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20 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks to Promote Your Business

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What makes WhatsApp so feasible?

WhatsApp took the communication world by storm because it is by far the most effective personal communication app on the web. The founders of the app had no clue that the app would become a pioneer of communication for not only personal purposes but for business as well.


With an annual boast of 900 million users every day, there is no better way to spread the word than on WhatsApp. There is a very popular trend of doing small home-based business and WhatsApp has become the main platform for this business to have a solid marketing opportunity.

Prominent tips and tricks:

Everybody knows how to use this app for socializing but these simple tips and tricks will help you get an insight of using the app for your business`s profit.

1. One of the best features of this app is that it updates its contacts from your phone`s contact list so you don’t need to waste time on sending people invites to like your product.

2. You can send media files with web links of your products. You can simply forward a single text containing the link to all your contacts.


3. The group feature in the app is the best of all which gives exclusivity to the people you want to. You can create exclusive and specific groups on WhatsApp adding people of interest to share common content.

4. If they don’t see your messages then don’t worry, they can see your profile and profile picture. You can promote your business by updating your display picture and profile to advertise your product.


5. The Backup Conversation feature in the app is best for keeping records of customer service. You can keep a copy or a backup of the conversations to your email.

6. For those of you who are extra conscious about their data can utilize the backing feature to save a copy of the conversation on their device`s local storage.

7. What gets your business expanded is whether the audience has responded to it or not. You can see this response through the “seen message” option where you can keep info about the audience`s reaction to your message.

8. To save your time you can utilize the “Starred Messages” feature which marks the important messages in the conversation. This feature helps keep track of the important notes and business dealings via messages.

9. You can keep yourself available to your customers all the time which produces trust. The availability option proves your commitment to the client.

10. The new feature of the app includes the tagging option. You can specifically mention a person`s name or with your product`s name so that it gets “seen” by the person receiving the notification.

11. You are available to anyone who has your phone number. That’s the plus point for your business because it keeps you available both on net and on mobile network services.

12. Unlike Facebook, your messages are not automatically transferred to junk when you send them to people not on your contact list. Your messages on WhatsApp are seen to anyone you send a message to so they can’t ignore the promotional texts.

13. The best promoting strategy for your business via WhatsApp is its media sending feature. You can send images, recording, documents and even audio files on the spot to your customers. You can provide your customers with detailed information of your products through media files any time.

14. WhatsApp comes in with a major feature of making calls anytime you like. You can use this to satisfy your customers through physical communication and for discussing details.


15. WhatsApp has recently added the video call feature to the app which is a plus point if you want to promote your business personally. The app also enables you to send video clips.

16. WhatsApp is best utilized for ordering purposes. Your clients don’t need to go through any hefty processes for placing their orders. It saves both you and your client’s time by just messaging you their orders through the app.

17. For promotional messages you can use the broadcast messages option. This option lets you send messages to the list without letting any of the contacts in the list to interact with each other. It`s as same as handing out brochures to people.

18. If you want diversity then you can use the same number on multiple devices so that you don’t miss any opportunity to interact with your clients.

19. The app allows you to create shortcuts of individual contacts on your device`s home screen so you can keep track of what you are dealing with.

20. Finally you can protect your client`s privacy by putting on passwords on your app and conversations.

Cons of using WhatsApp for business:

The app is so common and easily available that there is no room for authenticity and exclusivity. There are no guarantees to any kind of business dealings and transactions that go down in the conversations of the app. If you are buying something and it’s a scam so there is no way to claim your product and there is nothing you can do about it. So this app doesn’t offer security and it also lacks authenticity. Even if you are doing honest business the trend will get the best of you and you will face problems in defending your business`s reputation.

You can protect your business by not completely depending on the app for promotional activities. One can use the easy features for saving time but it is best to put quality and trust ahead of quantity.

Author: Hilary Addison

Hilary Addison is a technical writer as well as professional video artist at Animated Video Production Service – HelloAnimations. She loves to spend her time with books because she is extremely passionate about getting knowledge about everything.

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