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Top 12 Most Funny and Hilarious YouTube Videos Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

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Looking for the funniest YouTube videos of all time? Here’s the right place as we’ve been constantly showcasing viral YouTube videos for you to enjoy. In today’s post, you can find 12 popular YouTube videos which we think are unforgettably funny and worth for sharing. So let’s take a break and watch these funny video clips to have a laugh! If you have any other viral comedy videos, please share them with everyone in the comments.


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Say Fire Truck (Rated R)
Kids say the darndest things. The best thing about children learning to talk is the mistakes they make when trying to pronounce certain words.

Cat Talking, Translation
Here’s what it sounds like if you have your babel fish in your ear translating for you.

Rocky (Rémi Gaillard)
Dangerously funny videos created and produced by Rémi Gaillard.

Dad at Comedy Barn
Yes, that is his real laugh.

Baby Laughing at The Wii
The ten-month old, Theo, cracks up watching his dad play golf on the Nintendo Wii.

Julian Smith – Malk
No use crying over spilled milk… violence, however, solves everything.

Ken Lee or Without You by Mariah Carey
A contestant in the second season of the Bulgarian show “Music Idol” performs Mariah Carey’s song “Without you” in fake English.

The Afro Ninja
Afro Ninja is one of the funniest stunt-fails caught on camera.

T&A: Wedding Dance
Funny wedding dance.

Extreme Caterpillar Breakdance
Very Funny! Jason Bradbury does Caterpillar Breakdance on the streets of London.

The Serious Baby (Funny)
The evil eye.

Japanese Pranks in Huge Group
Japanese pranks with a bunch of people.


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