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Best Times to Publish Blog Posts on Social Networks

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Blogging requires a large investment of time and effort to produce high quality content on a regular basis. Because each content creation comes with huge resources, therefore it is important to publish blog posts at the most opportune times to maximize their social reach on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.


Timing is everything! Here are a few useful social tips and infographics to give you some ideas on the best time to publish your blog posts. You can study the graphs and statistics below to better understand the trends in posting schedule and corresponding engagement too.

Best Times and Worst Times to Post, Tweet and Pin on Social Networks

Being a freelance blogger or full-time content marketer, social media are the must-have online platforms to market your blog posts. These days, most of the blogs would have at least Facebook and Twitter profiles and business pages. Some of the bloggers even further extend their social community by having online profiles like Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest and Tumblr to reach as many different groups of social media users as possible.

Understanding the opportune times or even the peak times of social traffic throughout the entire week would definitely helps your blog posts to outreach social audience. Instead of using words to elaborate the best or worst times to post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter and pin on Pinterest, we prefer to use an infographic below to say it all. All these valuable social data are compiled by SurePayroll and Ghergich & Co.


Best Times to Share on Twitter and Facebook to Maximize Click-Throughs

This is another useful social infographic created by the famous URL shortening service: The link shortener has been monitoring the click through rates for content posted on social networks especially Twitter and Facebook. So the data is believed to be reliable for planning your posting schedule.

As we can see, the’s social data highlights that Twitter get the most traffic from Monday to Thursday and the opportune time is between 9am and 3pm. Bloggers and content distributors should post more contents from 1pm to 3pm as it’s the peak hours to get most click-throughs.

Facebook, on the other hand, shows links posted on mid week from 1 to 4 pm bringing high click-through rates. The graph highlights that Wednesday at 3pm is the best time to generate highest click rates.


Blog Posting Frequency Vs Social Shares

According to, by analyzing over 4 thousand blogs and 1 million of posts, most of the blog posts (green) are published on the weekdays as shown in the graph below. However the posting frequency drops off drastically on the weekends.


The distribution of social shares (blue), on the other hand, shows inverse trends. Saturday, despites the lowest blog posting frequency but it has the highest social shares for the week.

Blog Posting Frequency based on Hours of Day


Let’s zoom in the see the posting frequency based on hours of day. As you can see in the graph above, majority of blog posts are published from 9am to 6pm EST. The peak is from 11am to 12pm EST. This showed that most of the bloggers are treating content distribution as a day job. From the graph we can notice there’s another peak from 12am to 1am EST, this could be due to the auto-publication of posts at the beginning of a new day.

Social Shares based on Hours of Day


When it comes to hourly social shares, the graph above, once again, showed the opposite trends. Share engagements between 9pm and 12am EST being the highest despite low posting frequency at that period of time. A secondary peak can be seen from 4am to 6am EST marking the beginning of new business day in European countries.

So when planning your blog posting schedule, always keep in mind that majority of your audience have a day job of their own. Also weekends are the good days to market and distribute your content due to less competition, and most importantly audience have more time to read and share the posts they like.


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