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Archives – June, 2014

Wireframe Forms A Pivotal Part Of The Web Design Category With Other Uses Too

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Whenever the main area of concern is related with the website wireframe, then you are mostly going to focus towards the page schematic or the zone of screen blueprint. This can also be defined as a visual guide, which can help in representing the skeletal framework, which can be a part of the website. These are mostly created in order to deal with the purpose, associated with the arrangement of elements, which can also help in accomplishing any particular purpose. The main purpose is related with the information, associated with the objective business along with the creative idea. This area is also going to depict any sort of page layout along with the arrangement of the content of the website, which might include some navigation systems along with interface elements, and also to focus towards the ways, in which these perform.


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4 Best Websites to Watch World Cup Football 2014 Brazil

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FIFA 2014 World Cup is just days away. The world footballers will be kings for a month. Nothing can beat the feeling while watching the World Cup online at home. All you need is to check which sites could be trusted, as to satisfy your desire for action and quality.


Below we’ve listed some of the best and most popular live streaming websites that let you get the shiniest and most delightful moments of the upcoming World Cup. Read more…

How to Create Wholesale Solution with Magento E-Commerce

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Creating a wholesale solution with Magento E-Commerce is not as complex as it seems. While very powerful, some people have been holding back thinking that it is very complicated but really the process is not that difficult.


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Unveiling 20 Famous Logo Designs with Hidden Messages

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Logo is an important graphic or word mark that helps a company or an organization to attract people’s recognition. Creating a unique logo has always been a challenge to graphic designers. To make it exceptional and outstanding some designers will secretly hide a message or even a story inside the logo.


Logo embedded with hidden message gives viewers a little puzzle to solve. Once viewers managed to get the hidden message behind the logo it creates an instant satisfaction which makes them talking about it and sharing with others.

Today we would like to showcase 20 famous company logos with hidden messages that will blow your mind away. Read more…

10 Awesome Apps to Boost Your Daily Productivity

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In these modern days, high productivity is a must to everyone who wants to be successful in both personal and professional lives. Given that everyone has the same number of hour everyday, but there are some people just seem to be more multitasking and capable of doing lots more than their peers. How do they do it? Surely there are some tricks behind helping them to achieve that.


If you don’t have time reading the book titled ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, written by Stephen R. Covey. That’s alright, here’s your easy way of becoming a highly productive people with the help of mobile apps. Below you’ll find 10 really awesome apps that can help to boost your productivity to the next level. Read more…