools will help you match images and find people alike. Many small businesses can build their app, and gain a competitive edge through facial recognition app as it is loved by netizens around the world. If you know more facial recognition apps, feel free to mention in this article.

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