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Opportunities in Web Designing with Special Reference to Flash Player

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Web designing is a vast field that offers ample opportunities when it is about jobs and employments. From Adobe Flash Player to Flash Animators, you can choose from several options. The following post explores the domain of web designing with special reference to Flash player.


Web designing is a huge domain unto itself. Today, the domain offers ample career opportunities and willing individuals can actually carve out a proper careers for themselves in web designing. Jobs in web designing are ample and also challenging. If we delve a little deep into the various aspects of web designing, the domain offers ample tools that include Adobe, Flash and many more. Let’s focus on Adobe Flash Player for this particular content. Read more…

50 Stunning 3D Flash Websites That Will Blow Your Mind

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Flash is considered as one of the best ways to create dynamic, animated and interactive websites. It enabled web designers and developers to deliver rich content over the browsers, creating motion, interactivity and enjoyable visual experience. Generally, Flash websites can be divided into two groups: 2D and 3D. In the previous post, we’ve showcased 60 creative and interactive Flash websites which consist of both 2D and 3D design elements.


Today we would like to give 3D Flash websites a focus as we’ve found many such sites that worth your attention. Without further ado, here’s a showcase of 50 really stunning, beautiful and colorful 3D Flash websites that can blow your mind! These masterpieces really stood out from crowd and received tremendous attention. Some of them even awarded as “site of the day” on FWA (Favourite Website Awards). Enjoy! Read more…

Top 50 Addictive and Free Online Flash Games

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Do you like classic games such as Mario, Pacman, and Metal Slug? If you do like them, today’s post was written for you! We all know that there are myriad of browser based games available on the web, that’s the reason why we’ve crawled deep into the internet and collected more than 50 online games that worth your attention!


All the online games in this roundup are free, classic and powered by Flash, you can simply play them by using your web browser. So, if you get bored of your existing computer games, just give these web games a try. We are sure you will get addicted to them, so you better be prepared to spend few minutes or an hour to have fun with these online games. Enjoy! Read more…

Top 60 of Best Creative and Interactive Flash Websites You Must See

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What’s the first thing crosses your mind when we talk about Flash websites? Well, you might complain that they are slow loading, SEO unfriendly, plug-in required and so on. However you can’t deny that Flash does bring tremendous possibilities for creating a website that will quickly draw audience’s attention.


Flash websites are one of the most interactive and creative web projects. They provide rich visual experience that can be hardly seen from the static sites. Although Flash is a complex tool which requires good coding knowledge and skills, many developers consider it’s a great platform when it comes to building and presenting websites.

In this post, we’ve collected 60 beautiful and creative Flash websites (including 3D Flash sites) that will definitely blow your minds. Enjoy! Read more…