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25 Free VPN Services to Surf Internet Anonymously

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Almost every internet user knows that a virtual private network (VPN) allows you to encrypt data connections thereby securing you PC and other communications devices. Another major attraction of VPN is the “Anonymity”, which is the focus of this article, which users enjoy while using VPN. Every VPN service provides anonymity, however, there are some internet service providers (ISPs) that try to maintain activity logs and furnish details when required by authorities. Nevertheless, there are some VPN services who have located their servers in countries where a clearly defined legal framework is under development and thus allows full anonymity.


If you grant 1 wish to any VPN user which a genie could realise; then it will certainly be to get free VPN service. This is because there are hundreds of VPN services that are costly and yet do not deliver the level of service that they promise. If you wish the same your wish has just been granted! As following is a list of 25 VPN service to surf internet anonymously. Enjoy!

1. AceVPN
This service has servers in 13 countries and is a free service accessible by invitation. It is cross-platform: Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, etc.

2. AnchorFree Hotspot VPN
A VPN offering anonymous browsing in the United States, it works for Windows and Mac. Note that some sites like Hulu servers detect and block AnchorFree.


3. CyberGhost
It is a free VPN service that helps routing your connection through German IPs. The free service is limited to 1 GB of traffic per month, enough for surfing, chatting, and sending emails. The surcharge is also very affordable.

4. Free VPN by WSC
A VPN with simpler design, more servers, and less intrusive than Anchor Free and is very effective against restricted British and American streaming servers.

5. Your Freedom
Makes the inaccessible accessible and hides your network address. The free service allows you to use it for 6 hours a day (15 hours per week). You can download the software or use it in OpenVPN mode. It is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms.

6. Hotspot Shield
It is probably the most popular free VPN client in the world. It became popular when Hulu was launched. Best feature of Hotspot Shield is that it provides unlimited bandwidth and works on both PC and Mac.

7. It’s hidden
Using 128-bit encryption for securing the tunnel to their servers and headquartered in the Netherlands, this VPN exploits the legal environment there and does not keep any activity log.

JAP (aka JonDo) is written in Java platform and therefore uses a sequence of intermediary servers ensuring full privacy and anonymity.

9. MicroVPN
Requires registration and gives you 4-way VPN, one in Italy and three in US. Users must access the service MacroVPN by creating a username and password.

10. OkayFreedom
This service provides free additional 500 MB plus 100 MB on the recommendation (up to 1GB). You can manually select the various servers which included Germany, Switzerland, Britain, and USA.

11. OpenVPN


This is SSL/TLS VPN offering high security and privacy. It does not work with mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile and Android. But OpenVPN runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

12. PacketiX.NET
It’s a JapaneseVPN service which is actually a premium service, but offers a series of tests free of charge. PacketiX.NETis fast and reliable and user friendly. But it requires downloading the VPN connection manager, installing and connecting. It runs on Windows and Linux.

13. proXPN
it has no data volume limit, but limited speed (maximum 300kb/sec for free accounts. It has PPTP and OpenVPN services with different versions for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

14. RealVPN
Using OpenVPN is also available for smartphones, however, problem is their use policy which, if conditions are not met, may suspend user account or even take legal action.

15. Spotflux


It has the simplest user interface with only a few buttons. Just install it and forget it. It encrypts and secures your connection and is ideal for surfing public networks. If you need to configure a proxy, the program lets you do it without any problem. The only drawback is low speed.

16. SecurityKISS
Its’ service tunnel ensures safety and privacy of data once they leave your computer. It redirects all traffic through an impenetrable tunnel to a security gateway. All communication in the tunnel is encrypted.

17. TorVPN
It is one of the latest. TorVPN is good to go through the stringent content filters, to surf the web anonymously, to ensure VoIP communications and/or to get remote access to work from home. With TorVPN you get OpenVPN server, SSH, PPTP and Proxy access TOR. Free access to the VPN is limited to 1 GB per month and works on Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad.

18. TunnelBear
It is the easiest to use VPN. TunnelBear gives you access to geo-restricted sites. If you register a free account you get 500 Mb per month, although you can increase this figure to 1 Gb by simply associating it your Twitter account.

19. VPNBook
A PPTP tunnel VPN that supports Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple, mobile and PS3 and also offers the possibility of using OpenVPN if your ISP or government blocks the protocol.

20. IP USA
No registration required for free version, simply download the file USAIP.pbk, double-click the file and select one of the PPTP connections. Then you can access the free services. But it is necessary to connect the IP network USA every 7 minutes which is cumbersome.

Author: Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen is a computer software gradation holder from the University of California; she is having three years of experience and currently working as a software development manager. She always searches for best VPN apps for android on and share with other people.

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  1. quertime says:

    Yes they are safe to use.

  2. katetaylor says:

    are these free vpns safe to use? i mean I heard that all the free vpns keep users log

  3. Marcie Ellison says:

    I don’t why Ivacy VPN is not in the above list. I am using it for online security. It also encrypt the data from hackers.