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Top 20 Apple Watch Apps You Must Have

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Our lives will never be running as smooth as it is now without apps. So it’s unnecessary to state that how far importance does the apps carry in our lives. The Apple Watch has finally arrived and it has come with a host of thousand apps to be downloaded.


In comparison to the Apple wear, Android never saw this kind of overwhelming response, but there is one thing which the users should get on their hands first. The Apple Watch is here finally, at least to those who were brave enough for an early pre-order.

Even though The Apple Watch was rather late to get added in the race of smartphones, it never made us feel that it had missed even a thing. The Apple Watch requires an iPhone and iPhone is already popular with its variations in the top-notch apps. With this sweet small device running with you all the times, there is no question that it should at least consider consisting the most useful and handy apps that you may require will rushing in the journey of your life.

Seeing the extent to which the app library is heading to, it is becoming really encouraging to realize the fact that the apps will make it all the more interesting. The watch at the first glance shows no different impression until one gets to know the innovative features that it holds and the variety of apps that it supports. Here lie 20 greatest apps for your Apple Watch which can make things smoother for you:

1. Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List


This ‘intelligent kitchen timer’ app acts timer helper with every meal that you cooking by letting you know when to flip and when to stop cooking various foods.

2. Shazam
Dying to be able to get that awesome tune in your phone, which you heard back at the café place? No need to worry and pester your barista stuff to identify the track, because just one click at your Apple Watch can prompt up the name of the song being played along with the lyrics and the artists, right on your watch.

3. Evernote
There are many people who carry a pen and a notepad wherever they go. But with the rise of smart watches in the picture, there is no need to worry as Ever note allows you to dictate your notes through your voice, making it all the more easier.

4. Calcbot
One of the main things that the digital watches offered their users over the traditional watches are the ability to have a calculator on the go. This useful app has a unit converter and a calculator to offer along with switching the conversions being implemented by force touch.

5. Pandora


As the name suggests this app is no less than a Pandora’s Box. A well-controlled playback volume and new music release notifications, this app can help you simply glance at the watch and discover a new tune that you just heard while travelling.

6. CNN
With headlines spread over 12 categories, this app can notify you with every sort of update that you need to know starting from sports to weather category.

7. eBay
Engage into shopping with the most popular online auction website for all your required things, with eBay app on your Apple Watch. Receive notifications, and notices regarding your desired item to stay aware.

8. 1Password
Manage your passwords right from your iPhone to your iPad and everything else right from your watch. Keep a note of every serial number, password and access code required by you at every place you go with 1Password app.

9. 3 Hour Diet Reminder


By consuming many small meals throughout the day can help you lose weight. As its name suggests this app reminds you to intake food after every 2 hours and making it more convenient and feasible for you to remember and maintain the diet even in the middle of the busy schedule.

10. Dark Sky
You donot want to get caught in that unexpected showers of the rain and get soaked. Get the accurate expected local weather with a 24 hour forecast to plan your schedule and wardrobe for the day.

11. Babbel
Just think how great it would feel to learn a whole new language by spending just a few spare minutes of each day. Babbel app helps in easy translations into the language of the place relevant to your location, allowing you to learn a lot with each new journey.

12. Quick Fit
Wish to take your fitness regimen to the next level? The Quickfit app can be a true blessing. This app not only comes with full body 7-minutes scientifically proven workouts. It also includes HD videos of each exercise and offers you an exact idea where ever you may have doubt.

13. Robinhood


A great app for the finance folks out there. If you are into stock trading, then join hands with this Apple Watch bandwagon and let ‘Robinhood’ view your portfolio’s complete performance, allowing you to actually trade, buy and sell stocks, right from your wrist.

14. Runtastic
Wish to know how much the morning run has been effective for you? This Runtastic app is sure to help you display everything that you need to know about your run, starting from the pace, speed and calories burnt, enough to keep you going.

15. OpenTable
Making plans for the evening, even though caught up the entire day! Finding a place to eat, followed by setting reservations and getting directions is easier than ever with this OpenTable app.

16. Mint
Monitor your finances by keeping a track of the activities you undertake. Earning money is a slow process, but saving up money isn’t. If you are able to earn a certain amount of money and spend almost all the pennies without saving it more, then it’s impossible for you to keep your finances standing. The mint app will help you keep a track of how much you have already spent and how much for you should for the month.

17. Redfin


Get to know all the relevant information, which may take you to the neighborhood where there is a listing worth checking for. If you are looking for a new home, then get to know every kind of details regarding the accessibility in the nearby neighborhood. And you will be notified if it’s right for you.

18. Green Kitchen
Featuring dozens of organic a healthy recipes, this app can surely help you kick start a nutritious lifestyle along with keeping your taste buds happy.

19. Yelp


Yelp offers access to you over 80 million reviews of varied businesses worldwide. Giving you temptingly tappable buttons and listing down restaurants, coffee shops, bars, etc, pursuing distances, reviews, pricing and maps, helping you cover up all your concern areas.

20. Carrot Fit
It’s a 7 minute workout app pushing you to pace up and down by doing exercises like ‘Dragon Mating Dances’ and ‘Celebrity Face Punches’. Having this smart watch on your arm will let you know which are the things you should be doing and when to put a pause, if your body is about to break.

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