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5 Tips to Pick the Best Titles to SEO Your Blog

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When coming up with your own SEO titles for a blog, there are 5 ways that can help increase your chances of getting traffic and decreasing your competition.


Keyword Research
One way is by utilizing keyword researching from the Google Keyword tool. When you first start and you have no idea where to go to look up keywords that relate to your post, it’s a good idea to search on the keyword tool. You’ll be able to put a search through and find what kinds of keywords are searched frequently. Try to find keywords that aren’t saturated. Get a good balance in your keywords so you are able to get more traffic back to your site.

Focusing on Long Tail Terms
Another great way to pick titles is to focus on long tail terms. It’s easy to put in a post and have basic key terms such as “SEO”, “Blogging”, “Money”, etc. However, if you have long tail terms that say specific statements such as “How to make money while blogging”, “Ways to increase residual income by having better SEO on your money blog” – you’ll have a much better chance of getting traffic. Long tail keywords that are easy to rank for help to make your search a bit more targeted.

Using Descriptive Keywords
When creating links make sure you use your keywords as well. That makes your links have more power! This is especially crucial when linking to other sites including your own. It helps you rank better on the search engines as well. One thing you want your visitors to do when you recommend different sites (even your own) is to convince them to go visit the link. Using a keyword is more descriptive and the chances of a better clickthrough rate is higher.

Avoiding Duplicate Keywords
Another thing to note: don’t overuse top keywords. This creates a redundancy in your material and search engines won’t be as receptive to your work if you duplicate even the keywords. Change it up and use some synonyms of your keywords to create some unique and fresh content. Find different ways to convey your message.

Choosing High Demand but Low Competition Keywords
Lastly, pick keywords that have high demand and low competition. You have to find a good medium. You can’t choose words with low competition that are barely searched and you can’t choose words that are highly searched but have high competition. Try to find words that you can rank for and even misspell terms to get extra traffic!

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