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26 Best Free File Sharing Sites and Services for Large File Size

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No matter how good an email service is, it usually doesn’t allow you to send attachments more than 100 MB. Some files like video and software are too large for sharing via email. Some suggest sharing through web hosting account instead, but the bad news is you’re only allowed to upload files as large as your account can take, and bear in mind that any uploaded files are exposed to anyone who knows its direct path.


To solve the problem, online file sharing services can be the solution. In today’s post, we would like to share with you 26 free and most-used file sharing web services for you to try. Most of them are very easy to use and they allow large files to be sent securely and effectively!

Sharing is caring, if you know of any good file hosting services, let us know in the commenting area below. Our readers do appreciate that a lot!

MediaFire is a simple file hosting service built for businesses, professionals, musicians, artists, students, or anyone in between. The service lets you easily upload and share your documents, presentations, videos and more.

4Shared is a great online file sharing and storage with 10 GB free web space. The site includes file upload progressor and allows multiple file transfer.

Dropbox is the simple and elegant file-synchronization tool that gives you access to your files no matter what computer or device you have at hand. The service stores files with strong encryption on multiple servers and lets you get at your files quickly, easily, and for the most part elegantly from virtually any Internet-enabled device.

Windows Live SkyDrive
SkyDrive works on a folder-based system, emphasizing the ability to organize your files in personal, shared, and public folders. The service requires a Windows Live account to get started, individual uploads are limited to 50MB.

YouSendIt is a Web-based secure digital file delivery company, which lets users securely send, receive and track files on demand. It is an alternative to sending large e-mail attachments, using FTP, and sending CDs, DVDs, tape or USB flash drive via Sneakernet.

Sendspace lets users send large files too big for e-mail to friends, family, and businesses, anywhere in the world. It allows files up to 1.5GB, that can be stored and downloaded as needed. You can also create Shared Folders and send file-links to family, friends, and colleagues.

FileFactory lets you host files up to 500MB for free. Your files can be downloaded an unlimited number of times. No registration required.

Box lets you store all of your content online, so you can access, manage and share it from anywhere. You can integrate the service with Google Apps and Salesforce and access it on mobile devices.

Badongo is another free file hosting site that enables you to upload an unlimited amount of files, photos, video and music, to send to friends, family and colleagues.

DivShare is a great tool for storing, managing and sharing all your media and documents. You can create professional Flash video, audio, slideshows and document viewers with a single click.

ADrive offers 50GB of free online storage and backup for all file types. The service stores your files and lets you access, manage and edit them from any computer globally.

File Den
File Den offers a free, secure and reliable file storage service that allows users to directly link to their files without annoying download pages and waiting times.

TransferBigFiles allows computer users to send large files to anyone. Videos, pictures, documents or any other file that is too large to send as an email attachment can be sent through the service.

MailBigFile provides you a great way to send large files if they are too big for email. Upload up to 2GB per file.

DropSend is a software tool that allows users to send large files as though by email, through a small desktop client. The service can send files of up to 2GB in size, and is available with 256bit AES Security.

SendThisFile provides you an affordable way to send files, transfer and receive large folders. No software required.

File Dropper
File Dropper is very easy to use and allows users to keep their files hosted forever, provided they are downloaded at least once in 30 consecutive days. The service offers basic service by allowing users a maximum file size of 5 GBs.

Pando is a free file sharing software that makes downloading, streaming and sharing large media files fast, easy and fun. Just give it a try if you need to email large attachments, IM a folder, or publish your downloadable videos to the web.

BigUpload is yet another file hosting service that provides free web space for your documents, pictures, music and movies.

File Savr
File Savr is a simple website for free file hosting, online backup and file storage. The service allows users to upload any large file of 10 GB or less.

Wikisend is a simple file hosting service. The website invites users to upload any type of file, from large and small to text or media files. Wikisend gives users the ability to share their files with others through email and forums or to post them to their blog or social networking profile. The application can handle all types of files, including photos, documents, videos and audio files.

Senduit is another great service for you to upload and share files up to 100 MB in size. Once you upload the file, you get a private link that you can share with any body you like. If the file has sensitive information, you can also select a time period after which the link to the file would expire.

Streamfile offers superior door to door delivery speed, scalability and encryption to any file transfers. The file sharing site is a hosted FTP replacement solution that allows streaming functionality. By streaming, when an uploader sends a file, downloaders are able to start the download process immediately. This single functionality enhancement actually allows time savings of up to 90% (compared to a traditional FTP server-to-client transfer). It’s like P2P, but with a 24h answering service.

PipeBytes is a free online service which let you to share files with your friends. This service is web-based, which means no plugin or software installation required. You can exchange files of any size with anyone you want.

Driveway offers 5 GB fully loaded free online backup account for the Windows and Mac platforms. It features automated backups, encryption on data transfer and storage, web based backup set management and more.

Files2U is a web-based service that allows you to send large files to a receiver without having to worry about the restrictions of email or slowdowns of FTP. Your files are transferred securely from your browser using encryption. Files2U is a simple, fast and safe way to send large files over the web.


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