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How to Create a Customized QR Code with Your Logo Design

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Nowadays QR codes are being widely used every where. You can easily find them printed on newspapers, websites, billboard ads, packages and many more. The matrix barcode can be scanned through your smart phone app to gain access to website or display virtually any type of information such as URLs, address, contact details, and product description.


When it comes to design, QR codes normally presented in such a way that black square dots arranged in a square pattern with white color as a background. I know, it sounds pretty boring. Fortunately, there are many talented designers out there, with their creativity turning the black and white box into a colourful and amazing artwork. Just like the ones you may have seen on our previous post: 35 Really Cool QR Code Artworks.

If you feel like having one customized and impressive QR code for your website, blog, company or product, simply follow our easy tutorials below to get it done within minutes!

Tutorial: Creating a Customized QR Code with Logo or Images

1. Go to, an online QR code generator to upload an image for your QR code. Visualead also offers a number of stock images including social media logos and app logos for you to choose from.

2. Enter information to be displayed such as website URL, contact details, Facebook and Twitter URLs, Google Maps, etc. Once finished, click “Next” to continue.

3. Now you can drag, resize and locate the QR code on any part of your image.

4. Click on “Generate” button once you’ve done your QR code placement.

5. Click “Next” and then complete your QR code by signing into your Facebook or Google account. Or you may sign up Visualead account to continue.

6. You’ll have 3 download options to be chosen to suit your needs. Visualead does offer a free download option, but advertisement will be shown before content is loaded.

7. Lastly, download your customized QR code with image dimension, color format and image format you want.

Below screenshot image is the complete QR code for If you have a code scanner app installed on your smart phone, scan it to gain access to our site.


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