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Best Online Tool to Draw Face Sketches – Ultimate FlashFace

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In criminal movies, we often see police artist uses facial sketching program to draw faces of crime suspects. If you are curious about this kind of sketching tools, Ultimate FlashFace is the web-based drawing application you can give it a try. This free and easy to use drawing tool can be used to create sketches of criminals, yourself and your friends. It’s very suitable for police officers and detectives.


With Ultimate FlashFace, you can either start with a blank drawing canvas or choose some face examples from their facial database. The next step is select the face components you want such as hair, head, eyebrows, eyes, nose, moustache, mouth, beard, etc. Drop them on the canvas and then do some adjustments to their sizes, alignment and opacity. You’ll be surprised that this tool can illustrate someone’s face almost 100% alike.

Once you’re done with your facial sketching, you can either save it online or print it out. Enjoy!
If you are using Android powered smart phone, download FlashFace app from the Android market.


Magixl Drawing Tool Generator
If you feel like teasing your friend or colleague, Magixl’s drawing tool gives you a chance to sketch a face and display your masterpiece even though you are neither a fine arts nor an IT student.



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