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Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords Every Blogger Should Know

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How to earn more money online through Google AdSense? Well, one of the most effective ways to help you increase your AdSense ads revenue is to conduct keyword research by using Google AdWords KeyWord Tool. This Google tool not only lets you find out high paying CPC (cost-per-click) keywords, but also keyword’s competitiveness in term of both local and global monthly searches.


If you happen to be a blogger, you should identify keywords that are related to your next article and make sure they are high CPC but less competitive. Next, you should include those keywords in the title and content of your article.

Additionally you can make the keywords bold indicating they have more importance than other text in the content. This is because Google AdSense bot will first scan your content before displaying any ads. If the bot successfully identifies valuable keywords, it will reward you by displaying high paying ads on your blog post. In today’s post, we’ve gathered some of the most expensive keyword categories, giving you some ideas on which keywords advertisers willing to bid more money for them.
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1. Attorney
Keywords Ideas:
mesothelioma attorney
asbestos attorney
phoenix criminal attorney

2. Lawyer
Keywords Ideas:
mesothelioma lawyer
asbestos lawyers
car accident lawyers

3. Donate
Keywords Ideas:
car donations California
donate car California
donate car Connecticut

4. Insurance
Keywords Ideas:
get auto insurance quote online
get a car insurance quote online
find car insurance quotes

5. Degree
Keywords Ideas:
psychology degrees online
criminal justice degree online
business degrees online

6. Hosting
Keywords Ideas:
managed hosting providers
managed hosting service
managed dedicated hosting

7. Cord Blood
Keywords Ideas:
cord blood symposium
cord blood wikipedia
baby cord blood banking

8. Rehab
Keywords Ideas:
luxury rehab centers
florida alcohol rehab
florida rehab facilities

9. Conference Call
Keywords Ideas:
telephone conference call providers
conference calling providers
business conference call service

10. Loans
Keywords Ideas:
settlement loans
lawsuit loans
bad debt loans

11. Credit
Keywords Ideas:
0 credit cards
credit card consolidation
business credit reports

12. Classes
Keywords Ideas:
psychology classes online
business classes online
criminal justice classes

13. Recovery
Keywords Ideas:
raid 5 data recovery
dallas data recovery
cloud disaster recovery

14. Software
Keywords Ideas:
call center software
email marketing software
helpdesk software

15. Treatment
Keywords Ideas:
addiction treatment centers
alcohol treatment center
substance abuse treatment

16. Mortgage
Keywords Ideas:
reverse mortgage lenders
mortgage lead generation
reverse mortgage rates

17. Claim
Keywords Ideas:
mesothelioma claim
asbestos claims
accident injury claim solicitors

18. Electricity
Keywords Ideas:
electrical engineering degree
business electricity rates
commercial electricity prices

19. Trading
Keywords Ideas:
karvy online trading
online forex trading platform
online stock trading websites

20. Transfer
Keywords Ideas:
free balance transfer
zero balance transfer
lifetime balance transfer


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