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30 Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes for 2018

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A key factor that is necessary for having an online presence is a proper website & if we go by the reports, they claim that more than 22% of the websites are powered by WordPress. However, we have to be careful to find the right fit when it comes to picking a WordPress Theme. We’ve handpicked some stylish and cool themes that are elegant, clean, and responsively fit for all devices. These selected themes are all AdSense Optimized since insertion of Google AdSense enables your website to be making revenues without many efforts.


Many of these AdSense optimized themes come with support and are built with design options and features that make the entire web design process of building a website easy. WordPress has a wide range of free and premium themes which can be used diversely. These themes make it easy to earn from Google Ads, as for design the possibilities are endless. Take your time and find a theme that best suits your needs.

1. Clean


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First on our list is the Clean theme, it is a stylishly designed WordPress theme with minimalistic features built specifically for professionals and experts who want a clutter-free website with various customization options. Clean theme is one of the best versatile themes that are just perfect for online magazines blogs and many other niches.

2. Ad-Sense


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Ad-Sense theme is one theme that provides a brilliant way for startups to generate an additional income stream using AdSense. It is the best ad-friendly WordPress theme on the market today. And it offers great features such as ad placement, better ad management, and content locking suitable for users with ad block. So if you have ever wanted to earn money directly from ads on your site, then the Ad-Sense theme is a perfect fit for you. In a nutshell, this Ad-Sense theme helps you show ads to even users who do not want to see ads.

3. Adsos


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Adsos is a minimalistic theme that’s built with plenty of space to help you focus on content. It is optimized for advertisement giving multiple ad placement options for your website. Among other great features of this theme, one is its search engine optimization as it does bring in high click-through rates directly from search engines. The simple and clean design is impeccable for making your ads stand out, and its easy customization does give room for customizing your site to best suit your brand.

4. Viral KaBoom


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Viral KaBoom is a great money-making viral theme from Orange Themes. The theme is perfectly fit for news and information website and comes with a one-click install function; this feature that helps in making the design experience easy. It comes with a drag and drop builder, grid layouts, advanced search pop-up, and you can quickly switch between various layout options. Viral Kaboom has inbuilt social sharing buttons, advanced typography, and review options that can transform your site into a review blog.

5. Truemag


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Truemag is best suitable for merchants, and online publisher as the theme is focused on monetization through multiple income streams. Its main feature is in serving ads optimally, flexible and ensuring that ads are displayed appropriately across all screen sizes and devices. This theme has advert hot spots that have been built to be strategically placed throughout the theme to attract site visitor’s attention without affecting user experience.

6. Viral


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Viral theme is a stylish and beautiful theme that redefines entirely the idea of how viral sites and anything trending is created. It is appropriate for a wide-range of trending websites across several niches. It comes with remarkable crisp typography, layouts, galleries, and powerful customization options making web design incredibly easy.

7. Simple Sense


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Simple Sense is a WordPress theme built for AdSense and has 12 effective advert placements options that can also be used for affiliate marketing. This theme has multiple design features among which are cross-browser compatibility, per post advert option, infinite background color options, and custom drop-down menu options.

8. BlogSpring


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BlogSpring is a clean WordPress theme perfect for news blogs, online magazines, and blogging sites. This theme is a comprehensive solution for creating online publishing sites, with built-in social media options and exceptionally elegant features, styles, and looks. BlogSpring has all the features that are needed in creating a fully professional and contemporary online site.

9. Novapress


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NovaPress is a compelling theme that’s cloned and inspired by Viral Nova. This theme gives almost anyone the ability to seamlessly design and starts your viral site. Its features include infinite scroll, grid layout, social icons, sharing buttons, compatibility with AdSense and much more.

10. MyBlog


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MyBlog is a modern theme that is elegant, attractive, and suitable for professional bloggers. One thing that makes online blogging stand out that it has the right theme that fits and MyBlog theme does a great deal to elevate your blog. So to give your blog the professional and elegant look, as well as getting help building a massive brand, then MyBlog stands out as the theme of choice.

11. Grimag


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Grimag is a powerful publishing WordPress theme solution for SEO-experts and editors. This theme has been precisely designed to give great monetization results ultimately. With an abundance of advert spots placed in prominent places on the theme. The Grimag theme blends seamlessly with content to give a professional look especially for an online news or magazine blog and places emphasis on ads, drives traffic, and gains maximum profit from your content.

12. MH Joystick


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MH Joystick is a WordPress theme that’s responsive and attractive, suitable for blogs, online magazines and games sites. It comes packed with multiple options and an amazing collection of useful widgets that fits almost any content genre. The MH Joystick is a stunning theme that will transform just about any mundane blog to a vibrant and bright online magazine that’s apt for all mobile devices and modern browsers.

13. Featured


Details | Demo

Featured is fully designed with a focus on being a powerful WordPress magazine theme. It is suitable for creating clean and beautifully elegant posts and comes with a fully-customizable publishing function.

14. Arbitrage


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Arbitrage is an ultimate native ad WordPress theme which is designed with a focus specifically on ads and is said to bring about 6% increase in CTR so you can maximize earning revenue from site visitors. This theme has a sleek homepage that looks splendid and simple with featured grid layouts, white background and is focused on content. Arbitrage theme has an advanced navigation system that also helps in boosting site traffic feature of 18 page views per site visitor.

15. Feminine


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Feminine theme is artistically designed with a feminine touch or girlish look, based on its color, concept, and with careful consideration for just about everything that’s needed to build the very best feminine website. This theme comes with three distinctively designed slider layouts and three great post layouts giving you many options for customization.

16. MaterialZine


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MaterialZine is a fully responsive magazine WordPress theme which combines sophistication and style with a goal to create a site that can display lots of content in a structured and visually attractive manner. This theme is equipped with fully flexible advert widgets, several page layout options and modules that allow you to display post in three options of a list, blog or grid layout. MaterialZine comes with the capability to publish videos and automatically highlight video articles with play buttons.

17. Admania


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Admania is a perfect ad-optimized WordPress theme built for people who use AdSense or Affiliate Marketing for monetization. It enables the possibility for high earning by proper adverts and high click-through rate. This brilliant AdSense-ready WordPress theme has six remarkable layouts that let you insert adverts at high-conversion points on your site gently pushing your site visitors towards your ads. Also worthy of mention is the speed optimization feature that enables your website to load very fast.

18. NewsLine


Details | Demo

NewsLine is a responsive, smart and attractive WordPress magazine theme from Flexi Themes. It is packed with page templates, featured post sliders, custom widgets, and lots of customization option settings. NewsLine is SEO ready and WooCommerce ready with an easy-to-use admin panel.

19. Respublica


Details | Demo

Respublica is a WordPress theme that comes with a set of well-designed customization controls that are easily accessible and has a unique live-preview feature within the Theme Customizer. There are also countless other options that have been put in place to enables the complete alteration of the feel and look of your website.

20. SocialNow


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For websites that exclusively rely on social media marketing, SocialNow is the theme to pick. This WordPress theme comes with lots of features as well as a truly professional touch. Its intuitive navigation feature makes it easy for web users to find your content, whereas its inbuilt social sharing and community tools help your site to grow quickly and organically. Among other things, you will not need to create custom child themes or learn a programming language before you can change anything on your site, you can affect so many changes without writing a line of code.

21. Verb Pro


Details | Demo

Verb Pro is a WordPress theme that is responsive, modern, and a clean blog theme that’s suitable for news sites, magazines, review sites, newspapers, personal blogs, and a host of many other similar web niches.

22. Motina


Details | Demo

Motina is a stylish modern WordPress Theme that gives a good and fresh design look to your site. The theme is AdSense ready and comes with multiple fascinating features such as its clean and responsive design, smart menus, typography options, infinite page scroll option, social sharing widgets, fast loading and lastly it is SEO ready to meet your needs.

23. GoMedia


Details | Demo

GoMedia is a simple WordPress magazine theme that’s flexible and fully packed with a wide range of customization options. The theme has a focus in its design that’s specifically to serve as a media theme, GoMedia is the solution for all online news or magazine needs.

24. Osnic


Details | Demo

Osnic is a sleek WordPress theme that’s convenient for blog or magazine websites. It is best optimized for Affiliate Marketing and AdSense. Osnic theme has an ad system which can be inserted either as image links, HTML code, or slides which should meet all advertisement needs. It comes with more than 25 advert options and supports GIF image ads, as well as helps in attracting more traffic.

25. MagXP


Details | Demo

MagXP is the definitive WordPress magazine theme, comes with four layouts suitable for most home page needs. It has a custom options panel that’s central to all design controls, one of which is the ease to switch from dark minimal to clean and bright layout quickly. In simple terms, the MagXP theme combines form, function, and flexibility perfectly.

26. MH Squared


Details | Demo

MH Squared is a responsive WordPress theme that is designed with useful options, awesome widgets and powerful features waiting for content publishing. This WordPress magazine theme is sleek in design and perfectly suitable for anyone starting a dynamic news site, an online magazine or any online publication.

27. Fashion Chic


Details | Demo

Fashion Chic is a simple and elegant WordPress theme that gives an outlook for a stunning lifestyle, fashion, portfolio or magazine blog, with customizable options and a subtle finish.

28. Wise Blog


Details | Demo

Wise Blog is a WordPress theme that’s precisely designed for online entrepreneurs and bloggers in mind. It has unique and lightweight features that make it rock-solid and seriously fast in meeting your needs. Optimized with AdSense in mind, it fits conveniently for news, blog, shop, and magazine, this theme is simple yet sophisticated in increasing website visitors.

29. Magazine


Details | Demo

Magazine is a custom WordPress theme that is intended for sites which have massive amounts of content to showcase. This theme comes with an elegant design, numerous post formats, multiple layouts for post display, and an integrated social sharing option. The Magazine theme will present your content in elegance to the world.

30. SociallyViral


Details | Demo

SociallyViral is a stunningly designed WordPress theme that’s built to be fast, engaging, and most radically enhancing viral traffic. This theme comes with outstanding features that help in increasing social sharing, boosts traffic, and helps with search engine ranking. As the name implies, you’ll get ahead of your competition socially and virally online.

Today using a WordPress theme is definitely the best way to create a website. There is no requirement of hiring an expensive web developer. So just take time and pick a theme that fits your needs and start creating great contents.

Author: Sunalini Rana
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