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7 Online Transaction Services Similar to PayPal

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Are you unsatisfied with PayPal and looking for some alternatives? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place. Online transaction isn’t something new, you can see e-commerce sites, online shopping sites and Internet banking sites are everywhere on the web. All these websites involve online transaction, thus it’s one of the most important Internet activities.


Talking about transferring money through the Internet, many people are concerned about their credit card information being stolen, financial accounts being hacked, or not being able to get back refund if the item purchased is broken. Additionally, some people encountered problems like not being able to use local credit card on a website, or being unsuccessful in completing a transaction due to unknown reasons.

Given the above facts, it’s important to know more online payment services rather than just PayPal so that you’ll have choices when in need. Today we’ve rounded up 7 reliable global payment processing services similar to PayPal which can help you to transfer, receive and even request money in the safe and easy way.

PayPal is the most widely used payment processing services on the Web. Users can connect the service with their local bank account. In the event that this option is not available in certain countries, credit card or debit card can be used instead. Once you’ve chosen the payment method and established the connection, you can send, receive or even request payment with it. Every money transfer will be charged an additional fee and the rate varies between countries. Additionally, Paypal offers buyer protection so that user can request for refund within 45 days (maximum).

Google Wallet
Google Wallet is a very convenient app that stores your credit and debit cards on your Android phone. It’s like your digital wallet where you can pay by tapping the back of your mobile phone to a NFC point of sale terminal at checkout. When it comes to online shopping, you can use Google Wallet to check out at any online merchants with “Google Wallet Buy” button. The only drawback of this service is that you are not allowed to transfer money to other users.

Amazon Payments
Amazon Payments is a very good PayPal alternative. It allows you to send and receive money from other users around the world. With AP account, you can add fund from your credit card or bank account, and make purchases on online merchants. When it comes to online business, Amazon customers can buy items from your site by using the payment details and shipping addresses stored in their Amazon accounts to complete the purchase.

Payoneer is a pretty unique financial service where you can send and receive money through re-loadable prepaid MasterCard. To get the card you will have to register the service and there’s no registration fee. However a small fee will be charged when activating the card. With the activated Payoneer card, you can load money into it from your bank account or credit card. The card can be used in stores, online or at the ATM. It’s very suitable for online shopping as it accepts many currencies.

Payza is another payment platform you can use to transfer money, make online payment and get paid from other users in over 190 countries. You can easily transfer fund to Payza from your local bank account or credit cards. Every transaction will be charged a small fee just like other online payment services. Apart from transferring fund between users Payza can also be used to buy items at many online merchants. The service has all the necessary security features to protect your financial information.

Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers) provides you an easy and cheap way to transfer money worldwide. The payment service connects with your bank accounts (in certain countries), and your credit or debit cards, so that you can send and request money of any currency to other users around the world. A fee will be incurred when there’s a money transfer from Skrill and the rate varies across different countries.

Square is a very interesting payment processing service. To use the service, you need a little gadget that plugs into the headphone jack on your smartphone to read credit cards and accept payments. Square’s fee structure is very straight forward; it charges a standard 2.75% for every transaction. However there are some drawbacks you need to be aware of, Square is only available in the US and it does not support money transfer from your bank account.

Paymate is an Australia based online payment facilitator that enables sellers from Australia and New Zealand to receive money from International buyers. Users can use the payment service on their e-commerce sites, online shopping sites as well as on eBay. The currencies accepted including AUD, NZD, USD, EUR, and GBP. Paymate also has risk management system assessing every transaction to prevent fraud. As a buyer, you can simply enter your credit card information without having to register an account. All your financial details will be carefully handled by Paymate and will not disclose to sellers.


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