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Top 15 CSS3 Animation Tools You Must Try

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The CSS has come up with new version i.e. CSS3. It has gained popularity and has earned an excellent reputation among the designers. Its animation has allowed maximum HTML elements without using JavaScript or Flash! These animations change your website from one style to another. It also let the users changes as many designs they want.


So here is few handful collection of CSS3 Animation Tools, you will probably cherish.

1. AniCollection
AniCollection is one of the best tools to find, use and share animations. It has a rich collection of excellent animations from many libraries and many people. It offers an easy to find, use and share it. It is multi-browser compatible like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE10, IE11, iOS (Phone & iPad), Android 2, 4 (Phone & Tablet). And the best part of it is that it respects the third party’s copyright so that user can pay full attention to the animations license notification.

It is recommended when:

  • A developer wants cool animations to improve his website.
  • Intends to integrate some animation with your code quickly.
  • Share impressive animations with the world.

2. Animate.css
This CSS3 Animation Tool is cool and cross browser compatible. It divides its animation into groups such as Attention Seekers, Bouncing Entrances, Sliding Entrance, Bouncing Exits, Fading Exits, Rotating exists, Lightspeed, zoom exits, special and many others, so you really have enough choices for development. It can be best used for emphasis, home pages, sliders, and general just-add-water-awesomeness.

It is considered one of the best CSS animation library and its minified file is small enough for inclusion in mobile websites as well.

3. Magic Animations


It is one of the most impressive and advanced animation libraries available for CSS3. It is enriched with a plethora of animations which are exclusively available on this tool only. It divides its animation into different categories like Magic Effects, Bling, Static Effects, Static Effects out, Perspective, Rotate, Math, Slide, Tin, Boing, Bomb, etc.

As with Animate.css, a developer can implement this tool by simply importing the CSS file. You can also make use of the animations from jQuery. Magic is compatible with multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS Safari, Opera, Android, Android Chrome, IE.

4. DynCSS


DynCSS is an excellent animation library where a developer can use it on his website along with parallax effect. The tool parses your CSS for -dyn-(attribute) rules. These rules are Javascript expressions evaluated on browser’s events like the scroll and resize. The result is utilized with the CSS attribute which can be specified as a suffix.

5. CSS Shake
Csshake do exactly what it says on the website “Some CSS classes to move your DOM!” It signifies a CSS library for shaking the elements of your webpage. As a developer might expect, there are many variations available for shaking your web components. It provides the developers a range of shaking animations, and there is no lack of variation in this library. It is considered more popular than DynCSS tool and has good animations too.

6. Hover.css
Hover.css is an open source and has powerful hover effect which can be applied to links, buttons, logos, SVG, featured images, and much more. It make use of single element and are self-contained so you can easily copy and pasted, and come in CSS, Sass, and LESS flavours.

Hover.css uses CSS3 features such as transitions, transforms, and animations. In this tool, hover effects use a couple of “hacks.” There are fewer old browsers which do not support these features so that they may need some extra attention.

7. Velocity.js
Velocity.js is one of the best animation engines with the same API as jQuery’s $.animate(). Its work is supported by both with and without jQuery. It is an amazingly quick tool and possess excellent features like color animation, transforms, loops, easings, SVG support, and scrolling. It is marked as the best jQuery and CSS transitions combinations.

The secret sauce behind Velocity.js success is that with the ultimate use of its animation stack, the tool delivers its performance with the use of two significant principles:

  • DOM synchronization.
  • Minimize DOM query by cache values.

8. CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet


CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet is another tool for preset, plug-and-play animations to accomplish your web projects. To implement it, a developer needs to add a style sheet to the website and apply the premade CSS classes to the elements you want to be animated. It is supported by all the latest browsers viz, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera. CSS3 keyframes automatically adjust the keyframes positioning the element to accommodate the animation.

9. favico.js
It is the tool which is designed to target an exclusive use case which allows adding the animations easily with your badges from a wide array of preferences. The new tweets, emails, posts and articles, i.e. the freshly generated content, can be a real beneficiary. It works well on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE11+.

10. AniJS
AniJS is another library to raise your web design without coding. It allows adding animation to elements in the following format:

<div data-anijs="if: click, do: flipInY, to: .container-box"></div>

Wherein, If represents ‘click’, On stands for ‘Square’, Do serves for ‘wobble animated’ and To. appears for ‘container-box’.

Here are several advantages of using it:

  • Better integration between coders and designers.
  • Easy to use and its speed of development.
  • It does not require third part library.
  • Work well with modern devices like iPad, iPhone, Android.
  • Well supported by latest browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft edge.

11. WOW.js
WOW.js is a javascript library which serves best with the Animate CSS library. It helps to develop cross-browser CSS3 based animation on the Drupal platform. The tool provides complete control on the entire set of CSS3 animations which can be applied to any HTML element in your Drupal site using some jQuery code or CSS classes on your templates for the HTML elements.

Another advantage of using WOW.js is that if you’re using the Animate CSS library only and you set an animation for an HTML element, you may scroll the page to view HTML element. This will finish the CSS animation.

12. Tridiv


Tridiv is a web-based editing tool for creating 3D shapes in CSS. It is similar to Blender and is the excellent application for the web. It is developed on the top of the famous libraries like Animate.css, Hint.css, PrefixFree, Photon, Mousetrap and more. It is supported by limited browsers like Chrome, Safari and Opera 15+. Initially, at the starting point of Tridiv, it comes in with three types of 3D shapes i.e. basic, medium and advanced shapes. You can resize and rotate them. It’s editor interface displays all views and gives the authority to use many shapes at a single point. Each shape can be styled according to color, opacity, background image and preview the work accordingly.

13. stylie
Stylie is a fun tool for creating CSE animations. It is open source and allows to create CSS @keyframe animations quickly. It helps to design animation graphically to grab the CSS. The tool assists in constructing complex sequences in minutes that would normally take hours to code by hand.

14. Liffect
Liffect is the web tool which provides lots of different effects for list elements. It uses CSS animation and requires jQuery in showing the effects. It has multiple options like zoom, slide, flip, bounce, page, star wars. The developer can also set the duration and delays.

15. Bounce.js
Bounce.js is a tool and JS library that let create beautiful animations in CSS3. The tool allows generating static keyframes that can be used without any extra JavaScript. A developer can create animation use a new bounce object like:

var bounce = new Bounce();

The new bounce object uses the scale, rotate, translate and skew first to build an animation from the different components. So, a developer can simply add a component by choosing it from the preset. And then you can either get a short URL or export to CSS.


There are a plethora of CSS3 Animation Tools available on the web that can be well implemented in the development projects. The above-given list consists of sophisticated and stable tools. They will certainly improve interactivity, but make sure that over using it will harm your purpose. So, use them carefully. Good Luck!

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