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Top 17 Educational Sites to Help Your Kids Learn Faster

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These days Internet is not limited to adults, it’s also widely used by children for schoolwork, online games, and to search for information. Unfortunately, many kids easily get addicted to online games and video causing insufficient time to study. As parents, we should closely monitor our kids on how their time being spent on the web. We must not only keep them focused on learning but also avoid them from accessing inappropriate websites.


Here we’ve rounded up some of the best educational websites for kids. They are very useful for developing children’s reading and writing skills, gain basic knowledge in any subject, play math, science related games and other learning. We hope these sites help to build a strong foundation for your kids’ future academic achievement.

Any other worth mentioning site isn’t listed here? Let us know in the comments.

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PBS Kids
On PBS Kids site, you can find many educational videos, shows, games (eg. Meatball Launcher, Scene Seeker, Bubble Po, etc.) and activities for kids. All these educational resources are research based and vetted by professional educators. The site also provides sections for parents and teachers.

Nasa Kids’ Club
If your kid is interested in stars and astronomy, Nasa Kids’ Club is the best place to go. On the site, your kids can find many interesting facts about solar system, galaxies, rockets, astronauts, etc.

Yahoo! Kids
Yahoo! Kids is both educational and entertainment web portal designed for kids. It features a wide range of resources including games, movies, jokes, sports, e-cards, horoscope, and many more.

National Geographic Little Kids
This online kid magazine is suitable for children ages 3-6. The site features animal stories, educational games, fun puzzle, videos, science, crafts and recipes, helping your kids to develop reading skills and to answer their questions about animals.

National Geographic Kids
National Geographic has another kid magazine suitable for kids of age above 6. It’s a good place for children to learn different people, animals, and countries with related games, videos, photos and fun stuff.

Starfall teaches kids to read with phonics. It has many language art games helping your child to sound out. It’s suitable for kindergarten, first and second grades as well as English language development.

On, you can find a variety of educational games for your kids. These games will help kids learn math, science, reading, and grammar faster and easier.
funbrain is another educational site that provides math, language and arts related games, activities for kids’ learning. Many lessons and activities are equipped with sound to enhance understanding.

Another educational site that offers elementary games for kids as well as printable activities, crafts, and video to help them get ready for school.

NGAKids is an art place where kids can develop their analytical and interpretive skills through the artworks such as paintings and sculpture in the gallery collections.
In the Art Zone, children can participate in various art activities learning different colors, shapes and placements to create images.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – For Kids
This site lets you kids to visit the museum online and learn fun facts about the collections. It has a list of applications allowing your kids to learn about color, hear story about artworks, and play fun games.

At Cookie, your kids can play many interactive online games to build skills in math, language, and science for success in school. The site also has educational videos encouraging children to learn even after school hours.

Whyville helps to engage children from ages 8 ~ 16 in learning about a wide range of topics, including science, art, geography and business through simulation based games and roleplay.

Wonderopolis helps your child to gain fundamental knowledge by discovering new wonder everyday. The site provides many interesting facts and intriguing questions helping children to enhance their creativity and imagination.

SFS Kids – Fun with Music
This is a music-focused site that encourages your kids to learn the basics of reading music, instruments of the orchestra, composers and many more. The site also has an online radio for children to listen to some classical music.

If your kids interested in cooking, then Spatulatta is a good place for them to learn basic cooking skills through step-by-step videos. The site also teaches kids the importance of vegetables and fruits, encouraging them to eat more.

If you are looking for more educational sites, try KidSites. It’s an online directory to find all sorts of kid sites on the web. The site has 18 categories including animals, math, music, online games, stories, etc.


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