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18 Best Bitcoin Wallets To Store Bitcoin

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Bitcoin wallets are important because, without these wallets, you cannot send or receive Bitcoin payments. If you are planning to send or receive Bitcoin payment, it is mandatory that you possess a Bitcoin wallet, and before that you must be aware of all sorts of Bitcoin wallets so that you can choose one which suits you perfectly. There are four main categories of Bitcoin wallets: Online, Hardware, Software, and Paper wallets. As the name suggests, online wallets can be accessed from any internet source; hardware wallets are physical devices that are more secure; software wallets are like software applications; paper wallets are printed offline keys.


We also divide Bitcoin wallets into other categories like Universal wallets, mobile wallets, and desktop wallets etc. We have created a list of 18 best Bitcoin wallets which will give you an overall understanding of the pros and cons of different wallets.

Coinbase Bitcoin wallet

Coinbase Bitcoin wallet was established in 2012, and till now its flow of capital is somewhere near $31 million. It is also a leading company in buying and selling Bitcoins and its service is available in more than 19 countries. The service is beginners friendly but many think it risky as well because the company holds all of your funds. But the company totally denies that, and recently it has launched a vault service which ensures your control over your funds.
This company is well-established and provides you services like adding funds from within the wallet, but its service is not available worldwide. Bitcoin Wallet


This Bitcoin wallet is most popular today and it allows you to send or receive Bitcoins from your mobile as well as from your browser, and that’s why it is called a hybrid wallet. It works with the help of online data and private keys: company uploads your data online and only you know the private keys of your data. But there is still a concern because the wallet is loaded from the company’s server. It is a user-friendly Bitcoin wallet with outstanding interface both for mobile as well as web browser.

TREZOR Bitcoin Wallet

If you have plenty of Bitcoins, and you want them to keep away from any harm, then this wallet is perfect for you. It is the choice of both the beginners as well as experts because it offers some of the best security techniques as well as is completely user-friendly. The Company has established a good reputation and strong grip in the last few years. The only lacking thing is that the user-base is not big enough.

Exodus Blockchain Assets Wallet


This wallet was launched recently, but it has an additional feature: you can store Bitcoins as well as Litecoins, Dogecoins, Dash, and Ether. The feature of trading cryptocurrencies is also available in the wallet. The only limitation is that currently, it is available only in the desktop version. The design as well as the interface is outstanding.

MyCelium Bitcoin Wallet

It is actually a mobile app wallet which offers advanced privacy options. One thing worth mentioning is that the interface is a bit complicated and new users might find it difficult to navigate. But, you can still consider it safest, latest, and fastest in the market. The best thing about this wallet is that its privacy features allow you to remain anonymous, and the limitation is that it doesn’t have a desktop interface, which means you can use it only from your mobile.

Bitcoin Core Wallet

If you are looking for a good desktop wallet that could solve your desktop problems, then this is the one you should be using. Bitcoin Core offers you transparency as well as many security and privacy features. It is also considered a stable system, but it can use some extra memory on your computer. It has moderate hardware requirements. The good thing about this wallet is that it offers a stable system. One thing worth mentioning is that it doesn’t have any mobile or web interface; you can only operate it with your personal computer.

Multibit Bitcoin Wallet


The interesting thing about Multibit Bitcoin is that it comes in plenty of languages, and you can set it up for working only in few minutes. Many people claim that it is user-friendly, but in actuality, it’s not much. The company has recently launched Multibit HD which has a much cleaner interface. You must keep in mind that the privacy features of this wallet are considered weak.

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet

If you are looking for a desktop wallet and you know that you have an old PC which do not fulfill the hardware requirements of many Bitcoin wallets, then try using this wallet because it can work perfectly well on less powerful computers. The wallet is very famous for its security and privacy and you can even recover your wallet with a secret phrase. Its limitation is that you would have to rely on an external server which can involve security threats. Overall, the wallet is very lightweight and easy to use.

Armory Bitcoin Wallet


As the name suggests, Armory Bitcoin wallet is perfect when security is your paramount concern, but it is best for advanced users because of its complex interface. The Armory Bitcoin provides you security by data encryption and cold-storage options. You can consider it as the most trusted brand when it comes to the matter of security. Another interesting thing about this wallet is that it is flexible and adaptable to any situation, but as mentioned earlier, it is not user-friendly. It requires advanced user knowledge.

Xapo Bitcoin Wallet

It is an online wallet system and all you need to use this wallet is a good internet connection and a browser. Web wallets aren’t considered safe mostly, but Xapo Bitcoin wallet offers comparatively high security when compared with other online wallets. It works through a debit card system. The wallet is also good for new users because it is very easy to use. If you use this wallet, you will be able to use your ATM card.

CoinKite Bitcoin Wallet


CoinKite is a Bitcoin wallet that is user-friendly and also good for new users. It works via an online app. The wallet allows you to use your coins at various merchants. You won’t have to surrender your Bitcoins control to the company; instead, you can control everything on your own.

Green Address Bitcoin Wallet

If you want to use your Bitcoin wallet in many ways then this Green Address Bitcoin wallet is perfect for you because it offers plenty of options like online wallet, app wallet, and desktop as well. The best thing is that it is also considered user-friendly. Being equipped with many features, Green Address Bitcoin is also considered very flexible. Another interesting feature is multi-signature with privacy and security. It uses a remote app which means a third party will have to approve for payments.

Bitcoin Wallet

If we talk about Bitcoin wallets, this is the oldest name in Bitcoin wallets and is very fast and easy to use. The main belief of the company is in “Zero Trust” and it means that the company provides a decentralized system and clients can manage all their Bitcoins on their own without any interference of the company whatsoever. It has strong transparency and a developed reputation of many years which makes it number 1 choice of many users. The one limitation is that it is available online and requires a Blackberry or Android phone.

BitGo Bitcoin Wallet


It is a multi-signature wallet which is also famous for its high security and privacy. Every transaction you make using this wallet will require two-factor identification, which means an absolute security. This two-factor method can protect you from many things like malware, hackers or other server attacks. Another interesting thing is that you and only you hold all the keys of your wallet so the company cannot interfere easily. Most people don’t use this wallet because they think the two-factor method is inconvenient despite the fact that it provides security. Overall the wallet provides an easy non-technical package.


It is the newest app wallet available in the market and is designed specifically for Apple iOS. It is user-friendly and provides a secure environment.

Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet

It is an independent and decentralized wallet which provides you full security. The user interface is also very simple and easy to navigate.

Ledger Bitcoin Wallet

It is a physical wallet that you can connect with your computer. It provides an extra layer of security.

Keepkey Bitcoin Wallet

It is the best looking physical wallet available in the market because of its design. It is user-friendly but is very costly.

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