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Archives – September, 2013

Breaking the Buzzword: What is a ‘Responsive’ Website and Why Does It Matter?

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The responsive website trend is taking the world by storm these days as the latest trend and it looks like it’s going to be here to stay. It’s not quite so widespread that it’s made it into the popular subconscious yet, but it probably will at some point. The point is, it’s a topic worth looking at in more detail to see what it means and whether it’s a guideline that’s worth using for your own site. Here are some of the ups and downs of the approach.


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Protect Your Kid from Online Dangers That Seems to Appear Constantly

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One of the first things most parents think about when it comes to their children phone use is how much are their kids responsible for the freedom these devices are giving them and will they stay within the boundaries you’ve set. Most kids think about phones as cool gadgets that let them always stay in touch with their friends and allow them to always have internet access.


Kids today are using their phones for gaming, texting and posting pictures or videos and commenting on them with friends that are sitting a few feet from them in the park. This is just the way they play these days, and like it or not they probably won’t change that. Even if you set some boundaries about how much your child can spend playing with its phone every day, as long as they use the phone for this harmless fun you shouldn’t have any concerns. But sometimes things can go beyond this and if you don’t act in time your kid can have some serious consequences or even become a victim of some online predator. Read more…

8 Tips to Speed Up Windows 7

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Over time computers seem to get slower, even with new processors like Windows 7 built in to them for speed and efficiency. This is due to the junk that accumulates on your hard drive and unnecessary programs that run in the background. Factory settings don’t do well as people use more of their computer’s memory and hard drive.


There are eight changes you can make in your computer settings to speed up your Windows 7 processor. Read more…

Technical Tricks: How To Protect Your Content From Plagiarizing, And What To Do If It Gets Stolen

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Plagiarism is a real plague of the today’s content marketing. Simply put, to plagiarize means to take someone else’s content and publish it as your own. Plagiarism not only cheats the original author of the credits for their work they deserve, it also presents direct financial damage for them.


If someone plagiarizes your work you posted online, they face several disadvantages that work against them rather than for them. These include: Read more…