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Best iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers, Artist and Web Developer

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We all know that one of the main reasons that make iPhone awesome is the availability of variety of useful apps. while you might think that most of the apps are designed for gaming and entertainment purposes, there are some apps are specifically created to let you get your works done while you are on the run and away from your computer. In this post, we’ve compiled the best graphic design related apps that help you learn, organize, brainstorm, or research different aspects of your design work. We hope they can assist you to increase productivity and make your life easier.


Please let us know if you find any great iPhone apps for designer.
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Palettes is a powerful productivity tool for creating and maintaining color palettes. Great for creating color schemes. You can create a color palette anywhere at anytime. Grab colors from a photograph, a website, or add colors using any one of 5 color models. Quickly find matching colors with support for many different color schemes. You may create and store any number of palettes. For more info, visit the app’s official website or check out Palettes Pro version.

CameraBag enhances your photos using many classic camera and film simulations. It’s like having a dozen unique cameras all in one app! This app focuses on emulating styles and processes from some of the most interesting cameras of the past to enhance the mood of an image, and the results are stunning. For more info, visit the app’s official website.

WhatTheFont helps users to pinpoint mystery fonts. It works via Wi-Fi or the mobile phone network, so you can get your font fix right there on the spot. For more info, visit the app’s official website.

Pixelpipe allows you to upload photos, video, and audio files through its media gateway and distribute your content to social networks, photo/video sites, blogs and online storage services. For more info, visit the app’s official website.

FontShuffle is the mobile source of typographic inspiration. 650+ font families are sorted by visual similarity. Without any previous knowledge about type design, you can quickly discover 6 typefaces of similar style in just two taps by navigating the simple category menu. Choose the list view to examine up to 24 similar typefaces.

Dexigner is an app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that delivers latest design news, events, exhibitions, conferences, and design competitions. For more info, visit the app’s official website.

RulerPhone turns your iPhone and its camera into a measuring tape. It can accurately measure distances ranging from a few inches to 10 feet and beyond. For more info, visit the app’s official website.

Sketches 2
Sketches 2 allows users to decorate pictures, sketch ideas, send directions to your friends or create art works on the go. For more info, visit the app’s official website.

With the myPANTONE app you have access to a variety of PANTONE Color Libraries, and the ability to build color palettes and share them with colleagues and clients. It offers graphic, web, fashion and apparel designers a way to take PANTONE Colors with you wherever you go. For more info, visit the app’s official website.

Color Expert
Color Expert is more than just a Color Wheel and Image Picker, it’s also a Swatch Book that contains all of your favorite libraries, many with CMYK data.

The Typography Manual
The Typography Manual is a pocket resource for graphic designers and anyone that works with type. It provides all the essentials of a book reference featuring a 60+ page book that covers the history of type, type basics, how to properly set text and special characters, typography on the web, graphic design topics, and more. For more info, visit the app’s official website.

cliqcliq Colors
cliqcliq Colors is an easy-to-use color picker for discovering, converting, and managing colors and palettes. If you’re a designer or developer working with CSS, HTML, Flex, Flash, Objective-C or other media-centric technologies, you’ll spend a good amount of time finding the exact colors you want to use and converting between various scales and formats. With cliqcliq Colors, you can create palettes based on colors you like best and quickly convert between RGB, HSB, and CMYK as well as integer and floating point scales.

Other Graphic Design Related Apps


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