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Top 14 Digital Storytelling Tools for Teaching & Learning

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Digital storytelling has become an essential part of modern world education system through which students learn a lot more than the traditional ways. If you are a teacher and looking for some powerful and creative ways to assist your students discover new heights of learning, you can be benefited with the list of top 14 digital storytelling tools described below:


1. Cartoonist

This is an easy to use online tool which will allow you to create cartoons as well as personal digital stories in which you can incorporate images, props, characters, text and professional background. If you would like to get multimedia stories, these can also be created with cartoonist or if you want to create digital capzles or comic strips, this is also possible.

2. Animoto

Animoto can get you hundreds of unlimited videos which will help you make your classroom environment much more interesting for the teachers as well as students. With the help of this great tool, you can create videos & presentation just in few minutes. You can easily bring life to your lessons. Its great features will allow you to add clips, images, music and text to outstanding presentations. Educators may opt for Animoto plus account to be used in classroom and it will cost them nothing because it is free.

3. Generator


Generator is a useful studio place where you will be able to discover moving images, learn and start working on your own project and once it is done, you can also share your work with members of generator community. This will allow you to have much cavernous understanding of background of these motivating stories. Give a try to storyboard generator in which you can either select a script or create your personal storyboard to share with others.

4. Domo Animate

This is one of the simplest tools for educators and you just need to import some great pictures and select a wonderful song to add in slideshow and when you are done with it, you will be able to see a wonderful slideshow of your personalized domo. Domo adventure can be created just in minutes by following few simple instructions.

5. ZooBurst


This is a wonderful storytelling digital tools which enable everyone to create pop-up books in 3D. There is no age limit to use this tool and no matter how old you are, if you want to create your own world of stories in which you want to bring life to the stories, you can use ZooBurst. Characters & props can be arranged in a 3D world which can be made even better by incorporating artwork uploaded on database where you can choose the best from more than ten thousands free images.

6. MakeBeliefsComix

MakeBeliefsComix is another good place to create comic strip in a fun way by following easy instructions. You simply need to select a character along with emotion which will allow you to add your thought balloons or talk to make the character talking. You are not limited to just few characters but you can add more for even a better conversation. Adding panel prompts, objects and colored backgrounds will even make your viewers stay more interested in the work you want to show to them. Once you are done, it does not mean you can’t make any more changes but you can do this and when you complete your project you can also email or even print it.

7. PicLits

This is basically a website for creative writing which matches wonderful images with certain keywords and these should be chosen carefully so that the combination can inspire the users. The basic objective of this tool is to put words at appropriate places in perfect order and when it is done, the meaning of the story and its essence can be felt and captured.

8. MapSkip


MapSkip will allow you to crate a pile of stories regarding the place in real world life. When you go to the site, you will be invited to create your own account free of cost and after setting up account, you can make up some places in google map in connection with your stories as well as photos. Different users can follow each other stores, discus and rate them.

9. Slidestory

If you want to combine your pictures along with narrations and want to share them with others, you just need to access a tool like slidestory which is comparatively a new but really an exciting and effective way of creating awesome presentation that can easily be shared on internet.

10. Smilebox

This smilebox will enable you to create photo albums, collages, greetings, scrapbooks, slideshows and invitations quickly and easily in your computer system. However, you need to download this application to get started with it. You can also choose from 1000 fully customizable templates to use.

11. Pixton


Pixton allows users to interconnect vividly with comics. It has brought Click-n-Drag Comics which is said to be a groundbreaking patented technology giving everyone the strength and power to make wonderful comics online. Every possible aspect of a great comic such as characters, panels, bubbles, pros or all the other things can be easily controlled in spontaneous click-n-drag motion. Pixton is a free to use source for having fun but it also offers a professional versions for business and schools.

12. Storybird

This storybird tool will allow you to create visual stories just in few seconds. Get yourself inspired with the art when you are writing. This tool has all kinds of books for all types of readers from all around the world. Create your own world of talking words and grab the attention of readers.

13. Zimmer Twins

Zimmer Twins was introduced in 2005 and devoted for the kids as well as creative storytellers. It invited all children from all age groups to come, join, create and share their animated interesting stories with the world.

14. Toontastic

Last but not the least is toontastic digital storytelling tool which is a great learning source for the kids who can draw and animate cartons and share with their family, friends and others. You might be a little surprised to know that the tool has been used in more than 150 countries where approximately two millions cartoons have been created so far.

Author: Sarah Wallace

Sarah Wallace is an educationist and he has been working for many years at 1 Click Dissertation to discover new and more effective ways to make learning easier and quicker. His informative articles for teachers and learners are always appreciated.

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