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Top 20 Most Creative Uses of Lego

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No matter what games you have played in your child hood but, you must have played with Lego and spent your childhood joining those creative colorful bricks and blocks. If I say “Lego” is a life time brand for toys, it would not be wrong. Lego is an inspiring brand that allows children to be creative as architect, engineer or designer. If you are parent, you can teach your child creative things to make with Lego bricks, if you are a teacher than you can teach your students that how they can roll their imagination with these simple Lego bricks.


Here I am going to describe few insanely creative Lego uses that will definitely get your attention and inspire you to come out with your creativity.

1. Gift Box


Looking for enchanting gift paper to wrap up a gift for your loved ones? Now you can do it even in better way with the use of Lego bricks. This would be a fantastic way to wish your beloved friend a birthday, anniversary or wedding. Just how beautiful and unique it looks if you wrap it up with best colors.

2. Cable Holder


Have you ever thought about having a creative cable holder that looks amazing in first glimpse? Here is the most incredible way to make your cable holder so enchanting that everyone wants to turn.

3. Time Clock


This is one more way to watch the time in wall clock that looks attractive with logo. Excellent use of colors and characters of Lego makes your clock look eye catching and every time you want to see what time it is? It gives you an eye capturing look.

4. Key Chain Holder


Just use a Lego board to make your key chain holder look cool. A simple piece of Lego board and character makes a perfect combination and creative place to hang your keys. Just check the image below that how unique it looks.

5. Pet House


Design a house for your pet that is super creative just by using Lego bricks and boards. It could be a dog house, rat house or anything that your pet wants to live. See how this looks when your pet sits or live under this colorful shed.

6. Coin Sorter

You can incredibly use Lego bricks to make your coin collector and you can keep your coins in it. This will be more creative for kids who love to collect coins and save money. If you want to add more creativity, make it categorized for different amount of coins.

7. Stationary Holder


Your kids need to keep their pens, pencils and stationary? Let them build the amazing pen holder made with Lego. They can keep their stationary and other stuff in that making it look so good.

8. Tissue Box


Make your tissue box so unique like never before with Lego. Choose colors of your choice and design it in your best liked way. Let your guests come to your home and finding a lovely tissue box on the table.

9. Desk Lamp


One more creative use of Lego is making a colorful Lamp desk for your table. You can use recycled Lego bricks to make it unique lighting accessory. You can put that at your bed’s side table or for your kid’s room. Just have a look of it:

10. Lego Nail Art


This is a unique way to style yourself as an elegant lady by using Lego for nail art. Use multi colors of nail sheds to make it 3D look and a geeky look of Lego art. Check the image below that how you can make it stunning:

11. Picture Frame


Lego picture frame can be a best gift for capturing the picture of those who love Lego. You just need to keep in mind the size of photo such as width or length so you can make it perfect caption.

12. Lunch Box


It’s time for doing something new for your kids making their lunch box colorful and different. Lego brick can be used with creativity to make a lunch box as it is safe for food and PVC free. Do it once and your kid will be happy in their lunch hours.

13. Coffee Mugs


Add style to your coffee mugs with Lego and let it be simple and creative. Use colors of your choice and enjoy your coffee but make sure you are not using microwave as it’s not microwave friendly. See the image how it really looks:

14. Lego Accessories


Have you ever thought to make your accessories with Lego bricks? Try it now with DIY making it adorable with multi colored designs. Just use thin Lego bricks to handle it more easily and make perfect combination with wise choice of colors.

15. Lego Vase


Make your plant vase amazing with Lego by following simple steps of building bricks. This colorful vase will definitely look cool and add beauty to your house. You can keep flowers in it for making it more beautiful and it’s really simple and easy.

16. Lego Tray


Add uniqueness to your kitchen using Lego in your utensils such as tray. DIY with Lego to make it you can use Lego bricks in setting base for tray or completely build it with bricks. You just need to check for size and color.

17. Phone Stand


Have you ever get a thought in your mind to get your phone stand made with Lego? If not than now you can make it to keep your phone in a phone stand. Your kids can watch video over the phone without dropping it down.

18. Storage Box


You can use Lego to store your stuff like jewelry, cosmetics and hair clips. You can adjust with size and color as per your need. You can also keep you hair brush, tooth brush, toothpaste and etc in the container.

19. Flash Light


Get an idea from here to make LED flash light made with Lego bricks. Use amazing bright colors to give it attractive look. It can be a lovely toy for your kid to play with and believe me it’s extremely easy.

20. Lego Clutch


This creative idea is for stunning ladies to get their clutch designed with Lego bricks. Use different colors to make it more stylish and you can carry it with yourself for party. See the image below of unique clutch that is suitable for you to keep your phone or cosmetic stuff.

These were only 20 creative uses of Lego; you can come up with your idea of creativity that you have applied for making simple things really good.

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