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20 Sites to Download Free Wallpapers for Mobile & Desktop

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In the present day, people can find out scores of websites online that help them to get more information about what they seek out. People can find out business websites and entertainment websites online. People can indeed obtain a lot of knowledge, information, ideas, thoughts, etc from the websites seen online. Websites can be a great weapon for people to inform others to understand about their services, products, brands and company. The uses and purposes of websites are plenty.


People have a tendency to download free live wallpapers in their mobile phones and personal computers. There are several websites accessible online that allows people to download free live wallpapers. Many websites are seen online where you can download stunning and attractive wallpapers to keep it as your laptop or desktop background. The majority of the websites offers a broad variety of choices and also gives you the option of many categories for your devices.

Here are some of the best 20 websites that allow you to download free live wallpapers for mobile and desktops:

1. WallpapersWide


WallpapersWide is one of the best and top rated sites available online that helps you to download free live wallpapers for mobile and desktops. You will get free high resolution desktop wallpapers for widescreen, fullscreen, high definition, dual monitors, mobile, etc, from WallpapersWide.

2. is a finest website for you to download spectacular free live wallpapers of different categories. The site offers free high resolution desktop wallpapers for widescreen, full screen, high definition, dual monitors, and mobile wallpapers to the users.

3. Vladstudio

Vladstudio is a cool and stunning website for downloading attractive free live wallpapers. The different categories of wallpapers available on the sites let you to make your laptop or desktop background looks marvelous.

4. Wallpapersnow

Wallpapersnow has a large collection of striking and beautiful wallpapers. You can download it and set as your computer or laptop background. The site also provides HD desktop wallpapers and also mobile friendly wallpapers.

5. Picky Wallpapers

Picky Wallpapers is a great site that is packed with superb free live wallpapers. Good thing of this site is that it has all sizes of wallpapers. As a result, people can pick from mobile size to HD wallpapers at Picky Wallpapers.

6. Deviantart


At Deviantart, people across the world can browse wallpapers of many categories. You can find wallpapers of people who share their art and creativities at this site. You can come across and use wallpapers designed by various artists around the globe.

7. WallPaperStock

WallPaperStock is one of the best and much sought after sites online that has a huge collection of free wall papers and photos. People can get through many categories of wallpapers and download thousands of wallpapers from this site.

8. offers you a great chance to download HD wallpapers. The site is well known for its quality, uniqueness, and quantity of wallpapers on their sites. Hence, visit the site in order to download the wallpaper that you need.

9. is one of the finest and top rated websites that allows people to download images for their several purposes. The several varieties of wallpapers available on this site will make you awe-inspiring and confused to choose the best.

10. is one of the most excellent free wallpaper sites available online on account of its beautiful wallpapers. People can find distinctive wallpapers and download wallpapers that are wonderful. The site has over 60,000 high quality free wallpapers.

11. InterfaceLIFT

interfaceLIFT is a much sought after site for downloading wallpapers. The site lets people across the world to get free smartphone, tablet, and computer wallpapers. The site has variety of wallpapers and the best parts of them are unique as well.

12. DesktopNexus

DesktopNexus is one of the best free wallpaper sites accessible online. The site has got thousands of wallpapers and it lets people to download wallpapers. The total amount of wallpapers seen in this site makes it a best site online.

13. eWallpapers

eWallpapers is another best free wallpaper sites online and the site offers unique and excellent wallpapers to their visitors to download and use it according to their needs. You can find a lot of sizes for all wallpapers in this site.

14. The Paper Wall

The Paper Wall is a free wallpaper site online. The site offers a variety of wallpapers and people can find unique wallpapers to download from their mobile and desktops devices.

15. Jootix Wallpapers

Jootix Wallpapers brings a lot of variety in the field of wallpaper websites observable online. The first class wallpapers and the easiness to which you can locate them all make this site the first choice amid people.

16. DailyWallpapers.Site

DailyWallpapers.Site is one of the best and well recognized wallpaper sites that help you to download some quality wallpapers. You can download 4K Wallpapers, 2K Wallpapers, FHD Wallpapers, HD Wallpapers, and Mobile Wallpapers from this site.

17. Alpha Coders


Alpha Coders is a prominent site to download wallpaper on niche base. You can Search for wallpapers such as Video Game Wallpapers, Dragon Wallpapers, HD Wallpapers, UltraHD 4k Wallpapers, Retina 5k Wallpapers, etc from this website.

18. Microsoft Wallpapers

At Microsoft Wallpapers, you can download beautiful and high quality wallpapers. Featured wallpapers of the website include Animals, Art both illustrative and photographic, Automotive, Games, Holiday & seasons, Natural wonders, Places & landscapes, etc.

19. Unsplash

Unsplash has is a range of images and most of them are uploaded by people around the world. But, people can find out a lot of the most gorgeous wallpapers at unsplash.

20. is a popular wallpaper website and it gives full HD wallpapers with the lovely status bar shadow effect. The most of the wallpapers on this site are vertical and are intended mainly for mobile phones and tablets.

21. Webgranth

Webgranth is a good wallpaper website seen online. The site has a plenty of exciting and unique set of HD wallpapers. The wallpapers observable in this site is a perfect union of proficiency, expertise and style.

22. Freehdwallpapershq

Freehdwallpapershq is a beautiful wallpaper site that gives you a good opportunity to download top quality wallpapers every time. Animals & Birds, Bikes, Cars, Food and Drink, Games, Love, Movies, Music, Sports, Travel & World, etc are some of the wallpaper categories of this site.

23. WallpapersCraft

WallpapersCraft is a best wallpaper website online and it provides Desktop Wallpapers as well as HD Backgrounds. Animals, Brands, Cars, City, Fantasy, Flowers, Food, Games, Girls, Holidays, Men, Movies, Music, Nature, etc are some of the categories available in this site.

24. WallpaperFX

WallpaperFX offers Wide, HD, Dual, and Standard resolution wallpaper. Wallpapers category offered by the site includes 3D, Animals, Anime / Animated, Cars, Computer, Female Celebrities, Games, Holidays, Male Celebrities, Motorcycles, Movies, Music, Nature, Sports, World, etc.

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