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Choosing a Secure Web Hosting to Keep Enterprise’s Data Safe

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Every day, a huge amount of data is being created and shared by companies online. With this growing amount of data comes the need for storage space and a platform that can handle big data analysis. Web hosting companies are at the forefront of providing data storage solutions. The most innovative of these hosting companies have also addressed the need for big data processing and analytics.


Due to growing big data needs that companies experience today, the web hosting industry has evolved to become more robust. Partnerships with software vendors, for instance, provide customers with additional benefits when using a host service.

A lot of companies also hold a lot of unstructured data and this creates an added opportunity for web hosting services to address big data organization needs. This is because hosting providers tend to have the biggest storage space and data management capabilities. It would take a company a lot of money to invest in infrastructure of this magnitude.

In the past, big corporate companies have invested a lot of money in servers and have put up their own infrastructure to handle data processing needs. However, as the need for data and other information increases among their consumers, most companies have found it difficult to keep up with this growing demand as it’s expensive and can even distract from a company’s core activities. Most of these companies have now taken to using cloud hosted services to manage their data.

Security is Key for an Enterprise Hosting Service


When companies are choosing a web hosting service provider, security is usually top priority. Part of the reason why it has taken companies such a long time to use outside hosting services is security of their data.

Data is the backbone of any business. The leakage of business data, be it customer information, sales data or business plans, could be catastrophic. When choosing the right hosting service for your company, here are some of the security concerns that you should consider:

1. Security Accreditation

You cannot do without web hosting as it’s a cost effective way of managing your growing storage and data generation needs. As such, you need to work with a hosting provider who will ensure the right level of security for your data. Experience, the right credentials and customer satisfaction are some of the qualities to look for when getting a hosting service.

Insist on seeing the necessary accreditation and make sure that it’s genuine. Do not be afraid to go overboard with your background checks. The fact is, if you don’t perform a thorough background check, you will only have yourself to blame if your hosting company mishandles your data.

2. Understand Their Existing Security Features
If you ask any hosting provider if their security is good, they will answer in the affirmative. Take it a step further by asking them to explain to you all the measures they have in place to ensure the security of your data.

You should remember that the company hosting your data has its servers in a physical location. Therefore, the company should be able to provide:

  • Video surveillance without any blind spots
  • Anti-hacking protection
  • Data breach security features
  • Mantraps
  • Security guards and guard dogs
  • Strong structures that are difficult to breach
  • Elaborate back up redundancies
  • Enough backup power supply

These are just a few security features; the more security your hosting facility has, the better for you.

3. Your Provider Should be Transparent

Work with a hosting company that shares information freely. They should, for instance, give you information about where your data will be hosted. You should also find out how many people will have access to your servers, from local employees to maintenance crews and others.

The best scenario that you should be looking for is a place with as few people as possible having access to the servers.

4. Improve Your Security Practices


The safety of your hosted data is also dependent on your security practices within your own company. You can encrypt stored data, ensure periodic change of passwords and opt for biometrics systems for logging in, which tend to be harder for a hacker to crack.

5. Get Only the Best
A hosting service provider who specializes in big data hosting should be able to provide the best technology available.

Shop around until you find the one provider who makes you feel that your data is safe. Get the opinion of some companies that have used the said hosting service.

Do not be in a hurry; your contract with the hosting provider becomes effective the moment you sign on with them, so perform all the necessary due diligence before you entrust their services.

Contract terms should also be biased towards you as you are the one trusting your data to other parties, hence you have everything to lose in case of a breach.

6. Work with Companies that Have High Standards

You should also go with a company that holds itself to high standards. It’s possible for any company to provide security features just because clients expect it. It’s different though when a company provides security because the company has set high standards and will not compromise whether or not customers are watching.

Standards also apply when it comes to hardware. A company with high standards will seek to upgrade its servers and other supporting equipment regularly in order to give the best service.

The bottom line

Big data will continue being a part of companies as long as they are in business. As long as the data exists, companies will want to keep using it to benefit themselves and their consumers, all without having to spend too much money on infrastructure.

Web hosting service providers have a great opportunity to help companies fulfill their data storage and data processing needs. The most successful providers of big data solutions, though, are determined by the kind of enterprise package that a hosting service provider can promise to companies. Those that can adequately prove their strategy supports the strategy of their clients will create big lasting business in the big data hosting business.

Author: Kain Lunsford

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