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Top 25 E-Commerce WordPress Themes to Create Online Store

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Running a profitable e-commerce business nowadays has become a lot more difficult than the past. You can no longer continue with the old tactics and still manage to outrank your competitors. The best way to survive through this period and take your business to newer heights is to design a fantastic online store that is user-friendly, looks awesome and loads fast on different devices.


What you can do is install a perfect e-commerce theme on your site and turn it into a fantastic online store. Here we have mentioned top 25 e-commerce themes that are equipped with a host of world-class features and can help you achieve desired results. Take a look at them and go for the one that fills the bill in a hassle-free manner.

1. eCommerce


eCommerce is one of the most straightforward and beautiful themes that can turn your site into a full-fledged online store within minutes. It comes with regular updates to ensure that your site responds well to the latest search engine updates.

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2. eMaxStore


No matter which product category or market you want to target, eMaxStore is an ideal WooCommerce compatible theme to forge ahead with. It’s super cool, easy to install and requires no extraordinary technical skills from your side to set up and run an e-commerce store. Take a shot at it and serve tens of thousands of users from all over the world.

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3. Latest


Latest is a perfect e-commerce theme to start an online store. It’s minimalistic, visually appealing and comes with a broad range of unique features to get desired results in the form of high sales volume and profits every single time. If it wasn’t enough, Latest comes with a separate Blog section in which you can start posting high-quality content and boost your rankings.

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4. eShop


There are very few themes that make it extremely easy for you to set up an e-commerce store; eShop is certainly one of them. It’s visually appealing, SEO friendly and mobile responsive. Besides, eShop theme comes with dedicated social media sharing options to prompt users to share your products on various platforms.

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5. Philos


Philos is a beautifully designed e-commerce theme that improves not only user engagement but also boosts sales and profitability. Apart from usual SEO-friendly features, it’s packed with an eye-catching homepage layout, beautiful UI/UX and a host of other functions to perform well on various platforms.

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6. Capri Pro


If your goal is to design an e-commerce store that loads fast and performs smoothly on various smartphones, then Capri Pro is a fantastic option to forge ahead with. It’s colorful, SEO-friendly, and comes with a broad range of features to increase sales & profitability.

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7. WoonderShop


Most e-commerce site owners struggle with increasing their conversion rates. Lest you don’t want yourself to be in the same condition, then go ahead and opt for this wonderful theme. WoonderShop comes with one-second minicar animation, trust badges in the check out section, beautiful landing page layouts, and much more.

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8. Hugo


Hugo allows you to transform your site into a fully functional and highly responsive e-commerce store that loads fast and works well on different devices. It’s powered by a truly unique layout, built-in support for WooCommerce, drag & drop homepage builder, custom widgets, and many other features to get you higher conversions than ever.

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9. OneCart


OneCart is an easy to install WooCommerce compatible theme that can take your product sales to newer heights and ensure that all your customers have an excellent time browsing through your website. Take a shot at it and feel the difference immediately.

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10. JustFit


If you’re a passionate healthcare professional or a gym owner and want to start selling fitness and healthcare products to users from all over the world, then go for JustFit without any doubt. It’s undoubtedly the best and most responsive e-commerce theme to install on sites exploring this niche.

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11. Coup Shop


Coup Shop is an elegantly designed, minimal WordPress theme with complete WooCommerce support. With this installed on your site, you can sell anything online in a convenient manner. Go ahead with Coup Shop and witness positive results right from day one.

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12. StoreBox


Do you wish to target a specific set of audiences and sell them ethnic apparels? If so, then opt for a perfect WooCommerce theme like StoreBox instead of trying random options. It’s colorful, responsive and loads fast on smartphones for maximum conversions.

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13. Virtual Store


Now you don’t need to look for dozens of different options to design a beautiful and high CTR e-commerce website. Just install Virtual Store once and get free from all your worries. It’s easy to install and comes with a broad range of features to succeed in the online market.

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14. Ultra


Ultra is the most flexible and robust theme ever created by Themify. By installing it on your site, you can take full control of the editing process from header area to footer and create a website that is liked by many. Ultra comes with unlimited colors, full technical support, and installation guidance.

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15. Maison


Maison is a minimalistic eCommerce WordPress theme that can improve the overall performance of your site by a significant margin. It’s powered by a modern design and has sufficient features to help you set up an online store related to clothing, furniture, watches, digital goods, men & women accessories, books, and whatnot.

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16. WooCart


If you want to stand out and design an e-commerce store that can record high sales volume right from day one, then here is a perfect option to move ahead with. WooCart empowers you to make real-time changes in your website design and make it appropriate for users coming from different geographical locations.

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17. Suisen


Suisen is a minimal WordPress theme, offering full support for WooCommerce. It’s exclusively built for those users whose primary focus is on quality rather than quantity. Have a go at it once, and you’ll never have to look for another theme to design a beautiful e-commerce store again.

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18. Shopoholic


If your goal is to design a fashion or lifestyle e-commerce store that’s powered by appealing colors, minimalistic design, powerful options panel, mobile responsive layout and many other options, then go for Shopoholic theme immediately. It’s one of the best and most beautiful themes in this particular category.

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19. Saha


Running an online store related to fashion accessory and apparels demands you to be creative with the color and designing part of your website. If you don’t want to face any trouble while setting up a store in the future, then go for Saha theme.

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20. Organicum


Promote healthy lifestyle and sell organic food items online to make sure people can live a happy and disease-free life. With Organicum, you can create a beautiful online store and set it in motion in a convenient manner. It’s easy to install, loads fast on mobile devices and comes with proper installation demos and instructions.

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21. UltraSeven


Now you can quickly transform your regular WordPress site into a highly responsive and beautiful e-commerce store with the help of the UltraSeven theme. It’s fully e-commerce compatible, lightweight, SEO friendly and comes with a robust options panel to make real-time changes in a trouble-free manner.

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22. iShopp


Designing a classic e-commerce store couldn’t get easier than this. With iShopp, you can quickly set up a fully responsive e-commerce website. This theme is search engine friendly and comes with a broad range of features to rank on the first page of Google. Take a shot now and get rid of all your website designing related doubts immediately.

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23. Luxury


This is your easiest gateway to set up a luxury item store having different categories like apparels, accessories, etc. Its blog section works like icing on the cake and allows you to publish high-quality content from time to time. Give it a shot and take your online sales to greater heights this year.

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24. Fastor


Look no further than Fastor for creating a beautiful e-commerce store that’s powered by a host of robust features, custom widgets, and multiple layouts.

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25. WooShop


With WooShop e-commerce theme, you can quickly set up an online store and start selling multiple products to users from all over the world.

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Don’t fall prey to self-imposed limitations when it comes to selling online. Have a look at these WooCommerce compatible themes and design a beautiful store in 2018 to reach out to many new users and increase your profitability by a significant margin.

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