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30 Best Drag and Drop / WYSIWYG Website Builders

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Having an official website is a must for any business seeking to maintain an online presence. Promoting your company’s image on social media or other platforms is nothing without being able to link directly to your own website. On it, you can build informative slides and text for your visitors and potential customers to see and shape it the way you want, molding it into your company’s image and style.


Building a website is therefore a requirement of today’s virtual marketplace. However, the elevated level of complexity when it comes to HTML or CSS coding has long confined website creating to a very small group of people.

WYSIWYG, translated from the language of IT acronyms, stands for “what you see is what you get”. Essentially, it designates a website creator or editor which allows people who are not necessarily coding experts to create websites without touching a piece of code. Simple and accessible, the WYSIWYG editors, with their drag and drop function, have greatly enriched the web with content.

Website builders can be free or paid for, either of the options offering a wide set of tempting advantages. To make sense of the numerous offers, here are the 30 best drag-and-drop/WYSIWYG website builders than can help any business establish a powerful online presence.

1. GoDaddy GoCentral


The website building tools of a web hosting service, GoDaddy’s GoCentral offers a series of features such as cPanel, drag-and-drop website builder, hundreds of templates to choose from and a 1-click install marketplace with over 100 applications.
With the standard 3 levels of paid options, varying between $5.99 and $14.99, GoDaddy’s GoCentral is a viable website creating tool.

2. Wix Web Builder

Wix is easily the biggest name among site-builders, with more than 90 million users. This is due to its quality templates, animation features and mobile-friendliness. Wix’s most important selling point is its industry-specific design of templates, which makes it appeal to eCommerce stores especially. With its intuitive designs and rich text-based editing features, Wix will no doubt remain one of the leaders of web building.

3. BoldGrid

Another established name of the web, WordPress is the prime choice for many when it comes to website creation. Started as an open-source project of a community of hundreds of volunteers, WordPress is still free to this day. With its varied paid or free themes, WordPress’s reduced editing abilities were greatly improved by BoldGrid.


Working as a series of integrated plugins, BoldGrid ups WordPress’s features to the full-blown status of a website builder. With unlimited disk space and a 1-year free domain name, BoldGrid’s price of $5.99 seems unfairly low and definitely worth it.

4. Divi

WordPress users can choose from multiple drag-and-drop page builders. Among them, Divi offers the possibility to design and save personalized layouts and export them onto another Divi installation.

With lots of included elements and templates integrated into WordPress, Divi can also prove to be unwieldy due to its usage of shortcodes. Moreover, at $69 per year, it is also pricier than other web builders.

5. Beaver Builder

BB is perhaps the simplest WordPress drag-and-drop builder plugin on the market. At $99 per single site license, it is extremely interactive, allowing the user to see live every change he or she makes to the site. Sliders, backgrounds, content blocks, buttons and tours all come included into the Beaver Builder offer.

6. Joomla

A big name when it comes to free website builders, Joomla should be placed in close proximity to WordPress, as it offers the same services – building and hosting sites. Unlike the complex menus that come with its software, Joomla’s online website builder is easier to use, with a lot of themes and extensions to choose from.

7. Quix


An extension of Joomla, Quix comes with improved drag and drop layout building, faster response designs and boosted page load speeds. Bringing an entire array of elements such as button groups, filterable galleries, pie counters, dividers, number counter and more, Quix allows you to customize every element in Joomla.

8. Duda

Duda is one of the best-rated website creator tools of 2017. Its biggest advantage is its mobility – easily converting a desktop website into a mobile site. Clear interface and performant editing tools, coupled with storage and site-traffic analysis capabilities, Duda is the choice of web designers and other professionals.

Like Wix and many other website builders turned storage facilitators or vice-versa, Duda allows the creation of an online presence for free. At the same time, it offers higher-tier, paid services with its Business+ and Business+eCommerce options. However, starting at $22.50 per month, even its most expensive tier of service is quite accessible.

9. SnapPages

SnapPages prides itself on being the first website editor to promote the drag and drop feature. As such, their 10 years of experience with the process has made it possible for them to allow anyone to create a professional-looking site with their tool.
Especially fitting for bloggers, SnapPages includes responsive web templates, page sections, dedicated sections for galleries, secure cloud hosting and easy integrations with social media platforms. SnapPages comes with 3 options of web creating tools, from the $4 tool for simple websites to the $10 and $15 options that include more and more creative freedom and features.

10. Weebly

Weebly has almost 40 million clients. That fact alone bears witness to its performant creating tools and their attractive features. Rich in content elements, video backgrounds, custom headers, color backgrounds and image integration, Weebly is perfect for blogs and ecommerce businesses as well. While the basic level of usage is free, Weebly offers starter, pro and business packages with annual prices between $8 and $25.00.

11. IM Creator

Offering guaranteed unlimited hosting and complementary SEO tools bandwidth for its created websites, IM Creator is perfectly suited for businesses dealing in ecommerce. Checkout and analytics plugins, embedded social network buttons and code-free visual effects turn every website made with IM Creator into an accessible and successful online storefront.

12. Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce, as its name suggests, is another website builder that services businesses and entrepreneurs. Customization is the strength of Bigcommerce, aided by smartlists, email integrations, built-in product reviews features and responsive designs. Moreover, thanks to its analytics tools, this web creator offers you the possibility of following your business growth.

13. SquareSpace

Pitching itself as an all-in-one platform that offers your business a professional look right from the start, SquareSpace comes with a comprehensive set of marketing tools set to grow your reach and customer base.


SquareSpace comes at $12 or $18, for personal and business use respectively. Online stores, however, can choose between the $26 package or the $40 one, benefiting from an unlimited catalog of products, zero transaction fees, 24/7 support, SSL security, automatic discounts, real time carrier shipping and more.

14. Site123

As its name suggests, Site123 is a website creator designed to be as simple as possible. After choosing a general format and making a few tweaks, you are faced with the finished product, a professional-looking site, within minutes. Its free package is limited to 500MB of storage and 1GB bandwidth. Site123’s offer also includes a premium level for its clients at $9.80.

15. WebsiteCreator

WebsiteCreator offers 5 levels of use, from the free starter pack to the €14.39 per month eCommerce pack. WebsiteCreator also has a decent amount of features. Between thousands of templates, the drag-and-drop feature, custom domains, image library, shop setup possibilities, mobile and google compatibility and reliable hosting, you will have lots to choose from.

16. Shopify

Shopify is specifically designed to service shops. With gorgeous templates and greater control over domain, name, layout, content and colors, it saves the user of any coding knowledge and integrates ads and a mailing service into your website.

17. Webydo


Uniqueness is the trademark of sites created with Webydo. Web fonts, smart guides, video tools, snapping features, SEO, drag and drop, demo content, opacity control and corner radius are only some of the things you can change by using this web creator.

18. eHost

A free drag and drop site builder that also allows free personalization of domain name, eHost is great due to its 24/7 customer support and step-by-step tutorials. Moreover, once customized, your domain name remains free for life.


SiteGround integrates well with WordPress, allowing auto-updates and in-house ticketing and chat system. At $3.95 monthly and with a new or transferable domain name, this website builder also comes with an easy CMS install and setup wizard.

20. Moonfruit

One of the first web builders that sprung up in the 2000s, Moonfruit incorporates a blog into a website using HTLM 5 technology. Keeping up with the times, it also allows mobile site conversion and batch image storage.

21. Jimdo

Coming in the usual three levels named JimdoFree, JimdoPro and JimboBusiness at 0, €5 and €15 respectively, this web creator brings together pictures, text and templates into a well-refined professional look. Store and mobile-friendly, Jimdo is known for catering for the well-known newspapers The New York Times and The Economist.

22. PageCloud

Website design is the specialty of PageCloud. A website builder that allows you to drag and drop text and pictures right onto the browser, PageCloud also offers unlimited hosting, pages, domains, email and expert support. Moreover, it is SEO-friendly and integrates well with social media platforms. At $20 billed annually or $24 billed month-to-month, PageCloud is an inexpensive and performant tool for website design.

23. Sitey

Google-friendly and equipped with well-designed and responsive templates, Sitey brings the drag and drop feature, social integration, image library, hundreds of templates, 24/7 support, reliable hosting and ecommerce features together. Free of charge, sitey is limited at 50MB of Storage, 5MB of file upload ant 1GB bandwidth. However, its prime features come at a cost varying from €8.39 for the starter pack to €15.58 for the ecommerce one.

24. Mobirise

Mobirise represents a mix between more difficult counterparts and simplistic interfaces like Weebly. Best of both worlds and free, this web builder keeps you safely away from coding and makes your website “automagically” mobile. Easily switching from one hosting platform or service to another, Mobirise also provides more than 400 themes that contain animated text, live filters, google maps, lightboxes, sliders and other interesting features.

25. Simbla

Responsiveness is the keyword of Simbla. Free and based on sign up, this website builder uses Bootstrap3 technology, allowing websites to change their appearance according to screen size without effort. Aside from the drag-and-drop feature, a high degree of customization is also included in Simbla. Offering 4 packages with different prices and features, Simbla’s free version can also be upgraded at costs varying from $6 to $48 per month billed annually.

26. Dreamweaver CC

Adobe’s own website creator, Dreamweaver CC can come at a cost between $19.99 and $49.99. For this price, Adobe made Dreamweaver compatible to Photoshop and more flexible than the typical web development too. Front-end developers can thus use Dreamweaver to code and create using the high performant coding engine.

27. CoffeeCup

Brought by the creators of the HTMP Editor, CoffeeCup offers a variety of intuitive tools such as code completion and an all-page update feature. SEO-friendly, simple and code-free, this web creator comes in a Windows SEO & Helper Pack of $149 or the Responsive Design Pack worth $299.

28. Showit

Starting at $19, Showit focuses on blogs, offering beautiful web design templates that frame the text perfectly. Easy to use and with gorgeous results, Showit can be the ideal tool for designing your blog.

29. Xweb

Specialized in photography, this browser-based web editor makes live changes to your website, allowing you to see them in real time. With plenty of features even in its free format, Xweb can help you manage up to 10 premium sites at only $20 per month with its developer pack.

30. Headway Themes

Headway Themes is a WordPress drag-and-drop layout creator. It can be both code-free and code-friendly, integrating Live CSS Editor, Custom Code blocks, WordPress hooks and Block API within its features. If you do not wish to code, HT allows you to make changes to your website easily with the drag and drop feature.

These 30 drag-and-drop website builders are some of the best tools when it comes to establishing an online presence and image. The many features and easy to use interface make it quite easy for anyone to build a high-quality website.

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