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10 Technologies You Might Find in Apple Car

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Near about four decades, Apple is one such company which has created wonders in computers, mobiles, tablets and many other gizmos. Now, soon in the upcoming years, Apple Company has tightened their belts to launch its SmartCar. It would be a delight to observe whether it will shake the automobile markets or not!


You must have heard, but if not, this is to inform you that these days tech-giant is much more focused on his upcoming launch- Apple SmartWatches. These watches will not just show time, but will be comprises of all features that a Smartphone have with a Wi-Fi network access.

Rumors are in the air that by 2020, Apple Company may be planning to turn over the auto industry by introducing an Apple iCar. Apple is working very hard on forthcoming electric car. The project is in progress as it is heard that few of the engineers are fixed on this secret project as well. With the introduction of this car to the tech-world, the company will reach to the next level. And, there will be a grand enhancement in prices of its tech-gadgets.

Right below are the expected Hybrid technologies that might be available in an Apple Smart Car:

Fuel Economy Car

It is estimated that Apple engineers are creating a car which will be fully a stimulating car. Through this hi-technology, a fuel economy car will be built to meet up centralized rules. But, because of this, there will be a hike in price rates. Then, the cost of the price will be double as compare to the price of today’s vehicle.

A Glossy Sports Car


Apple, with a great pace, is preparing hard to launch hi-tech vehicle. It might be a glossy sports car which could be beneficial to all sporty people who love cars. This car might contain much more exclusive features apart from no noisy engine, smoke exhaust, and impressive tires.

Hi-Tech Battery Technology

Electronic giant, Apple, has done researches for so many years and has given successfully a durable battery back-up for Macs, iPhones and iPads. Now, it is all set to create a hi-tech battery for its upcoming car. Tesla has already created an iPhone app which is connected to car, through which everything could be monitored perfectly with durability. Now, Apple might come with ground-breaking challenges to overcome Tesla.

A Self-Driving Car

Have you ever imagined a car without a driver? Well, if you haven’t imagined yet, start imagining because soon this kind of car is launching. Apple is working hard on a car where there will be no need of driver. The car will itself drive for us. So, you can say Apple is predictably launching a self-driving car that will be quite hilarious to automobile world.

Self-Parking Car


Let suppose, if your parking area is fixed at home or at working place. Then, there is no need to be in tension. One can just get out of the car and leave parking tension on car itself. Isn’t it amazing? Well, it is! If you facing any parking and traffic related problem in crowded urban areas or you not able to park in a congested area. Then, this hi-tech point can really make people trouble-free.

Hi-Tech Emergency Breaks

While driving, you never know when you struck with a hitch. To make yourself safe and secure, you need to stop your car whenever you want. For that, you need hi-tech power breaks. These power breaks are almost in every newly invent cars, but Apple engineers will create breaks with extra efforts controlling your speed automatically whenever is required.

Special App will be created for Car


Apple engineers might create a special App with the launch of a car. The App is just similar to that App which you might use to lock your Smartphone. So, if you are an Apple freak and using Smart phones and watches as well, you can simply install this App to lock and unlock doors of the car. This App might contain a sensor which will let you know that your car is secure wherever it is parked.

In-built Wi-Fi System


As tech is in trend among all aged-group, there are enormous types of cars which are compressed with many in-built technologies. Talking about Wi-Fi system, now almost every trendy car contains network system, but sometimes they work and sometimes they do not. Apple is ready to create fully secure network system, which will be hassle-free to use and operate. While driving, you can make all kinds of important searches or can check your social networking sites updates without browsing.

Start without a Key

You might have gone through few bad experiences like left car keys at home or friend’s place, lost keys and the duplicate ones too. To make you free from all these irritating problems, Apple might design a keyless system which can make car drivers trouble-free. Key helps to lock and unlock the doors and on/off the car. This can be managed through App and sensor or with a touch-screen. As soon as you reach near to the car’s door, it will automatically open. And the moment you sit on your seat, the car will automatically start or maybe after sitting, the moment you touch your staring, the car will start.

Automatic Headlights

Do you forget to turn-off the headlights of a car? Well, don’t worry! As Tech-giant is about to create a vehicle first time, it will positively different from the league. So, one of the technologies that could be available in this Apple Smart car would be automatic headlights. They will self analyze when you require lights and when you don’t. According to that those lights will mechanically on and off. Although, the feature, Automatic Light Control (ALC) system is in use from 1999-2004. But, to be unique, Apple may use this point in a more hi-tech manner.

So, what are you waiting for? Just read the above given unbelievable hi-tech possibilities and get ready to avail the opportunity at once!

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