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30 Free Keynote Templates to Make an Outstanding Presentation

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Presentations can make your hours to make and yet can fail to fulfill the desideratum but making a presentation by using a free templates can save your precious time because you don’t have to spend hours to designs the slides you can simply edit the template slides according to your need and makes it to stand out. Following are 30 awesome keynote templates which can save your time and efforts but still can work out pretty well.


1. Timeline Free Keynote Template


This one for small startups, small businesses and digitally based companies, wants to display their business growth over the period of time in a timeline format. This can also be used to show product’s timeline progress.

2. Corporate Keynote Presentation Template Deck


Corporate companies are using presentations since the very beginning of ‘presentations’ and many of them use keynote templates for their presentations which is why many of the templates are directly associated with corporate companies. This template is for corporate company’s presentations but the best part is that you can simply take this and edit as your demand for any other use if suitable.

3. Motion Simple Keynote Template


Motion is a simple and sophisticated keynote template which is made with a very highly visual design of its own kind which features a set of creative colorful graphics, effects and pictures.

4. Studio Minimal Template


“Studio Minimal” is a B&W themed template with a clean design. This template is perfect for creating creative presentations for studios and design projects. This template comes in two different versions which are animated and non-animated.

5. Sella Slides


Sella is combined with 60+ unique and creative slides for presentations that anyone can use to manifest their products or to give in depth presentation about any understanding thing.

6. Havoc Template


Havoc template is made especially for the marketing and promotion of business or products related presentations. This template with a lot of graphics, illustrations, charts etc. which contains 150 slides in total.

7. Zane Template


This is a multipurpose template for presentations which can be used in several types of presentation according to your need and requirement. This consists of a set of 11 slides with high quality icons.

8. Simple Minimal Template


If you are looking for a simple and elegant template for your digital work presentations, Simple minimal might be the best choice for you then. This grey-toned based template is designed to attract the viewers and focus on the matter you want them to.

9. Business Template by LouisTwelve


This template is totally about professionalism which is standardize throughout its design. This contains vector graphics for large scale which isn’t a easiest task.

10. ProBusiness Presentation Template


This one is another excellent work by Louis Twelve and this one is design for your presentation to be quite engaging with the users which let themfocus on the essentials of every slide by giving the attention they deserve.

11. Coffee Template


This template is especially designed for your coffee business presentation from Laser Loic. This dark colored theme is perfect for the ideal coffee situations where you want your user to go in depth with it.

12. Heyra Template


Heyra is another black and white themed based minimal template which is made to grab the attention of the user for your products. It is made with 12 slides by bringing the high quality vector icons required for a beautiful presentation.

13. B2B Marketing & Sales Template


If you want a B2B presentation this can work out in your favor. This template contains 60 different slides for growth forecast, meetings and promotions for you B2B presentation.

14. iWork Keynote Template


This template is a collection of many different slides so you have to go through each and every slide to see which one is best for your project. The design of this template is smooth and effective.

15. Toolbox Template


This one is specifically made with a precise design, infographics, elements, icons and many more for a keynote presentation. This one cost for 50$ though a free version is available.

16. Verzus Minimal Template


This template comes with a pack of 200+ slides and includes more than 3000 icons to choose flexibly according to your presentation requirement. It is made for the projection of your business growth, future plans and anything else a business presentation needs to cover.

17. MNML Template


MNML template is a pack of 150+ slides with a white background and sleek use of graphic designs in every slide, many different icons are used to grab the attention of users with its own different design.

18. London Template


If you want to make a presentation with a feminism and elegant feel then this might be the perfect choice for you. This slides is made to put a focus on the content of your presentation with a bunch of 21 slides.

19. Power Minimal Keynote Template


Power minimal template includes 100+ slides which are uniquely designed for customized perfection of your choice and a bunch of 1000 icons for free. This template is specifically designed for fashion presentations of products or Business Company.

20. BePro Simple Template


If you are looking for a well-designed keynote slides to present your business. It is based on a lot of infographics if you want a simple and elegant presentation for your work.

21. Concept Keynote Template


This is a dark theme 300+ slides to present your wood and furniture related presentation at its best or can be used for data research and analysis with modern, colorful and dynamic charts and infographics.

22. Air Minimal Template


The Air Minimal Template consist of stunning placeholders for images which supports split screen format that are perfect for showing your portfolio or other designing presentations with 60+ slides which includes 450 vectors.

23. Eva Template


Eva template is a perfect choice if you are working in fashion industry for clients which have the layout and overall design for portfolios. You can use this template for your business with suitable editing.

24. Watercolor Keynote Template


This is the perfect template for creative and artistic people. This is most useful for those who want some attractive design on every slide.

25. Bold Minimal Keynote Template


Bold is the famous and simple template, best for those who want simple design.

26. Creative Keynote Template


This creative template is best for creative people. It has bright design. You can easily edit it.

27. Fresh Multipurpose Keynote Template


As the name is explaining it is multipurpose. You can use it anywhere, it is not specific for single field. You can use it multiple times with slight modification.

28. Pitch 3 – Professional Pitch Deck Keynote Template


This is for business presentation. You can include images, videos and content easily. If you need for business presentation then this is the right one for you.

29. Kacell – Multipurpose & Business Keynote Template


It is multipurpose template best suitable for business. Every business owner or manager can use it. It is easily customizable and editable so you can just download it and use it.

30. Pritacio: Beauty Keynote Template


This is suitable for products, services and business related to beauty.

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