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25 Best Online Tools for HTML5 Developers

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HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and has added many new elements to the websites that are built using HTML5. As the websites need to be mobile-friendly these days, it is important for the web developers and designers to learn HTML5 and use it to create websites with enhanced features and compatibility with the mobile devices. HTML5 enhances the user experience that a website delivers. It also has a considerable effect on the usability of the website.


To tap the real potential of HTML5, there are many resources that you can use. These resources include frameworks, tools, techniques, libraries, and plugins. Using these tools and techniques, the web design can be made more powerful, fast, secure, interactive and attractive. Moreover, these resources aid in rapid development of the websites in a more convenient fashion.

Advantages of HTML5 Web development

  • Enhanced accessibility
  • Audio and video support
  • The code is clean and structured
  • Website is high on interactivity
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Mobile responsive web design and development

Tools and Techniques to Aid in HTML5 Development


HTML5 File Upload Using jQuery
Upload center lets you upload photos from the computer using drag and drop function. The new HTML5 APIs, AJAX and File Reader API make it possible to upload photos through the browser window.

Front Gragr: Font Testing Tool
It is a great way to test the fonts that are custom designed. There are no codes involved in this testing. You jut need to drag and drop and the testing is performed. Front Gragr lets you test the font without changing the HTML or CSS code.

jQuery HTML Uploader
It is a lightweight JQuery plugin that can be used to incorporate an upload system to the web application. The user is required to create a dropbox element and rest of the job is done by jQuery HTML5 Uploader.

Native Form Elements
The form elements of HTML may appear or behave differently in different browsers. Native Form Elements website helps you test the form elements them and find the difference.

D3 Tag Cloud


It is an open source implementation of the WordClouds. It makes use of the HTML5 canvas for drawing the output and ensures a good performance.

Although HTML5 audio is good, it has some compatibility issues and also lacks support for the older browsers. Audio5js resolves this issue as it offers support for codecs that are not supported by default.

It is an animation framework based on JavaScript. It is object oriented and built on top of HTML5 canvas for ease-of-use.

Fabric.js is a framework for HTML5 canvas coding. Many methods are provided to help you create and manipulate the objects. The framework can also be used to parse SVG to Canvas.

It is a JavaScript library designed to work with API for Web Audio. If it does not find Web Audio API, it shifts to HTML5 audio. It has features like cross-browser compatibility, caching, multiple playback, sound looping, and many others.

It is a rich text editor completely open source in nature. It is quite lightweight and loads fast because it is not reliant on any JavaScript Framework.

Chart.js is a charting library that designed to be used with HTML5 canvas. It is object oriented and based on JavaScript. It supports bar, line, radar, column, pie and polar area.

Percentage Loader


It is a jQuery based plugin that uses HTML5 canvas to create beautiful loaders without any image. It supports drag and drop and multiple instances of the loader can be shown on the screen.

Sonic is used to create small loader images. It is a JavaScript class and is used with HTML5 canvas to create such images. Loader images can be produced in the form of animated GIFs and sprite images.

You can create responsive HTML5 dashboard using this PHP framework. The specialty of the dashboard created by RazorFlow is that it is compatible with all the major browsers and devices. It can work with a wide array of databases like MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL.

Workless is a HTML5 and CSS3 framework that helps you build cross browser websites without putting in much time and effort. By reducing the repetition of the same tasks, the time consumed in building the website is reduced considerably.

It is a JavaScript library that lets the users build layouts that look like desktop. The UI elements of Zebra is rich and is made using HTML canvas and CSS3 component. It ensures that it renders the same effect on all the contemporary browsers in use today.



It is a HTML5 framework that lets the users create front end for the mobile apps that appears and functions like a native app. The documents and examples available with the framework make it quite easy to use. It makes use of CSS3 transitions and various other UI components to render smooth performance.

HTML5 Bones
HTML5 bones is the perfect boilerplate for the websites that are powered by HTML5. It includes some of the most required components like normalize.css, html5shiv and others in the markup. There are videos of the example that show the usage of markups like Header, footer, section and more.

A great visual design application, Radi lets you create animation, graphics and videos for the web. It uses HTML and JavaScript code to create, edit and even import graphics. Animations with canvas output can also be generated using Radi.

Literally Canvas
It is an open source widget based on HTML5. Literally Canvas can be used to draw online and can be integrated into any HTML page. It has a set of tools that include functions like draw, color-pick, erase, undo and others.

Gaugue.js is a script that can be used to create animated gauges in HTML5 canvas using JavaScript. No CSS or image is required and the script is a standalone one. Although it supports JQuery, it does not require it.

HTML Sortable
It is a lightweight plugin that supports moving items between different lists, also called connected lists. It is compatible with all the major browsers. The plugin makes use of the native API for HTML5 drag and drop to create sortable grids and lists. The sortable created using this plugin are similar in behaviour to JQuery’s Sortable.

Closing Thought

These tools, including the frameworks, plugins and Javascript classes, are designed to make the development easier with HTML5 which is a very versatile markup language. These tools and techniques make the language even easier to use for the developers. They can unleash the full potential of HTML5 with these tools.

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