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Top 60 of Best Creative and Interactive Flash Websites You Must See

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What’s the first thing crosses your mind when we talk about Flash websites? Well, you might complain that they are slow loading, SEO unfriendly, plug-in required and so on. However you can’t deny that Flash does bring tremendous possibilities for creating a website that will quickly draw audience’s attention.


Flash websites are one of the most interactive and creative web projects. They provide rich visual experience that can be hardly seen from the static sites. Although Flash is a complex tool which requires good coding knowledge and skills, many developers consider it’s a great platform when it comes to building and presenting websites.

In this post, we’ve collected 60 beautiful and creative Flash websites (including 3D Flash sites) that will definitely blow your minds. Enjoy!

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2Advanced Studios
2Advanced Studios is a digital creative agency that designs, animates, codes, and delivers immersive solutions.

The Scruffs Game
Join the Scruffs on a fun journey of love and self-discovery as they work together to save their beloved home.

We Choose the Moon is an interactive experience recreating the historic Apollo 11 mission to the Moon in real time. Once where only three men made the trip, now millions can. Live event begins 9:32 AM EDT July 16, 2009. Exactly 40 years after Apollo 11 lifted off.

Star Wars III
The beloved and critically acclaimed LEGO Star Wars franchise is back and coming to homes around the world in 2011. The third sequel, LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, combines the epic stories and iconic characters from the Star Wars universe and hit animated TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars with all new gameplay features.

Optus Whale Song
What would happen if you could write a love song for a whale? And an orchestra went out into the ocean to play it? Australian mobile carrier Optus did just this.

This interesting website lets you create funny looking people combining different face parts. There are 759375 possible faces.

Herbal Essences Spice
Herbal Essences Spice – Sensuously Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry / Damaged Hair with Blackberry, Avocado and Mango extracts. Discover the mystical treasures of the East for opulent, sensuously-smooth hair!

Louis Vuitton – An Encounter with Greatness
The online advert titled “An Encounter with Greatness” (Maradona, Pele, Zidane) was done by Ogilvy & Mather Paris advertising agency for product: Louis Vuitton in France. It was released in the May 2010.

Virtual tour created by Nikos Biliouris

Playmedia specialises in web design, flash websites, animation and 3d modelling, interactive 3d, multimedia design, interactive CDROM.

100 Best Films
Michael Ewing and Tudor El’deng present 100 best films, a 3D papervision experiment in interactive navigation.

IntoBrazil is a part of a master degree research done by the designer Pedro Brêtas at NCAD. This website allows users to create a virtual travel experience to Brazil and explore touristic cities.

Tab N Play
A web application made for learning, playing and recording your favorite guitar tabletures.

AgencyNet Interactive
AgencyNet welcomes you inside their award winning studio. The site features seamless social media integration, mutli-screen connectivity, and the slide bar.

The RailAway Express
The RailAway Express is an Away3D experiment looks like a roller coaster.

Mater Gymnasium
The Gymnasium collection takes its inspiration from a simpler time in our lives when victories were measured on scoreboards. The scene is set, let the exploration begin.

Official site of the Argentinean artist Ricardo Liniers.

Civil War 150
Explore the Civil War 150, an immersive interactive on Find highlights on the people, places, events and technologies that defined the American Civil War.

Moodstream by Getty Images
MoodStream is a social tool to track your mood, as life happens. MoodStream provides tools that help you to understand your mood and form insights about your life. As MoodStream is socially enabled, it’s easy to find and connect with other people through your shared moods and experiences. MoodStream is a platform enabling understanding, support and friendship.

Marc Ecko
This website is a good example of using the vast possibilities of Flash to accurately reflect the ethos of a consumer brand.

In connection with the launch of the new, revolutionizing V164-7.0 MW wind turbine, Vestas presents the global World of Wind (WoW) campaign communicating Vestas’ tagline “Wind. It means the world to us”. Consisting of video presentations, the solution presents Vestas’ products, services and overall value proposition.

Pearl Jam Ten Game
Solve the Pearl Jam Ten Game puzzle to preview Pearl Jam music from the Pearl Jam 10 reissue.

Harajuku Lovers
Harajuku Lovers is singer Gwen Stefani’s brand of apparel, fashion accessories, and stationery launched in 2005.

Get the Glass
This Flash website lets you play “Get the Glass” online game and other crime games for free. Your mission is to help the milk-deprived Adachi family navigate and survive all five regions of the board.

Infinite OZ – Tin Man
Infinite OZ is an artistic collaboration that uses Flash to bring to life the world of the Sci-Fi miniseries event the Tin Man.

Dave Werner’s Portfolio
This Flash site is Dave Werner’s creative design portfolio from 2006. For each of his portfolio pieces, he has a video detailing the process, along with sketches and storyboards.

This is official website of Mechaniks. Its area of expertise includes commercial production, advertising concepts, TV and film development.

This splendid 3D template is a fresh, unusual and attractive Flash solution for any portfolio website. Full of interactive elements and original design solutions, this cube-shaped 3D gallery is something extraordinary!

My Tunnel
This amazing Flash CMS 3D photo gallery with stunning transitional effects is a fresh interactive way of presenting your images online. The gallery is created in the form of a 3D tunnel that displays images using the Papervision 3D engine.

Paper Critters
Paper Critters an online application for creating and sharing digital paper toys. Choose the “Toy Creator” if you want to start making a toy. Or, go to “The Colony” to view an interactive gallery of all the toys.

Me InTru 3D
Using InTru3D technology Intel takes this site to an advergaming dimension you can really get into. Play both the Creature Whacker and Conveyor Collector mini games. Then modify your own creature with the chips you earn. The more chips, the more features you can unlock. Once you are done, you can bring your creature into the 3rd dimension.

The Root Out
Designs, websites, banners, logos, videos, tunes, dj sets and remixes of Nenad Milosevic aka Fakir.

This flash site shows an interactive story of the last great supply of fresh drinking water on Earth.

Nespresso Variations 2010
Awaken the imaginary world of the Nespresso Variations by playing with the mechanisms of the Vanilla-grabber, the Caramhelium and the Almond-gatherer to free the tastiest flavours and the most ethereal surprises!

Legend of Valhalla
An over confident teen with a magical weapon and a handful of imperfect gods join forces against an evil queen and her army of giants.

Adobe Museum of Digital Media
The Adobe Museum of Digital Media (AMDM) is a unique virtual space designed to showcase and preserve groundbreaking digital work and to present expert commentary on how digital media influences culture and society.

Tag Galaxy
Tag Galaxy is a very good flash application that uses Papervision3D with beautiful transition effects to explore Flickr photos via virtual planetary systems. You enter a tag and related tags appear with beautiful planetary systems.

Sensi Soft
Sensi Soft is a global services and software company specializes in classified advertising solutions.

Wanted in Oslo
You or a friend will be the star in a movie with David Hasselhoff.

Case-Mate: I Make My Case
This cool Flash website lets you design your custom phone case.

Plate Interactive
Plate is a boutique interactive agency from Singapore that can handle all your web design needs and more.

Cheese & Burger Society
The Cheese & Burger Society hopes to inspire cooks around the U.S.A. to create unique burgers of their own with Wisconsin Cheese.

Christmas Tweets
Christmas Tweets uses Twitter to determine what the meaning of Christmas is in 2009 – Is it Commercialism, Religion, Credit Crunch or good old Christmas Spirit?

Small world of ukrainian freelance designer Oleg Kostyuk.

Portfolio of Ricardo Dias featuring web and print contents.

Volkswagen Efficiency: Volkswagen UK
Volkswagen Roller Coaster presents efficiency technologies, BlueMotion Technologies, TSI engines, DSG Dual-Clutch Gearbox, TDI Super-efficient diesel engines.

GOOD | How do we achieve harmony?
Road Map to Harmony: An exploration of how we can make all of the parts of our vastly complex world work well together. This GOOD Project was created in partnership with the 3rd Generation Toyota Prius Hybrid. Explore issues such as energy, education, sustenance, health, earth, flora & fauna, connectivity, exchange, and coexistence.
Bernard Testemale’s professional photography portfolio site.

Red Bull Soapbox Racer
This is a 3D racing game in Flash where you can create your race car from scratch, build tracks, invite friends and race them for glory or take on “the bull” in a range of pre-built cars, tracks and challenges.

The Profiler
Use The Profiler to visualize what’s behind your profile picture, and discover what goes on in your friends’ heads.

Toyota: Every 5 Seconds
The screensaver highlights in a transformer type way the fact a new Toyota is born every 5 seconds around the world in some shape or form.

Samsung Jet | Smarter than Smartphone
The Samsung JET, with AMOLED technology and an 800MHz Application Processor, is smarter than a Smartphone. Befitting its name, the Samsung JET boasts incredible speed and brilliant touch performance. Get to know the Samsung JET through our website.

Hiroshi Seo / Photographs TIME:LINE
Hiroshi Seo is a photographer from Japan.

The Economist: Thinking Spaces
The Economist Thinking Spaces project offers you the chance to share and explore the spaces where you get your ideas, making it easier for you and your mind to spend a little time together, in unique and thought-provoking locations.

Twigital is an interactive 3D twitter visualisation created for Flash on the Beach and London Digital Week.

Interactive, broadcast, art, motion, sound design, and flash development.

The951 – The Legend is back
Visit yourself and other fashion addicts at one of the hottest communities on the web.the951_60_best_creative_and_interactive_flash_websites

Ever wondered how much it would cost to give your true love 12 days of Christmas gifts? Try $96,824.29. For 27 years, PNC Bank has researched the price of every item in this beloved carol. In 2010, PNC present the results in this charming, colorful, and interactive pop-up book.

Puma Africa
PUMA Africa includes a collaboration with New York artist Kehinde Wiley. As one of the world’s most sought-after artists, Wiley’s work stands apart – depicting contemporary African American men in poses taken from the annals of art history, while incorporating a distinctive use of elaborate, graphic and colorful wallpaper-like backgrounds.

HTC Sense
HTC Sense is a graphical user interface developed by HTC Corporation for mobile devices running Android, Brew and Windows Mobile.


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