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25 Extremely Creative Web Design for Your Inspiration

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The world has moved beyond simple shapes, colors and designs. This new era, where hundreds of websites are created on a daily basis; appreciates creativity and innovation. While it is true that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, some pieces of art are created in such a way that you are bound to give it a second look.


This article talks about 25 extremely creative web designs around the globe. These websites may not be technically on point or may lack some features for SEO or social media purposes, but these websites are bound to take your breath away.

1. Signes du Quotidien


This website has a pretty amazing layout, a kind we have never seen before. This website has a very simple theme; white background and shades of light color in the front. This website is highly user interactive and is bound to keep you engaged.

2. Sztafeta Pokolen


A pretty amazing website where images and texts changes when you scroll your mouse. The entire theme is very simple; white background; orange and black text. The typography at the front page is pretty mesmerizing too because it grabs the attention of the user right away and is able to give the proposed message loud and clear.

3. Le Mugs


This is a carefully thought-out web design. With every click and scroll, you would be able to witness the creativity of the team behind the website. Beautiful design, perfect color scheme, easy to navigate and highly interactive. With the correct variety of skeuomorphism used in this website, you are bound to have a second look.

4. Quechua Lookbook


This is one of a kind website. With the right amount of visuals and texts, there are plenty of attention grabbers on this website. This website is interactive as well where you would see changing backgrounds and texts with every scroll of mouse.

5. Lauren Wickware


Though this website displays 36 articles on its front page, it is not at all crowded or poorly designed. It has vertical tabs for texts and titles and horizontal tabs for display images which changes with each scroll of your mouse.

6. Joseph a avoue


This website has so much to offer. The functions on this website are neat and unique which will leave you wondering how the developers managed to create something so amazing. At times, you might feel that you are going through a mobile application instead of an internet website.

7. Daniel Spatzek


With only 4 buttons to start with, this website holds so many creative features inside it. It’s an interactive website where images and web layout would change when you hover your cursor over them. This website also follows a simple grey and white theme; even the brightness of the images are reduced to adjust with the theme of the website.

8. Habib Fadel


This one is for people who have an eye for art. As soon as you visit its homepage you are going to fall in love with it immediately. Simple theme, great colors, placement of text and images is perfect. It also plays certain sounds every time you perform an action which makes the interaction livelier.

9. Petar Stojakovic


This website follows a minimalistic approach. Catchy headlines, unique graphics and a simple color scheme is bound to attract people. It is more of a portfolio than a website but since it is on a domain, we will consider it as a creative design.

10. Leap Second 2015


It might take some time for you to figure this piece of creativity, but once you get the grip of the idea behind the web design, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from admiring the amazing hard work. Pictures, Videos and Creativity- all packed in one place.

11. History of Icons


This website is very interactive and have loads of memories and cool fonts from the past- nostalgia guaranteed. Apart from this, the designers have made sure that information is portrayed in an engaging way. This website is indeed a perfect example of combing science with art.

12. The Boat


This website can be used as a perfect example of extremely creative website. It is packed with animations, sound effects, visuals and a perfect story line. Though it may have browser compatibility issues on some devices but when it comes to design it is definitely one of its kind.

13. Mosne


This website has such a calm color structure yet it is doing an exciting job. Easy to navigate and understand, mosne did a great job at grabbing attention. On top of this, their navigation bar is unique and creative too for someone who understands coding.

14. Curious Space


This website is exactly what its name suggests. It may be annoying for some, but it is definitely very creative. We are used to things perfectly aligned. Right? Well, not on this website where everything seems to be randomly placed.

15. K2


This website is in-fact starting a new trend. No boring buttons and navigation panel banners, yet you would be able to navigate through the web quite easily. The information on this web is easy to understand in a fun and interactive way.

16. Small Studio


This website is here because of how they designed their very interactive lead form. It takes you to a journey where every answer will determine your future. Good graphics, no boring forms and most importantly it doesn’t have a boring navigation banner.

17. Senic


A very simple website yet very creative. It looks like that they have researched a lot on consumer behavior before designing this website. It is a perfect example of motion design and coding done the right way.

18. Super Lovers


This website has a very creative layout in general. It has color changing boxes, eye catching graphics and pictures and a unique web design layout. A very interactive website with a very low bounce rate.

19. North 2 Net


It is definitely not a typical informational and portfolio website. It is an interactive website as well, which requires users to perform activities. They just simply managed to create a perfect mix of creativity and information distribution.

20. VLog


This website is a random HTML5-powered (with SVG animations) rotating collection of videos. A creative web design which matches the theme and agenda of v-logging. It has the perfect animation, design and a perfectly simple yet creative theme.

21. Taptaro


This website demonstrates an excellent way to sell your product. They have creatively disguised their product within their web design; no high graphics, no typography, yet they managed to do what they were supposed to do and that is “selling” their product. It is a perfect example of “let your work do the talking.”

22. Fotorator


This website is an extremely creative way to sell a photo machine. It has a highly interactive website which serves its purpose of information dissemination in a unique and creative way.

23. Rumchata


This website comes with amazing interface and creative parallax sections which are eye catching. Since it is a rum site, the best part are the display of recipes.

24. Pitertsev


This website includes everything which needs to be present; there is moving objects, variety of colors and most important of all; there’s creativity.

25. C Roots


Usually navigation bars are something which are present on the website in a horizontal or vertical way, but not with this website. It threw out that brick and mortar system and went for a spider web navigation bar. It looks neat and easy to follow.

Author: David Harris

David is a logo designer at Logo Glaze where he offers custom logo design service. He is a graphic designer by profession but he is a writer in nature. He has an experience of more than a decade in the design and development industry and loves to help people achieve their dreams.

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