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10 Awesome Apps to Boost Your Daily Productivity

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In these modern days, high productivity is a must to everyone who wants to be successful in both personal and professional lives. Given that everyone has the same number of hour everyday, but there are some people just seem to be more multitasking and capable of doing lots more than their peers. How do they do it? Surely there are some tricks behind helping them to achieve that.


If you don’t have time reading the book titled ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, written by Stephen R. Covey. That’s alright, here’s your easy way of becoming a highly productive people with the help of mobile apps. Below you’ll find 10 really awesome apps that can help to boost your productivity to the next level. – Download for iPhone | Android device
It’s always a good practice to start your day by writing down a to-do list in the early morning. It helps you to focus and accomplish major tasks in a day. is the app developed for this purpose. It has an intuitive interface reminding you to finish all the tasks in the list. The app syncs with the cloud so that you can access the task list across all your devices. Speech recognition is another cool feature that let you say what you want to do instead of typing. Your words will then be automatically converted into text and saved as a task list. Other useful features you can get include Snooze tasks, Alerts, Repeating / Recurring Tasks, Google Task Sync, Notes and many more.

Cal – Download for iPhone | Android device
Cal is a smart calendar app that enables you to synchronize all your calendars and it works together with With the app you can easily create an event as it can recognize who you want to meet and the place you’re going. Additionally, with the integration of Google Maps, Cal makes it easy for you to look for great places, bars and restaurants nearby your events.

Gneo – Download for iPhone & iPad
Productivity isn’t about efficiency only, it also involves doing the right things at the right time. With the help of Gneo, you can better understand the degree of importance and urgency of each job making prioritization work lots easier. One thing that’s worth mentioning is that Geno can be integrated with Evernote enabling you to sync all your Evenote files, notes, reminders, etc.

IFTTT – Download for iPhone & iPad | Android device
In our daily lives, there are numerous trivial matters and mundane tasks need to be taken care of whether you like it or not. Won’t it be great if someone can do those things for you on behalf? IFTTT, short for If This Then That, is an awesome app that automates your tasks making your life lots easier. All you need to do is activate your Channels (Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, etc.) and create your own Recipes with one simple statement – if this then that. Or you can choose from the existing shared Recipes. Things like backing up contacts to Google Spreadsheet, downloading new Facebook photos you’re tagged into Dropbox, muting your device at bedtime, etc. can be done automatically and effortless.

Evernote – Download for iPhone & iPad | Android device
A pen and a notebook are the common things you need for note taking. However it’s not convenient when it comes to online sharing. That’s where Evernote comes in to address the issue. The app lets you take note, create task lists, snap photos, scan business cards, record audio notes, etc, sharing across all your computer and mobile devices. All the data and information are easily searchable whether you are at work, at home or on-the-go.

Pocket – Download for iPhone & iPad | Android device
Sometime we are spending too much time reading articles and watching videos online when we should be doing something else. That’s where Pocket comes in to offer read it later service. The offline reading tool lets you select and save any interesting articles, photos, videos and other online content for later viewing even without Internet connection.

Mindly – Download for iPhone & iPad
For those who have lots of ideas, Mindly is a must-have app to record them down. The free app allows you to organize your inner universe by structuring your thoughts and collecting great ideas. It can also be used for brainstorming, project planning, speech and meeting preparation, and many more. Other functionalities include visual clipboard, iCloud support, Export as mindmap, etc.

Expensify – Download for iPhone & iPad | Android device
Recording receipts and expense claims are very tedious things to be handled. Won’t it be awesome if they can sort and organize themselves into spreadsheet, automatically? This will definitely save you huge amount of time so that you can focus something more important. Well with the Expensify app, your dream has finally come true. Expensify is no magic, to use the app you’ll have to snap a photo of your receipt then tag it with the right category to generate expense report. It helps you to keep track of all your expenses in a much easier way.

Trello – Download for iPhone & iPad | Android device
Trello is another great assistant for helping you organize any projects regardless big or small. With the app you will be able to assign and keep track of tasks effectively. Everything you do will be synced and uploaded to the cloud so that all your devices always up-to-date.

RescueTime – Download Android device
Time flies fast especially when we are using Internet for various activities. However just how many hours do we spend for something important? What tasks have we actually completed? With ReatimeTime you will able to keep track and audit our activities on the web browser. The time and attention tracker helps you to find out your bad habit in front of the screen.


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